What is WordPress Website Development: Complete Details

WordPress is an extremely powerful Content Management System (CMS). WordPress provides its users with a lot of advanced features for business websites and proves its functionality with super easy techniques. WordPress.com is a service that offers websites that run on WordPress.

You may sign up for a free account and get a fully functioning website. Though you will be only ably to use a sub domain such as a – mywebsite.wrdpress.com, but for a first time user the restrictions are minimal. The free version provides you with everything that you need. Only once you get the jest of the commands and work procedures of the software then you can get the premium version.

What does a WordPress developer do?

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What does a WordPress developer do?

Choses and buys domain –

This is the first phase of the setup which requires the owners input as well. A domain name is the name of the web address that people type in the search bar. The reason for this being important is for it to replicate and identify to your business with the most relevant address.

For example, if you want a website for an Ice-cream company, the website address should preferably be Icecream.com.

Domain name should not be confused with URLs, domain names are part of URLs. Today there are millions of websites with similar or almost the same name that you would like to opt for, the only question which stands here is are you  willing to shell out hug e bucks to buy the domain name from another existing owner?

Web Hosting Page –

The facility that makes your website available to thousands and millions of viewers online all around the word is termed as hosting. Thus, without hosting your website is nothing but just a domain that would not be visible on any device anywhere on the internet.

Hosting is considered to be the virtual location of your website on the internet wherein it’s a storehouse of data, images, videos, information. The service provider keeps the servers intact so that the data associated with the website is available to the users.

The key factor here is that your WordPress developer will know which hosting company is best for your website. Hosting servers come in packages which may include bandwidth, disk space, email accounts, etc.

Installing and setting plugins –

To keep your page interesting and interactive you would need to install certain plugins. Most websites now a days use a subscription plugin through which the visitor can type in their emails and start receiving important information and notifications related to the website.

The setup for these plugins might be tricky for any beginner hence WordPress does the setup process.

E-Commerce Websites –

The trickiest part is to setup an e-commerce website. There are several integrations required to setup an e-commerce website which is not easy for a beginner. Setting up online stores are slightly difficult. For example, payment gateway integration would take a lot of time for any developer to come up with.

Choosing a Theme –

The developer here needs to match up to the expectation of the owner. This step though looks extremely simple but it again is a trial and error method which will consume a lot of time.

WordPress comes up with an array of themes the are in pre-designed templates and also have homepage templates. If bought, the premium themes are the best as they come with integrated plugins like Woocommerce, page builders and carious other designs. There are a few guidelines in choosing a theme –

  • Solid and secure code
  • Should be compatible with the latest version of WordPress
  • It should have a good design including easy navigation
  • It should be compatible with popular plugins
  • It should provide support and documentation

Adding Website Content –

This process follows after the designing part. Once the designs are approved by the owner of the website then comes the contents that need to be added. The most basic but the most important website content includes, “About Us” and the “Contact” page.

Adding on if the website is service related then there would be content required for each service along with a summary on the Homepage.

Managing and maintaining the website –

Once the website is handed over to the owner, the job of the owner is not completed there. The maintenance of the website is a continuous process. Making sure that the server, up-time and the load time are working in its best form is the part of the developer’s job.

In most cases today there is a need to update the website to suit the situation. Though many owners like to do things themselves, WordPress developer boosts your website to life with its auto functionality techniques.

Brand Authority –

As mentioned, WordPress developer allows a two way interaction of the owner with its visitors. By getting in touch with your customers and sharing their opinions creates a way to get more superior audience. The distinct features of proper navigation, reliability, etc give customers more knowledge of your business building greater brand authority.

Why should you use WordPress over any other CMS for a business website?

Why should you use WordPress over any other CMS for a business website?

Ultimate SEO –

With the perfect setup process you will be able to customize all pages and posts differently. This help make your pages distinctly indexed with high search positions. The websites designed with wordpress do not need HTML codes to perform various functions.

Instead of codes, plug-ins will help you function. The wordpress helps your contents to be recognised by search engines within minutes. The SEO plugins help make SEO configuration easy. Indirectly these plugins help your website to rank higher in the search results with minimal efforts of yours.

Save Money –

WordPress is a free open source software made available for everyone to use making it an incredible way to save your money. Being skilled at creating websites is not necessary when it comes to wordpress.

You do not need to be a professional to handle the design, even a novice at this can make the required changes with use of the smallest tactics. This further helps you save money as you do not need to hire any designer to add a new blog post or a new page to your website, you can do it by yourself.

Choosing any other content management software would require you to hire a designer for your business website but WordPress differs on the same.

Play with Media –

WordPress does not only support written contents but it allows you to enhance your website with videos, audios, graphs, images, etc. along with using these media sources in your blog posts and pages, you can also make use of videos, images, ghraphics, etc in the comments.

It has become very easy to manage videos and audios in your posts and having a separate URL for t hem as well.

Mobile Interactive –

The most important aspect for any business owner in today’s life is to create a website which is mobile compatible first then followed with laptops and desktops. As the number of users on smartphones today has crossed the users of that of a desktop.

WordPress allows responsive website development for mobile devices as well. The software automatically recognizes if the user is configured through a mobile device or a desktop and adjusts the whole content of the site to be viewed accordingly on the screens.

 Design –

WordPress allows you to achieve various options in design and for any business website, design plays a key function to optimize popularity. WordPress is filled with the best themes and designs for you to choose from and you can opt for pre-built templates that enhance the look of your website.

The themes offered are not limited to the pages or posts you have, you can setup these themes with multiple layouts which in turn intrigues your website visitors to explore more.

Social Network –

WordPress allows you to create your own social network with BuddyPress. Here you get many of the same features which you can find on Facebook like notifications, friend connections private messages so on and so forth.

Two-way communication –

WordPress allows its business owner to get in touch with their audiences/visitors directly. The comment channels no longer restrict you to have an outbound communication with your audiences. The comments section also allows you to post comments anonymously which in turn enhances your productivity.

Security –

The foremost and major concern for all websites and website owners is its security. Due to third party plugins there have been many questions taken up about security issues. Use of any unknown plugin can be a threat to your website.

WordPress allows an extreme hacker proof technique that can secure your website more than any traditional manually coded websites developers. WordPress has an inbuilt hardening technique which enhances the functionality technique during installation.

Creating a website is not an easy task nor is it a confirmed deal, it required changes on timely basis. If you plan for being in business for years to come then prepare yourself. WordPress is a great system just like many other systems.

The themes and plugins you choose matter a lot. More than often the problems created because of lack of knowledge and insufficient knowledge of coding standards.

Do not worry if you don’t have everything in place to make your website perfect. A perfect website experience which you can only get with the trial and error method as things go and sticking around.

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