Facebook guide to contact Facebook support team {Updated}

Are you having any issue on Facebook regarding any post or images? Are you finding problems updating your privacy settings? To solve these types of problems you need to contact Facebook support page where you will find a list of articles that helps to solve your queries. They have a list of contact forms through which you can find a solution.

Facebook guide to contact Facebook support team {Updated}

Every person who needs Facebook gets some doubts now and then and with these reasons it becomes necessary for people to contact Facebook support page. If you want to chat with Facebook Support team then you will find an option to chat or Email Facebook on Help page.

They will diagnose the problem you are getting on Facebook and then guide you with each and every step till your issue gets resolved. You can do direct message to Facebook staff or can use email or custom form options to get help from them.

However, there could be many ways to contact Facebook Support team which totally depends on the issue you are getting while using Facebook. The business use Facebook for advertising may get Live Chat option through which the Ads specialist can resolve your issue.

In this article, we are going to discuss the problems you are getting using Facebook and how to contact Facebook Support team with ease. These problems are categorized on the basis of problem categories that include description and direction of each forum. So, let’s get started:

Account related Issues

Password and Login Queries

If you lost your password or you are unable to login to your Facebook Account then you can contact Facebook support team with the help of this option. This section is made to solve all your login related queries.

Account Security

It is very important for you to protect your Facebook information from hackers. If you would use the right privacy options to secure your account then it will reduce your data risk. There are multiple privacy features that Facebook offers that will eventually help you to protect your Facebook data.

To improve your Facebook account, you need to make the use of this section. In case, you will find problems related to your Facebook account security then you can visit this section. This is the best way considered to secure your Facebook account.

Disable Account

If your account has been disabled somehow or you are facing a suspended account problem then you can use Facebook support team and send an appeal by completing an online form. You need to submit all the details so that Facebook team will diagnose your problem and help you by looking into that matter.

Locked Account

If your Facebook account gets locked temporarily and you get the message that “Your account is locked due to security reasons” then you don’t need to worry. You can submit the appeal to unlock your Facebook account. You can fill up Form1 or Form2 to appeal Facebook Support team so that they could look into the account and recover it.

Sometimes, it may happen that your Facebook account will get disable due to underage. According to Facebook guidelines, a person who wants to make their Facebook account needs to be at least 13 years of age. Sometimes your account locked or disable due to age criteria. So, in this case you must check your age eligibility and verify your age.

Imposter Account

Sometimes it may happen that you came across that Facebook account that pretends to someone else. In this case, you can report that account using this section. The support team will determine the profile and pages related to that account and solve this issue.

Accessibility issues

Facebook Support team always helps you to solve the issue related to Facebook account accessibility. You can click here to know more about Facebook accessibility options where you can navigate various keyboard shortcuts and access your account with ease. People having various disability problems like vision loss, deafness, can get most out of Facebook from this link.

Another issue related to accessibility includes BAD IP, through which you are restricted to access your Facebook account. This problem mainly occurs when you try to access your Facebook account through misconfigured ISP. To solve this issue, you can fill this form and submit to Facebook support team. They will reach out to you and solve the issue in best possible way.

If you want to download your personal photos or your Facebook account information then you can easily do that with the help of Access your information tool. The main advantage is that the disable people can also download their account information through various forms.

Managing Facebook Ads

There could be many problems that you face while advertising through Facebook ads. For example, if your ads will be in the preview mode for more than 24 hours then it may consider as a issue. To solve this you can login to your ads manager account and do a live chat with the Facebook support team.

If you want to manage your Facebook ad and set your ads preferences then you can click here. This section let you set your preferences according to your choice. If you want to get support related to payments and bills of your ads then you can view your payment history, and learn more about the specific charges charged by Facebook in this section. You can even block or hide ads according to your choice and get step by step support here.

Reporting Accounts

If someone is abusing you or you are getting spam messages then you can easily report the account. That means you can let Facebook to review it and take action against it with various features of it. Then Facebook will take appropriate action against that account and support team will remove the account if necessary.

In some cases, there will be a chance that you might find something unusual with your facebook account. So, to solve this you can contact Facebook support team.

When you find that some of your posts, images or content on your Facebook account is violated on Facebook then you can immediately take the help of Facebook support team by reporting them. They will try to solve the issue in less time possible.

The most common problem faced by many of us is the account hacking. If you want to report hacked account or you think that someone is pretending your account to be them then you can take help in this section.

Death of owner

If the Facebook knows that a particular person has passed away then it will take the action to their Facebook account that means they will memorialized that account. In memorialized account, your friends, family or fans can share memories and no one can able to login that account. So, in order to manage the deceased account you need to visit this section.

If you have a legal set of documents of that death person’s account then you can only pin a post and respond to new friend requests. Also, you can request Facebook team to remove the death person account. In order to do that you need to define your relationship with that person and provide required documents to the Facebook team.

If you want any information from deceased account then you need to fill this form and Facebook lets you provide the information under govt. guidelines.

Mobile Issues with Facebook

People who don’t get access to their Facebook account on mobile can report the issue Facebook Support team. Also you can add mobile number so that if anyone login your account, you will get an update for each Facebook activity. To add or remove a mobile number you can follow the steps given in this section. They have given classic and new Facebook update steps to remove or add the mobile number to your Facebook account.

Username issues

If you want to change your Facebook username then you need to authenticate your identity. Sometimes it may happen that you are not able to sign up in Facebook. This is because either you are not using your real name or your internet would get slow. You can just fill the form in the help section of Facebook and the problem will get solved. In case, Facebook will suspend your account then you must sign up using your real name or you have a fancy name and want to change it then you can make the use of Help section. The support team will provide you guide to change your Facebook username.

Payment Issues

People using Facebook business will get these types of issues. So, to get help with the promoted ads, games, gifts or donations you can visit Facebook help center. If your Facebook ads payment gets failed then you can visit this link to get proper help. If your payment gets declined from your bank and you are unable to make campaigns then you can do this with the help of these guidelines.

Photos and Videos removal

If you find some photos or videos wrong on your Facebook account then you can report them or give your feedback easily. To give your feedback, you can click here. Once it has been reported then the Facebook team will get through it and find an appropriate solution to it.

You can also send video removal request here. Sometimes it may happen that you will get a trouble uploading the videos. To solve this issue, you can fill up this form and Facebook team will solve your issue with the best possible methods.

Other issues like copyrights and trademarks can be solved by reporting them in Facebook help center. You just need to fill the copyright form and describe the best reason for filling it. Also, you can send the appeal to Facebook if it removes something from your account due to trademark issues.


Facebook users can connect with the Facebook support team at anytime. If you think that your problem is not so big and it can be solved through Facebook community forums then you can have a look at them. These forums have a set of articles that may relate your Facebook account issues and provide the best solution to them.

To search the topic related to your problem, you can search the topic in the search bar present in the top of the page. If there is any related topic present there, then you may find the thread related to that topic otherwise you can ask the question right away.

In this guide we have mentioned various Facebook account related problems that user faces. Hope this will help you to find solution.

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