How To Plan A Funeral Service On A Budget

The grief, pain, and suffering of losing a loved one can be extremely difficult to deal with. Adding to this, the cost of a funeral service can come as a surprise to many individuals – who do not think about the time and money that must be spent for such a service.

The average cost of a funeral service in America is around $7,000, not including burial, gravestones, flowers, and other such costs. This is often a higher price than many families can pay. So, what can you do to reduce the cost of a funeral service? Here are a few helpful tips that can minimize the financial burden of a funeral.

How To Plan A Funeral Service On A Budget

1. Ask For Rates From Several Funeral Homes

Many families are overwhelmed with grief when planning a funeral, so they often work with the first funeral home near them when planning a funeral service. However, this is not always a good idea.

Funeral homes are businesses. And, like any other business, each home will have different rates for funerals, and offer different services. Because of this, it’s recommended that you call around to a few different funeral homes.

Talk about the sort of services you need, and you can get a quote from each one – and compare them to find the best rate. Doing so could save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

2. Choose Cremation

A burial in a cemetery is certainly the most traditional way to hold a funeral service. However, it’s also the most expensive way. Among other things, you must pay for:

  • Transportation to and from the cemetery
  • A cemetery plot and headstone
  • Embalming services and viewing preparation (for open casket funerals)
  • A casket

If you’re not careful, the cost of a traditional burial or funeral service can cost you over $10,000. Cremation, on the other hand, is much more affordable. Cremation costs only about $1,000 in most cases, without considering other costs like memorials.

3. Hold The Memorial At A Private Home Or Church

By law, you are not required to hold your memorial service at the funeral home you hire. You are free to have it held wherever you want, and if you can hold the service at a private home – or the church that you attend, or that the deceased used to attend, you can save quite a bit of money.

You may even be allowed to use a church’s facilities for no charge. In addition, holding the memorial in a place that was special to the deceased is a great way to honor their memory.

4.Minimize “Extras”

Wreaths, flowers, printed handouts, banners, and other such “extras” are nice to have for funerals, but their costs can mount up quickly. Consider eliminating as much of these costs as you feel comfortable with.

Obviously, you want to have a beautiful memorial service for the deceased, but it is still important to consider your budgetary limitations. The service is meant to honor the deceased – and as long as you achieve this goal, all of the other additional “extras” are secondary.

5.Make The Wake A Potluck

If you are holding a wake, which is traditional for most funeral services, you should hold it in a private home or church – rather than the funeral home – and make it a potluck. Plan for each attending individual or family to bring some food or drinks.

By avoiding catering or buying all of the food yourself, you can stretch your budget much further when planning a funeral service.

Follow These Tips To Hold A Beautiful Memorial

By planning ahead, and ensuring that you are not caught off-guard by the cost of a funeral, you can hold a beautiful memorial for the deceased individual, without having to worry about how you’re going to pay for it. Follow these tips, and you can avoid overspending, and still honor the passing of a loved one.

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