Top 6 Best Free Weather Apps for Windows 10 Laptop and PC

Best Free Weather Apps for Windows 10 Laptop and PC

Are you curious about the weather conditions in your hometown? Do you want to keep a check on several weather conditions like storm, rain, etc.?

So, in order to keep track of weather conditions daily, you need to take help from weather forecasting applications.

These applications can be downloaded for Windows 10 PC or laptops and will give you the right predictions about the weather.

We all know that knowing the weather is pretty much important for those who travel daily.

Whether you go from home to office or any other place to enjoy the weekend, these applications served as an essential thing in your mobile.

The weather applications and widgets on mobile get updated from time to time.

Some weather forecast applications show only daily forecast, while some of the weather applications offer five to six days additional forecast information.

Each application is designed by a different company that uses different forecast models, different processes, and is edited by different meteorologists. Some give different forecasts, while some weather applications give an accurate forecast of a particular location.

So, if you are the one who keeps a check on weather forecasting, then you should download these applications. In this article, we are going to discuss various weather forecasting applications that you can use daily to know what weather you face the whole day at your location.

But, before getting into the names and details of those applications, you need to first know about the types of weather applications.

Types of weather applications:

With all these forecasting applications, this cannot be an easy task to define the type of weather applications. But, you don’t need to worry about the difference. We have discussed various types of weather applications that you may use on your smartphone. So, let’s get started with the list below:

Forecasting applications:

Weather forecasting applications are most widely used by millions of people. Forecasts services use your location to predict what type of weather you face at your locations. These applications provide you with daily weather forecasting reports so that you don’t face any issue while stepping out of your house.

Some forecasting applications also offer you some widgets through which you can get an hourly forecast of the weather around your surroundings. Basically, these forecasting applications are free to download, while others required payment to provide additional features.

Climate applications:

Another type of application for weather predictions in climate applications. These applications provide you with updates on climate changes. It gives you notifications about the climate changes in the current earth’s climate map.

Apart from giving you the information about climate conditions in your area, it will also inform you about the temperature outside your locality, percentage of carbon around you, gravity field, and much more. Some of these climate applications come with hurricane or flood signals and tracking. They are easy to download for your mobiles or laptops.

Image of climate changes:

These types of applications are considered to be the fascinating applications that come with the images. This type of applications are less popular among people and is used to provide image description of the climate changes. You can see overall climate change that takes over the place. People make the use of these applications to learn about climate change.

So, these are some common types of weather applications that people download in their mobiles or desktops to keep track of weather conditions. These types of applications not only provide you with weather changes but also give you additional information like CO2 present in your environment etc.

Now, you get an idea about the types of weather applications, and you will definitely identify which type of weather application you are using. Let’s get started with different weather forecasting applications you should download in your desktop having Windows 10.

List of best weather forecasting applications in 2020 for Windows 10 PC

Several free weather applications provide you accurate weather readings around your surroundings. But, with these several applications for weather forecasting, it is very difficult for you to choose which one is best to download. But, don’t worry, we have created a list of several weather forecasting applications that provide you climate changes based on your locations. These applications are easy to download and provide correct weather predictions. So, here is the list below:

1 MSN Weather application

1 MSN Weather application

The most popular weather application designed by Microsoft is MSN. This application is specially designed for those who want accurate updates of weather changes around their locality. This fantastic application will provide you the latest updates on weather forecasts daily.

You just need to enter your location to get updates on the weather in your surroundings. You can also see hour updates of weather with the help of this application. So, download this application to get the latest updates of weather and plan out your day accordingly. Various features of this application are:

  • Get updates of latest weather conditions
  • 5 to 10 days accurate weather forecast
  • Access other options like humidity, barometer, and chance of precipitation with this app
  • Enter any city, country or town to know its weather
  • Get severe weather alerts so that you can plan your day accordingly
  • Stay informed about all weather changes in your locality

2. Accuweather application

2. Accuweather application

Another great weather forecasting application that you can download for your Windows 10 is Accuweather. This application is considered to be the official portal for weather forecasting. This application is downloaded by millions of people across the globe due to its features.

This application helps you by giving information about all weather changes like a storm, rain, etc. in your area. You can make the use of this application to know weather updates. The updates given by Accuweather are very precise and can help you to plan your day. Several features you will get while using this application are:

  • Provides you hourly to hourly and minute by minute updates of weather
  • Can easily be downloaded in mobiles tablets and desktop
  • Get accurate local forecasts
  • Get 45 days ahead weather updates
  • Access various filters for weather and hide features you don’t want
  • Storm and other weather alerts

3. The weather network application

3. The weather network application

If you are looking for daily updates on the weather of your current location, then you should download the weather network application. This application is free to download for PC having Windows 10 and delivers you weather predictions based on your locations. This weather forecast app gives you accurate information about weather or climate changes.

You will also get to know about humidity, wind flow, and other factors of weather with the help of this application. This application is the choice of a large number of people who want current weather updates based on their locations. This application is embedded with a number of features. They are:

  • Get reliable weather reports of weather conditions
  • Weather safety alerts
  • Enjoy local weather news and updates
  • Analyze current weather trends with the additional feature of Storm radar
  • GPS targeted weather photos
  • Share weather conditions

4. My Radar

4. My Radar

My Radar is one of the best applications for weather forecasting. This application is specially designed for those who are from Canada and the United States of America. This application is free to download for Windows 10 desktop or PC.

You will get accurate readings of weather with the help of this application. If you want to find weather details in depth, then this application is made for you. They work with local weather forecasting communities and give you every update about the weather conditions of your area.

This high-tech weather radar will help you to get an overall glance at the weather conditions. It has a large number of features that make it a choice for millions of people. The features of this weather forecasting application are:

  • You can easily subscribe for weather alerts
  • Get hour by hour updates of precipitation
  • Get Radar image crafted by high tech features
  • You can easily visualize the temperature of various locations in its radar map
  • Easily keep a track on hurricane conditions in your area
  • Detailed weather reports
  • You can also track flights with its advanced aviation features
  • Get disaster warnings to stay updated

5. Perfect Weather universal

5. Perfect Weather universal

Perfect weather universal is the other app that you can download on your Windows 10 PC to get the perfect and accurate weather forecast. This application is used to provide current weather forecasts around your surroundings.

You will get a forecast of 9 days ahead. Other details like speed of wind, rain, and pressure and day length will be shown on your screen. Catch up your daily weather forecast with this application.

You will also get options to refresh your weather forecast information. You will get an hour by hour forecast of weather conditions that will be shown in the lower left of the screen. Just slide your mouse button to check hour to hour update. This fantastic weather forecasting application has various features. They are:

  • You can easily detect wind speed and wind direction
  • Detect the day length along with the timings of moonrise and moonset
  • Easily be downloaded for Windows 10.
  • Just click the temperature display to get a detailed view of the temperature
  • Get future weather updates within a single click

6. Simple Weather application

6. Simple Weather application

Simple weather is an amazing application for weather forecasting. It will display your current weather conditions along with seven days ahead forecast. You can also get alerts of severe weather conditions with its simple to use interface.

You can also view additional information like pressure details, wind flow (speed and direction), sunrise and sunset timings, and much more. You can download this application for free for your Windows 10 PC or desktop.

You can resize the weather tile of the current day to view another day forecast. You will surely love this application with its attractive features and intuitive interface. Here is the list of some of its features:

  • You can see your current weather conditions
  • Get a weather forecast for about seven days ahead
  • Easy to use interface
  • Free to download for Windows 10
  • Get additional information like wind speed and direction, air pressure, sunrise, sunset, etc
  • Get alerts of severe weather conditions
  • Access toggle to switch units
  • You can also delete locations by toggling edit mode
  • Just scroll down to get more weather information for a particular day


Weather forecasting is an essential element of our daily life. We all know that the Windows store has never been short of weather forecasting applications. These applications offer a wide range of weather prediction options that will surely help you with daily planning.

With the number of applications present in the market, we make it easy for you to choose with the best weather forecasting applications. These applications also provide severe weather alerts so that you don’t get any trouble at the end of the day.

 In this article, we have discussed the top applications that you can download for Windows 10 PC or desktop. These applications will provide you a full overview of daily weather along with some additional features. You will get additional features like pressure, humidity, wind, fog, storm, rain, and many more updates.

You can also track and monitor hurricanes with some of these weather forecasting applications. These applications have an intuitive and attractive surface that will help you to enjoy reading weather forecasts. You will get the local weather forecast, hourly breakdowns as well as sunrise and sunset timings with these applications.

These easy to navigate applications will provide you perfect weather conditions of the day. Millions of people have downloaded these applications to get accurate weather updates. So, go and download these amazing applications in your Windows 10 PC or desktop to enjoy the various set of features.

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