Best media players to Convert BUP to Mp4 (latest 2020)

The Best media players to Convert BUP to Mp4 (latest 2020)

We all know that there are various formats available in the market, and most of us rely on the MP4 format. This is because it is considered as a universal video format. Most of us do not have an idea about the BUP format, as most of the people watch videos in MP4 format.

There are various applications like Quick media player that will help you to watch BUP format videos easily. Almost 7% of the world’s population owns the iPhone and therefore makes the use of MP4 format files as compared to BUP format files.

 If you like to watch movies in your free time, then you probably have a collection of DVDs on your shelf or box. Furthermore, if you save them and playback, then most of them come under BUP format. It is the worst situation when BUP files will not get opened to your local player present on your computer. 

If you are still bothering with this issue, then we have a solution for you. Here in this article, we are going to discuss an ultimate list of media players that will easily convert BUP file format in MP4. Let us get started with the introduction of the BUP file format.

Introduction about BUP file format

BUP files are known to be the backup files that were created from DVD files to create the backup image of the content present in your DVD.  The extension for a backup file format is .bup, and this file is used by an array of programs for creating an automatic backup of the data.

To make BUP files accessible to various devices and players on them, you can convert BUP to MP4 or other common video formats. To do this task accurately, there will be a need for good conversion software. Here we are going to discuss the top 3 best BUP to MP4 format conversion software that will help you with this process only through with some few clicks.

Let’s discuss those converters!

Top 3 conversion software for BUP to MP4 format conversion

Once you find a good assistant to find a convert your BUP file in MP4 format, you can easily play that file with your local player present on your desktop. Therefore, with so many media converters available in the market, we have listed the top 3 of them that would help you to convert BUP files in MP4 with just a few clicks.

Here is the list is given below:

1. Wondershare Uniconverter

1. Wondershare Uniconverter

Wondershare is one of the famous Chinese company that has been producing many products. One of them is Uniconverter software, which has the ability to support over 1000+ formats available around the world. Therefore, you can easily convert .BUP file in MP4 format without spending a lot of time.

You can also use its trial version to convert some videos; after that, you can easily buy this music format converter that is available at affordable prices. It brings control options like resolution, Audio bitrate, compression, and much more.

This compressor is very efficient and can convert large files without compromising on any video or audio quality. This is one of the top converters that will easily convert your videos or any media file. Its handy features make it a choice of most of the people and accomplish conversion tasks with ease.

It has a 30x faster conversion speed and can easily convert videos on different devices. The best feature you will get with this converter is that it can easily convert various files at once. So, customize movies, and convert videos with its advanced set of features.

2. DIVX Converter

DivX is another most popular video player that has even rocked the Nokia N-series devices back in the days. This amazing award-winning software can easily help you to convert your BUP file format to MP4 format. It has been embedded with several features that help to deliver high-quality videos to watch.

You can easily use the conversion functions to convert .BUP to MP4. Its high-quality conversion facility will not compromise any features during the process. You can use this software on your Windows as well as MAC PC.

This free to use converter will provide you premium converting experience so that you can easily play or upload the videos wherever you want. With the help of this amazing video converter, you will be able to convert non-encrypted DVDs for better digital backup. Use this converter to easily convert videos at high speed.

3. HandBrake

3. HandBrake

As we have come up with the best converters like Wondershare uniconverter and DivX converter, but do you know Handbrake is one of the famous and powerful video converter available in the market. Yes, this is true, as it will easily convert videos in any file format with its powerful conversion features.

You will love to use this free open source converting software that works on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Its price-value features give you plenty of options like adding filters, customize video settings, add audio files and subtitles, and give credit to video converter.

You can also choose the framerate that is not available in the various paid software as well. If you come across any BUP file, then you will definitely have an idea that they have a lower bitrate to over 6000kbps. But, you can also convert these low bitrates file in this amazing converter. So, download it now and convert your videos with ease.


In this article, we have listed the top 3 video converters that will solve your BUP file issue. You can effectively use these converters to convert your BUP file in MP4 file format. These video players and converters will help you to regain your lost media content.

You have plenty of free solutions available in the market, but we have given you recommendations for these top software. Some of them are free to use and gives you access to premium features. You can easily convert the videos by choosing any of them. We hope that you have to find the best solution for your BUP file issues.

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