How to download Bhai Khata book software for PC

How to download Bhai Khata book software for PC

Life is becoming fast-paced and with it the world. In this changing and growing world, managing money and sticking to a budget might be hard. There are many constraints linked with the money. One should be able to manage the daily finances with the constraints.

Managing the daily transactions will make sure that you don’t overspend. There are some personal finance applications which help you to make a good financial decision. One of them is the Bhai Khata book software. It is a kind of ledger which maintains all the transactions (credit or debit) daily. There are various advantages of using a personal finance software/application:

  • It gives you control: If you are using a personal finance application then you will have full control over your money. You can make a budget and spend it accordingly. You can make short-term and long-term financial goals on the basis of budget and the application.
  • It helps you focus: The application will take care of the finance and you can focus on different things in life. Also, once you set a goal the application will help you achieve it financially.
  • Prepare you for emergencies: If you use finance software for budgeting, then you can start creating your own emergency fund with small monthly investments. The application will track your salary and the current status of the fund.
  • Helps you with your outstanding debts: You can track the status of your debts on the software. The software will remind you regarding the amount and the due date of your credit card payment.

Bhai Khata software

It is a ledger account book. The ledger simply means the recording of all the credit and debit transactions of a person/entity. It also has the opening balance and closing balance in monetary terms. The name Bhai Khata derives from the traditional Indian accounting for a business in a book, that is, Bahi Khata.

You can find all the transactions for the day all in one place. These Khata books are used by shop owners. The software is used by around 2 million people and downloads are exploding day after day.

It is a mobile application which can be used by store owners, business owners, and an individual. A digital ledger will store all the transactions happening. The online mode of the application is much better compared to offline mode. The application is smooth, the design is flawless, and saves a lot of time.

Features of Bhai Khata book software:

  • The first feature to list is that the application is absolutely free to use. The application doesn’t charge a fee to download it.
  • The application is safe and secure to use. All the data is protected from theft and no data is sold to third-party applications.
  • The customers are updated or notified on every transaction through an SMS. In this way, you can check the notification if you are busy. Later you can open the app and verify the same transaction.
  • A personal account can be opened to manage your finances. You could add spending, income, and the money owed to you by someone in the application.
  • The application has a social media presence and it can be used to notify users on the Whatsapp of the payment dues.
  • The backup and recovery feature is well executed through the online mode. Even if you lose your phone, the data will still be present. You can use the application on multiple phones.
  • From time to time reports can be generated in the PDF format. The payment reminders will keep you informed about your finances. The software is also available for PC.


In these times of the internet and digital world, managing finances is getting easier. One of the most important aspects of life is to live a financially healthy life. Personal finance applications can help everyone to achieve that goal.

You can organize finances efficiently, make better accounting decisions, become more confident, define your financial goals, and commit fewer mistakes if you use a personal finance application. One such helpful application is the Bhai Khata book. It is helpful in managing your day-to-day transactions (credit or debit). It has a lot of features and is incredibly simple to use. Download the PC version and start managing your finances.

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