Which is the best email validation service?

Which is the best email validation service?

Email validation is an important aspect of digital marketing. As the digital marketing is laying its foothold on the marketing strategies, marketers hone to gather as many emails as they can for social marketing.

However, at times, the marketer may end up collecting invalid or faux email addresses.

Hence, to avoid wasting the precious time on invalid emails, it is important to undertake email validation process.


What is email validation?

Email validation is a process of verifying the emails collected through various processes for the sake of social marketing. The process is inclusive of verifying the address and checking its accuracy, deliverability, and security.

You may call it an email cleaning process that maintains the authentic list by clearing off the illegitimate addresses. The service is offered through SaaS software that is easily available for download.

Email Checker is one of the web’s longest running email checking services and one of the most robust and accurate email verification services in the marketplace. They have multiple tiers of service, offering something to fit all budgets.

Email Checker provides high levels of knowledge and experience which combined with their robust and dedicated server infrastructure, gives customers peerless email verification. Email Checker leads the industry, with detailed integration documentation for Python, Java, PHP, and C#.

Their service is backed up 24/7 by a professional support team who offer their experience and expertise via a dedicated Helpdesk.

Subscriptions and pay-per-use will both provide an email validation platform which ensures email addresses are accurate and checked in all situations. To learn more about pricing plans, service levels, and customer support options, please visit their website.

Below are some of the key features their services has to offer:-

Integrations: Email Checker offers different integration offers for various customer needs – such as automated batch file submission and retrieval using batch API, FTP account access, and even manual upload.

Bulk API: Batch API service designed from the ground up, for fast batch processing of large B2B lists (up to one million email verifications per day).

Dashboard: Drag & drop interface, user-friendly access.

API Responsiveness: Fast API with market-leading uptime and SLA – 99.97% in the past twelve months

Documentation: Detailed documented with lots of code examples, hosting in GitHub.

Yahoo verification: Email checker offers “extreme” Yahoo (and Ymail) options in their real-time API, for the highest possible accuracy.

EmailChecker also have a specialist batch API service for checking high volumes of B2B email addresses at very competitive prices, if this is of interest to you then contact their sales team on sales@emailchecker.com

The importance of Email validation

Email validation is one of the most critical necessities for the marketing. When the market wants to collaborate with the customer in a long-term relationship, then it is mandatory to have a good email list, so that you can send over information related to the marketing.

There are times when the customer changes the email list due to some reasons. Hence, the marketer has to keep checking for the emails verification from time to time. As the bounce rates increases, it may hamper the overall business as well. Below is the importance of having a good email validation service;

Though there is various software available online with additional features, the derived result is the same. Below are few of the most popular email validation sites for your verification work.

  • MailGet list cleaning

One of the most popular email validation services, MailGet assists the marketers in segregating the bad and the good email lists. The user has to upload the email list on the web interface and get it cleaned to receive a clean list of validated emails. The website also checks for viruses, high risks email addresses, disposable emails, frauds and negative addresses as well.

The website charges as you use them. The pricing begins at ½ cents for approx. fifty thousand emails.

  • Pabbly

Pabbly is another resourceful web interface service that provides you with a clean list every time. Pabbly checks the real-time emails verification by identifying the fake ones and giving you a fresh list. The website comes with a cost calculator and charges $ 5 for every 1000 email addresses. Though it is expensive, the results are 100% satisfactory.

  • Email Checker

One of the oldest and longest growing email validation service, Email checker provides the user with robust and authenticate results. The service is highly budgeted and suits everyone’s pocket. Along with email validation, Email checker also provides the user with tiers of additional features. It is a pay per use kind of service and is backed by a strong team of professional for elongated support. The Email checker offers Bulk API, Dashboard service, Integration. The service platform also gives a free trial up to 100 verifications. There are two different plans for subscribing to the service; pay as you use monthly plans.

  • Xverify

Xverify is one of the popular email cleaning services with unique features. The service allows the user to call the tech support of the website directly. The service is extremely trustworthy and provides an intense cleaning of the email list. In the end, you get a risk free, disposable free and fraud-free clean list of emails for your marketing. The website cleans the email list that can affect the deliverability negatively. This uniqueness in the service makes Xverify completely desirable by the marketers. The charges usually begin at ½ cent for 50,000 records of emails.

  • BulkEmailVerifier

As the same says it all, this service is a bulk email verifier. The service website does not require any installation procedure. All you need to do is log in the website and use the email cleaning list for bulk cleaning. The service instantly starts cleaning the list and eliminates any illegitimate emails. The BulEmailVerifier provides two verification plans; pay as you use monthly plans. Usually, the charges begin at $75 for 15000 records. The price of two months is approx. $80.

What to look for the best email validation service?

The above list has five top-notch email validation service to have a clean email list. However, with so many services coming up every next day, it is really difficult to stick onto a single service. Hence it is important to know the factors that make any email validation service the best one.

  • Accuracy

It is important to note the accuracy of the email service. The more accurate is the result, the more beneficiary it is for your business. Avail free trails of the service or take a paid trail before landing on a single service.

  • Speed

The speed of delivering the records is extremely important. Since you have to check the emails in bulk, you cannot spend your whole day on it. Check for reviews and finalize the one that provides better results in a fraction of time.

  • Costing

No doubt, the cost is one of the major factors for email validation. After checking on the accuracy and speed, the price of the service also matters. Check out the plans and compare it with other services to avail one.

  • Support

Tech support is a must for the marketer. The service that provides best tech support is the best email validation service.

  • Data protection

A marketer gives in a lot of effort to collect the email lists. They cannot just afford to give away the list and breach the privacy of the email address holders. An email validation site must protect the data.

Overall, the complete research reveals that Email Checker is one of the most lucrative services that fulfill all the factors required for a best email validation service. However, the choices may differ according to the user’s preference.

Tip: You don’t need to junk contacts with invalid email addresses. Use an email search tool like ContactOut to find their available email addresses.

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