Top 11 Best Free Calling Websites {Updated}

Top 11 Best Free Calling Websites {Updated}

Whenever we communicate to our family, friends, colleagues, etc we immediately think of communications services such as Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk, which provide PCtoPC voice calls when we talk about making phone calls on our PC through the internet.

So you should only designate the individual who has a device and connects to the internet by one restriction, otherwise, they are of no benefit. Nevertheless, in this article, we will discuss some best calling websites through which you call do calling from your PC to phone easily.

Numerous websites offer completely free voice calling services. Sure, you can speak to your mates, families, or anybody in some part of the world without any mobile fees.

Go through our list of the top websites for free calls.


Ievaphone-is an electronic telephone based on the internet that can allow free telephone calls. You must enter the foreign number to make a free call online. Where you are, it doesn’t matter where the other individual is. It uses a multi-platform program to render a request to use Flash or WebRtc. Any call is authenticated and unable to be understood.

You can easily call mobile and mobile phones free from PCs, Macs, and smartphones with Ievaphone. Start with us. Start with us. There is a web browser that lets you talk to anyone else in the world. It does not require additional plugins, credit cards, trials, downloads, or payments. All countries of the world don’t receive free calls. We only support the main, most popular ways.

We cannot, sadly, allow everyone to make free calls to certain expensive countries where the call price is well above 2-3 US cents. Yet the United States, India, Pakistan, Britain should also be renamed. The number of free calls is limited by the IP address of the user; we try to make a repeat call every 24 hours. We usually offer a free talk for 1-2 minutes.

Some features of ievaphone:

• Without registration calls online
• Without downloading free phone calls
• Secure cell phone internet calls
• Global roaming calls
• Indian Free Calls
• Safe US phone calls
• Ievaphone free telephone calls
• Ievaphone web network
• Free app for callers
• Calling the Internet
• Easy ZFONE calls


It is a device that can be downloaded to more than 50 destinations from your Desktop for free calling. Online calls to pre-defined online destinations will take you 300 minutes a week. No unused minutes can be sent next week. Please test this connection for free calls to destinations.


More than 55 Countries around the world have the services of PokeTalk and which provides free foreign roaming. There’s no need for headphones, adapters, or downloads. With a maximum of ten minutes a call, you can make up to approximately 50 calls a month. This connection can be tested to direct you to free destinations. To Windows and Mac users, the mobile gadget is accessible and you can even create website calls.

You should head to the PokeTalk website to register before making the first free call. Once you’ve registered, enter your telephone and call number. To wait for your telephone to ring, press the “Call” icon. PokeTalk links you to the person that you called when you address it.


  • Free international calling to 55 countries worldwide.
  • Telephone and daily numbers may be named as well.
  • The time for every call is 10 minutes.
  • No headphones and mic needed.


You will make free foreign calls from your phone to more than 30 countries directly. Nothing but register on the web, you need to download and upload, and you are ready to get there.

Flash2VoIP is a traditional Adobe Flash-based SIP video camera. This can be used to allow VoIP and Video calls from almost every established SIP provider. All recognized Betamax clones including Actionvoip, Voipstunt, Voipdiscount, etc. are enabled by Flash 2VoIP.

You can do video calls by calling a SIP URI and all sides continue to accept video streams from each other if distant sides endorse the videos feature H.263 or H.264 codecs.

Through logging you and your buddy accounts on the GTalk2voIP network do it right off the application, you will make a video call from one flash2volp to another, then call each other by inserting a matching username in the dialing line.

Its program and other communication tools come from the Google-affiliated GTalk2VoIP TEAM.

mediating Talk

Mediating Talk for Phones allows you to render free chat to and from everywhere. You can stay in touch with friends, family, and even business associates without having to pay roaming fees and do not worry about costly IDD fees. The 8 regional destinations in the U.S., United Kingdom, Canada, China, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan & Hong Kong can be downloaded free-of-charge from PCs.

Mediating Talk is an easy-to-use resource to support the family, acquaintances and coworkers keep in touch. Free and unrestricted calls with presence tracker, instant text message, tutorials, and several other apps to many MediaRing Chat customers, and of course extremely affordable calling prices worldwide.

Globe 7

Globe7 is a compact program of robust content, information, and connectivity built into Soft Mobile, Sms, Movies, Sports, News, and several other opt-in widgets. WIth Globe 7: not just free calls, it is also possible to view free videos, play free sports, live online, submit live devices, access, and transfer files, etc. The most important part is the software for Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile users.

Goober YouCall

Sign for a free account without access. No. Enter your account, no and your request is made. Yes. The other downside being the call period based on the location. The credit on your account is pre-filled while you log in to make free calls.


iCall utilizes Voice Over IP  technologies to link you to a standard telephone network directly from your current internet service. You can access the PC app or make a call from your computer directly from all. It only makes free calls to the US and Canada while you make calls through a web browser, and the length of each free communication is 5 minutes. iCall also supports iPhone, iPhone 3 G, and iPod touch.


Axtr is an organization with electronic media, which incorporates multinational calling, SMS, and social networking. Founded by Phillip Mobin and Touraj Parang in October 2005, Jaxtr offers competitive fares, free international and long-term calls, through Voice-over-Internet Protocol.

Some major differentiators for Jaxtr in their market include the provision of telephone-to-telephone telephones to and from any mobile or fixed telephone, provides voice social networking requires no software or access pins, and the provision of local DID telephone numbers to users.

In 56 countries offered, Throughout certain nations, such numbers enable consumers to dial a local telephone number ringing long distance or foreign destination telephone. Each month, Jaxtr also provides users with several global SMS messages.

In 2008, Jaxtr estimates that there are more than 10 million users in 220 nations. In June 2008, Lehman Brothers Venture Partners invested $10 million in a Series B risk management investment. They began their paying services in the same month as well. Jaxtr laid off 30% of its employees in October and dismissed its CEO, Konstantin Guericke. The organization operates in Menlo Park, Calif.

Register for your account, download a desktop application and Adphone gives you a free 30-minute call for phone calls every day. Festnetz cell calls. Adphone always makes PC to PC calls free.


VoipBuster is indeed a simple tool that uses cutting-edge technology to provide people worldwide with free and high-quality voice communication. You can dial standard phones in various common locations for free if you use the free VoipBuster app or dial every other phone in the world at an extremely low cost. You can only make 3 calls per day and download software to your computer according to your terms.


In various popular destinations, WebCallDirect offers free phone calls to any regular phone. They also restricted such free calls to trial users to combat abuse of their network.


The biggest drawback to such services is that they have some restrictions such as ads, authentication, and restricted amount to calls. However, it’s worth listing them here as these places will help you save a ton of time to make mobile calls, and most of them foreign calls.

I hope this article has helped you to sort out your calling problem and also you can save money by making phone calls with this list. And if you know any other programs than the one above, please share the comments below with our readers.

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