Why Does My Wireless Connection Keep Dropping? – Solutions for a Stable Network

Having a dropped wireless connection is very common, and can happen due to a variety of reasons. Before finding a resolution for why does my wireless connection keep dropping, it’s important to understand what is causing the drop in the connection. These are the most usual reasons which may be behind the intermittent wireless connection in your office or house.

Why Does My Wireless Connection Keep Dropping

  • Weak Wi-Fi Hotspot signal reception
  • High wireless interference with other Wi-Fi devices
  • Undetermined MTU for the network transmission
  • Outdated Wi-Fi device drivers or Firmware
  • Power Outage
  • Physical obstructions
  • Incompatibility between the router and device
  • Poor quality assurance process

How to Fix the Dropping Wireless Connection Issue?

If your smartphone is unable to connect to the WI-Fi or the internet connection keeps on dropping, isolate the smartphone and check the connection with other wireless devices. If other devices work properly then there is a high chance that the wireless feature of the smartphone is not functioning properly.

If no devices are able to get a proper signal from the router, reset the Wi-Fi router and reconfigure its settings. If it still doesn’t work, you need to update the router’s firmware to fix connectivity issues and ensure appropriate compatibility.

Weak Wireless Signal from the Router

It is crucial to ensure that a strong Wi-Fi signal reaches your wireless device. The position of the router affects the performance and the connectivity of the network. To strengthen your wireless signal, move it to the middle of your house free from any signal obstruction. In Windows, you can check the single strength by checking the number of bars close to the Service Set Identifier (SSID) name before connecting. Make sure it is full bars for optimum performance.

Wireless Interference with Other Wireless Devices

Interference can cause frequent connection drops. Wireless interference happens when there are other devices working at a similar frequency as the router in your network. The other devices which may cause this interference can be mobile phones, TV, radio, microwave ovens or any other wireless device.

To resolve this problem, power OFF all the devices in the range of the router or relocate the router to make sure there is no interference. When setting your wireless network channel, select the channel width as “Auto”. This automatically connects to 20 or 40 MHz Frequency depending on your network.

Outdated Wi-Fi Device Drivers or Firmware

To ensure better connectivity and avoid frequent disconnection, you should update all the installed drivers. Go through your manufacturer’s documentation for assistance on upgrading your device drivers and router firmware.

Power Outage

Power Interruptions can cause intermittent wireless connection and even after the outage, you may experience an unreliable internet unreliable internet connection. To resolve this issue, power OFF your router, unplug it and wait for at least 10 seconds to power ON your router again. If it still doesn’t work, you need to reset and reconfigure your router or upgrade your router’s firmware. During a sudden power outage, the router firmware can be corrupted.

Physical Obstructions

The physical obstructions between the router and device can limit the wireless performance. For best connectivity, ensure a line-of-sight connection between the router and your wireless device. Less number of walls implies a stronger and more stable connection. Also, wireless interference is limited as line-of-sight signal is the strongest signal.

Incompatibility Between the Router and Computer Settings

Mismatched router and device settings can be cured by adjusting the Wi-Fi mode to “mixed”. Assigning the network mode as mixed allows a stable connection between the router and computer making them work at a synchronized speed.

In Conclusion

In order to determine why does my wireless connection keep dropping, it’s important to look at outside factors that could cause it. Wireless disconnecting can be both frustrating and costly, but you can easily fix it by following the solutions above. You can resolve the frequent wireless disconnection in your house by examining your problem and working on the mentioned solution.

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