Top educational resource for High school students

Top educational resource for High school students

Studies suggest that learning resources are very significant for academic achievement for students.

In a classroom, it is nearly difficult for a teacher to adapt each aspect of the lesson to the particular learning style of each of their learners. Visit Only Trade Schools for more information about vocational courses.

Unfortunately, this means that some aspects of the curriculum may be more complicated to remember or comprehend for those students with unique learning styles.

We have access to hundreds of various forms of educational services across the internet, from general knowledge to algebra. You can find all you need by just tapping on your computer.

This is of particular value to students who use a unique learning method to commit knowledge to memory.

They can either be used by teachers to make lessons appealing to all grades of beginners, or they can be found by students at home for extra support in their examinations.

Thus, the internet has a lot to show you, either you are a self-learner, student, teacher, blogger or writer. The tools on the internet are limitless, especially when the matter is education.

Most of all, several high-quality sites are absolutely accessible. Here are the top outstanding educational resources you can find free for online education.


Coursea is a platform that deals with various schools and colleges worldwide. This has a single searchable index that carried a vast variety of topics and viewpoints.

Coursea is a popular tool for free online courses that offer courses from a range of leading schools, colleges, and learning institutions.

This includes a wide selection of meaningful lectures on the website.

If you are looking to explore several different things or you choose to take lessons from separate colleges and organizations, the course is immensely useful.

Now, though, the free lessons are very restricted.

2.Khan academy

Working in partnership with several post-secondary institutions, the Khan Academy provides an easily accessible and possibly the best software for online learning.

Also reviewing multiple courses across the web, the Khan Academy provides remarkable knowledge on many different topics.

Among the most well instructional websites, the Khan Academy is also extremely user-friendly, which can make it easier to achieve learning objectives.

The Khan Academy never fails you especially when you are tired of looking for free online educational resources as a high school student.


Unlike the previous resources on this blog, Alison is a free educational platform providing qualifications in certain fields.

Alison provides courses predominantly in business, technology and healthcare, but also includes courses for language learning.

It’s a perfect choice if users require a technical certification to learn since Alison also provides school curricular classes for high school students.

4.Academic Earth

The Academic Earth is another place for classes from several different colleges. Like the other resources mentioned above, Academic Earth puts together the highest-level courses from several different outlets and focuses on delivering a wide range of subjects.

Academic Earth mentions courses by topic and school, so it may be easier to figure out what you’re searching for.

5.Open Culture Online Courses

This website is a solution when you are tired of searching the right spot for free online learning courses. This website presents 1000 seminars, videos, and podcasts from institutions around the world.

The platform is working on providing content that can be accessed only on private college websites.

This means that you can find hundreds of college courses without having to access and search the site of each college.

It’s a very useful resource to find a variety of courses in one field of study.


Udemy’s free programs are related to Coursera’s, but it also encourages users to create customized classes.

It is a famous site as it is collaborating with many of the academic institutions and colleges.

The primary goal of this for incorporating this platform to other platforms to come up with with high-quality content.

Nevertheless, this is another platform that incorporates both free and paid stuff.


Storybird is a website that presents short, art-inspired stories design for you to share, read, and print.

“Using photos created by designers and artists, students can write and design their own online books by themselves or in collaboration with classmates—or they can spend time exploring the online “library” of Storybird.

The guidance from Teachers helps you to set up a private class, handle student assignments, and do your work.

It improves literacy for novice readers and explore online reading, fine arts, and graphic arts.


And if your courses and extracurricular events have been postponed, that doesn’t suggest you must stop studying.

EdX is an educational portal that provides more than 2,500 online classes for free.

Learning an online course is a perfect way to improve your curriculum vitae and show colleges that you can handle intimidating content.

Take this opportunity to learn new skills or discover majors from universities like MIT, Harvard, University of California-Berkeley, and much more.


Quill provides its assistance free of charge to those troubled by school closures.

The immersive writing site is ideal for someone who needs to touch up their skills before submitting their college admissions papers.

By using this resource, you can develop editing skills by reading and understanding the texts, learning grammar skills by brief tasks, and improving your writing skills.

10.Discovery Education

Using the method of discovery Education, students can be helped by their arithmetic assignments and by understanding the basics of numbers and number operations.

The website provides information in form of videos and manuals that demonstrate simple operations and further assist in learning math skills, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


This website has almost every calculator that any student or instructor can ask for. It helps both teachers and students to solve mathematical problems with much ease and free of cost.

This site is very useful for school, college, as well as university students. It covers several subjects such as physics, chemistry, math, probability, statistics, and many more.

Sig fig, standard form, and LCM calculators are very popular among high school students.

12.Standford Online

Stanford Services offer self-paced and session-based classes for all of the students around the world.

Although Coursera contains some of the Stanford courses, several lectures are only accessible from other professors.

Few courses require iTunes, but most of them are available on your internet browser.

Stanford Online is a wonderful place to take high-quality classes, although the subjects are somewhat minimal relative to places affiliated with more than one institution.

This website is helpful for you if you are seeking some online help in your studies and for this, you must have to click on that free option on left.

13.Open Yale Courses

Open Yale Courses resembles Stanford Online, except that it only features Yale courses.

Although the site is likewise restricted to subjects taught at the university, Open Yale Courses offers a lot of clips of real campus classes.

The inclusion of videos makes the platform a perfect choice if you are looking for affordable courses but learn more by seeing than by reading.

14.UC Berkeley Central Class

Like the other tools on this page, UC Berkeley has several free online education opportunities.

The program has somewhat fewer classes than the programs above but has some extra tutorials, online videos, and Newsfeeds, making it easier to keep up with the topics you prefer.


With so many great free online education tools, everybody has the potential to improve their talents and expertise.

If you’re willing to pick up some fun knowledge for yourself, enhancing your resume with some coding or business knowledge, or being a better-rounded individual, these tools are ideal for you.

In addition to making the best of these challenging times, high school students should concentrate on learning new skills and discussing subjects of interest to them.

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