10 Benefits of Event Marketing To Promote a Product and Service

Famous marketer Marketo defines event marketing as “…the process of developing a themed exhibit, display, or presentation to promote a product, service, cause, or organization leveraging in-person engagement.”

Here when we are talking about events we mean online and physical events both. Online events include webinars, live feeds, podcasts and similar programs. On the other hand, physical events include conferences, concerts, and trade shows. This category of events has till now formed the major chunk of event marketing.

10 Benefits of Event Marketing To Promote a Product and Service

Events also provide the brands a chance to portray their business and personality and interact with the customers on a personal level. When you give the customers a cherishing experience of your brand it benefits you in multiple ways some of which are.

  1. Target specific customers

In case you have a specific audience that you want to reach then events is the best way to do so. Find out groups which have similar interests as yours and get their attention through events.


  1. Engagement with customers

Offer your customers a chance to meet with you and engage with the product or service that you have to offer. Physical or online both types of events give you the opportunity to present your brand in a different personality and outlook altogether.

  1. Exposure to branding opportunities

Build brand awareness for your product and also interact with other similar brands in the industry. Using events you can find different branding options which can prove invaluable to your brand in totality.


  1. Lead generation

Event marketing also provides you gains in the form of lead conversions. It is easy for customers to remember your brand if it has offered them some unique experiences. You can easily generate more and better quality leads provided you give the customers an experience worth remembering.


  1. Feedback from customers

You have many customers but you do not know the opinion they have of you. During events, you can get suggestions and receive questions about existing processes and products which you might not have thought before. This feedback from your valuable customers can provide the much-needed impetus to your brand.


  1. New connections

One major advantage that you get through event marketing is that of getting to make new connections. In a stadium or hall, there are immense possibilities for you to explore. You can find your most precious customer or a future sponsor or maybe a new partner by organizing an engaging event.

However, when organizing a physical event be careful of how many would be coming otherwise there is a chance of it getting jeopardized. When organizing an online event make sure to provide interesting, engaging and enriching content to the customers as that would increase your brand equity.

  1. Lead Generation Opportunities

Events are also an interesting platform through which your business can grab some leads for yourself. Organize giveaways and give them a chance to win some prizes. In return, you will get their information a data which you can later on use for your benefit. Speak to the organizer of the event. It is quite possible they have already planned something which you can use to build up some ties with your customers.


  1. Knowing other businesses

Event sponsorship also gives you the chance to interact with other participating businesses. In case there are multiple sponsors you can contact them and probably sign up better deals with them. Also, this provides you with a golden opportunity to collaborate and knows how your competitors are planning to operate.


  1. Cost-effective

Whether it is print, TV or radio running an ad campaign means having to spend a lot of money. The traditional modes of advertising may be impactful but when you consider the cost aspects you may not be able to get the kind of returns that you are expecting.  

When you do an event your target audience is in front of you. Cash in on the advantage of getting to talk directly to them and the pain of looking around for them is reduced.

If you really want to give your business wings to fly, sponsorship is what you should be looking at. Most brands use this chance to explore and interact with other brands and businesses as well a benefit that is surely going to give a boost to yours.

Sponsoring an event is a fun and effective way to meet your potential consumers. Event sponsorships also open new vistas of growth as there is a larger audience that you can reach out to. Especially, if you are a small business, this cost-effective mode of coming in personal touch with your customers is needed to make them understand what your brand stands for.


  1. Exposure to brand

The most obvious of all is brand recognition. Businesses which support sporting events like Olympics, World cup and likes know how event sponsorships work better for them in comparison to advertising. Even if you have a limited budget if you choose a big event chances are you are going to get a good exposure.

Your company’s or brand’s name and logo are everywhere, giving it an exposure it needs. Nevertheless, you should always remember that your brand will be promoted to a number of people.

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