Why Ubuntu laptop is better than Windows?

People always debate and argue over the choice of an operating system. Many people just limit their selection choice between windows and mac. The main reason for this selection is that the Linux has limited hardware support. For more details please check out this post

But things have been changing over the past few years. The Linux based operating systems are getting traction and people have started to understand and are even considering it as a buying option. Currently, Ubuntu has more than 20 million users across the world and 5 percent of desktops run on Ubuntu. This number is constantly increasing as everyone is liking Ubuntu more than ever.

article title: why ubuntu laptop is better than windows

How Ubuntu defeat Windows

Let’s deep dive into the benefits you would enjoy if you start using Ubuntu as your core operating system for your desktop or PC.

    1. Easy to Install: Earlier installing Linux based operating system was tricky and one had to run lines of command-line related codes to get it installed. This has changed now, installing Ubuntu is as easy as downloading a software and running an executable file. The software can directly be downloaded from its website in a 32 or 64-bit version. Once downloaded Ubuntu can be installed in about 20 minutes and the installation wizard is user-friendly and guides throughout the installation process.
    2. Easy-to-use Interface: Ubuntu’s interface is different from both OS X and Windows. There is no dock or a taskbar at the bottom of the screen. The list of apps is displayed on the left side of the screen and is good for multi-tasking and quick navigation. If you are an advanced user, keyboard shortcuts should be fast to use. Some icons are different from other operating systems but it takes very little effort to get used to the interface.
    3. Open Source: The source code of the operating system is open source and you can read through the lines of code that run this system. Moreover, you can also update this code to customize few features as per your requirement unlike in operating systems like Windows, OS X. This is no doubt the most important feature that an operating system can have.
    4. Highly secure: Ubuntu, the Linux based operating system is not prone to attacks or hacks as the other operating systems are. The way the Linux is coded makes it more secure than the others. The concept of package management, repositories, and few other features make Linux more secure. Moreover, there is no need to install an additional anti-virus system to protect your data if your operating system is Linux based. This would help save you money.
    5. Best for Programmers: Coding on a Linux based system is a child’s play. Linux supports all the programming languages like python, java, pearl, c/c++ etc. The terminal prompt in Linux is superior to Window’s command prompt. A lot of libraries are pre-loaded with Linux already. Features like, package manager, bash scripting, SSH support etc. make Linux more attractive to developers. Installing other customized features is also very simple in Linux.
    6. Software updates and Customization:Software updates in most of the operating systems are released when the issue becomes critical and is reported by many. But in Linux, the developers keep track of all the issues faced by users and release patches and updates regularly. This is much needed to keep the software healthy and usable. Also, many people have a knack for customization and hence Linux has a huge repository of amazing themes and wallpapers to make your desktop or PC look cool.
  • Reliability and Support: It’s pretty much known that major operating systems become slow and sluggish day by day. Re-installing or reformatting is required from time to time to maintain the speed and performance of these systems. Linux has made this easy for its users. No frequent re-installs are required for the Linux OS. Moreover, if you have installed a new application you wouldn’t need to restart your system to start using it. Being an open source OS there are many forums where you can find support in case of an issue with the Linux OS.


Now that you are aware of the advantages of a Linux based system, we hope you would definitely give this a try and switch to Ubuntu.

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