How to get free Rdp lifetime 100% working

How to get free Rdp lifetime 100% working

Sometimes it may happen that employees in a company needs help with PC functions or file from someone not present physically at their location. So, how can this be done? The answer to this is by making the use of RDP.

If you want to connect with a remote Windows PC or server over the internet, then you can make the use of RDP. Most of the people do not know about RDP. RDP or remote desktop protocol allows users to remotely use a device present in another location.

With the help of RDP, key peripherals like keyboard and mouse will be shared with the remote machine. You can make the use of this device’s function just like you are sitting in front of it. RDP clients and servers are needed to make this connection work out.

Here we are going to discuss a detailed guide on RDP and how you will get free RDP for a lifetime? So, let us get started with this guide!

What is RDP, and what purpose it should be used for?

We have already discussed the full form of RDP and some basic concepts about it. It helps the user to connect with another Windows PC or Laptop that is present to some other location. Users can easily make use of non-physical windows PC with the help of a remotely function keyboard and mouse.

RDP server is a Windows PC that you needs to be controlled. Microsoft offers this facility to its own clients like Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and various other third-party options available at Linux. With the help of window server installations, you can easily build a remote connection with Windows PCs.

But, do you know that not all types of Windows use this function. For instance, Windows 10 can only be used as a client to connect with other Windows remote desktop.

While using remote desktops, users can only be built single connections to secure an enterprise network from a remote location. It is essential to have a remote desktop service installed and configured on a suitable window server. There are some tips you can follow while establishing secure windows remote desktop connections.

Tips for maintaining a secure connection with RDP

Any hole in remote desktop connection will potentially be exploited.  Therefore, you need to be very careful while using a remote desktop connection. An established remote desktop gateway will provide a secure remote desktop connection. Here are some tips we have mentioned that will help you to maintain a secure connection with RDP.

  • While using the RDP connection, do not make the use of the internet. If you still want to use the internet, then you can make the use of the RD gateway to create a secure layer to your local network first. If possible, avoid chances to use the internet in RDP connection.
  • In windows 10, enable network-level authentication to ensure that your remote connection with other PC will occur when it is properly authenticated.
  • You should not allow any non-administrator to connect with your Windows PC remotely. This would harm your security with a rouge connection.
  • While using RDP connections, make sure to limit the incorrect passwords attempts before you locked out.
  • Adding complex and secure passwords in the user accounts that are connected remotely will add security to your remote connections. Make use of symbols and letters for multiple accounts to create passwords.
  • Always try to use RDP with maximum encryption.

So, these are some tips you can follow in order to use remote connections. There are many benefits to using RDP. They are listed below.

Benefits of using RDP

The benefits of getting free RDP accounts are not limited. They are listed below:

  • With the use of RDP, you can easily create better connections with the computer.
  • You do not have to pay for creating an RDP account.
  • Using RDP, you will be able to get acknowledged about computer connections and RDP accounts.
  • With this, you will be able to manage data of another remotely working computer as well.

Steps to get free RDP for 30 days

Now, you get enough knowledge about RDP. Below we have mentioned the steps that you can follow to get free RDP for a lifetime.

Step 1: Visit the ApponFly website as they provide you with free access to RDP. To get lifetime access, you need to follow the next step.    

Step 2: You need to connect with German IP to avoid entering credit details. Once you open the site, click on the get for free button.

Step 3: Enter any email address and click on “start free trial.” Once you click on start free trial, you need to click on the “Download setup file.”

Step 4: The .rdp extension file will be downloaded. You can simply click on this file and open it in the browser. Give the username and password to RDP.

Step 5: In this way, RDP will be created, and you will be able to use it. In this way, you will get 30 days free RDP.

Steps to get free RDP for lifetime

Step 1: Visit website and press F12 in the keyboard to inspect the element.

Step 2: Go to the Network tab and click on the forward button and solve a captcha.

Step 3: From inspect elements, click on others and then on Headers.

Step 4: Once you get the username and password of RDP, you need to click on and fill details.

So, in this way, you will be able to access RDP for a lifetime.


In this article, we have given you brief information about RDP and what purpose it should be used for. The remote connections are a need for various users while working with PC or laptops. There are many benefits of using RDP with your Windows.

We have also highlighted some tips that will make your RDP connection secure. You can follow them while connecting remotely with another computer. If you want to get a lifetime free RDP, then you can follow the steps mentioned above.

Also, keep in mind while using this RDP, do not download any third-party application. So, make use of RDP and use the encrypted remote connection with another computer. We hope that this article has given you enough information about the topic.

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