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What is a guest post outreach?

Guest post outreach is the process that we use to find target sites to post content on. We first identify where your post would be most relevant, and find a large list of real blogs and websites that could be potential targets.

Then we vet them for quality – making sure they are real sites and have good metrics (based on Moz Domain Authority). We then pitch ideas to the blog and they agree on a suitable topic. We write a quality article and they publish it!

Step 1: Input Information

Just give us your URL and anchor text and that’s it. Our team will review the order, confirm, and begin our research and outreach process.

Step 2: Writing & Distribution

Through manual outreach, we will secure a guest post on a high-quality site and include your link in a relevant way. We will then write and publish your carefully crafted article on the blog with links back to your site.

Step 3 White Label Reporting

After your guest post is published, we will provide a 100% white label report to use yourself or hand off to a client, just like you had done all the work.

Why Choose Us?

High Quality Blog Content

Every member of our writing team is managed in-house (never outsourced) and is based in the United States. Many are stay-at-home moms!

Excellent Outreach Processes

We’ll tap into our relationships as well as perform outreach to other industry blogs with a readership that would be interested in your product.

Reliable Communication

We know how hard it is to work with a partner that doesn’t keep you up to date. We send out guest posting reports weekly so you can keep clients updated.

What is the difference between this and other guest blogging products?

Guest blogging is not something new and many providers offer this service, but beware, there are many services that claim they are a guest blogging service but in fact, are not.

Many other services have a blog network that they use for posting your article, where they own all the sites. This can leave a footprint, and for a white hat product like this, that isn’t what you want.

We do not use a blog network to post your articles. All the sites we post to are manually contacted and are real sites.

Many other services write a crappy article and jam your keywords in there. Our writers are all professional journalists and write quality articles geared at providing value to the audience for the target site specifically. We also include your keywords in the most natural way possible as to avoid being spammy.

Some services only include links to your site. We also link out to other non-competing authority sites to be as natural as possible.

Beware of cheap guest posting services – you often get what you pay for.

What keywords can I use?

These are high-quality in-content links so this is a good place to use your exact or partial match anchor text, but ONLY if linking to a value-driven piece of content. Most of these publications have editorial staff who will nix links if they appear SEO driven.

What is Domain Authority (DA)?

Domain Authority is a scale from 1-100 that rates the likelihood of a website being placed in search engine results. Domain Authority is on a logarithmic scale, meaning it’s easier to go from a DA10 to a DA20 site and more difficult to go from a DA30 to a DA80 site.

Do links from guest posts on websites with a lower domain authority help increase my site’s authority?

Yes. Backlinks to your website are like votes: the more websites that link to you, the better. Not all votes are equal. A link from a DA20 website to yours carries more value than a DA10 link. Both links help even if your website is DA30.

What happens if my links go down?

We guarantee to fix or replace any links that go down or bad for 90 days. This usually doesn’t happen, but we put this guarantee here for your protection.

What is the turnaround time?

Turnaround for this product is 1 to 7 days. It has a longer turnaround than some of our other products because the entire process is manual. We could do it faster if we did it a cheaper way, but this product is all about quality. 

Website Design Services

“Beauty is Skin-deep” is a phrase that all of us have heard, though this is true when you look at it in a human perspective, it does not apply to a physical store or an online store where the First Impression ‘IS’ the Best Impression!

When it comes to your online store, there is no place for a run of millwork, unique and peculiar designs stick on to the mind of the viewer. The perfect WordPress experts’ design for a business has to be explicit, innate and at the same time be able to create a virtual link between the business and the user.

WordPress CMS Website Design And Development Services

For The Perfect Online Presence! WordPress has evolved from being a platform that is used just for blogging into being the most widely used CMS all over the world.

More than half of the total websites in the world use WordPress, and that simply extends beyond millions. What is it that makes WordPress unique and makes so many people go with it?

Easy to use

You don’t have to be a WordPress specialist to use WordPress; it is simple and straightforward that enables even a newbie to use it.

Your best aid for SEO rankings

Content is King in Digital Marketing & WordPress is the King in CMS. Of all the different CMS platforms that are available today, WordPress is the best if you consider SEO for your website. 

Easy to update

You can have complete control over the flow of the content. There is no need to request a developer or coder to add in some lines of codes that can simply look like Greek to you! Creating, editing and deleting content is effortless.

Very secure

It is a highly secured option compared to its competitors who are far behind. Security is one of the leading aspects we consider when creating a website for you; we may choose a lot of options with different plug-ins.

SEO Services

Any online business requires the right digital marketing strategy to thrive, flourish and succeed. It is imperative that it generates good traffic, makes its online presence felt and ups the ante ahead of its competition to gain ascendance in the digital world.

Article Writing Services

Good content strategically connects you to your customers, communicates your understanding of them, establishes your brand, and provokes action. Your content needs to shout and sing in your brand voice; hence it becomes imperative that it is written by professionals.

At Digital SEO,  we consider content marketing mainstream. Though it complements optimization, it is a promotional platform on its own.

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