How to Learn Programming in Easy Way

How to Learn Programming in Easy Way

A program is a set of instruction given to machine to achieve a goal. A programming language is the one that is understood by the machine.

In the modern world the number of programming languages and programmers increase multifold. And thus, it makes useful for anyone to know basics of programming. It can end up as a career or you may do it as fun.

I would choose java as the programming language for our discussion. Java is very commonly used. Knowing Java can improve your resume big time.

However, when it comes the programming, the basics are the one that take much long time to understand. When I say, learn it in easy way, that should not sound like, ‘get rich over night’ J. It take time and energy to learn, especially if you are a beginner.

Learning easy is a process to make that journey as simple as possible.

This is where I like Java Learning Academy where you can see Java Tutorial PDF to download . You will see that you can try out hands on examples without installing anything new. Online Compiler and Runner will take care of running your program.

Here is a lay out I will suggest to learn this programming language


Learn the Object Oriented Concepts


I won’t suggest you to spend weeks on learning this. At least give a day to read and reread about it. Object Oriented Concepts as a story is an approximate description of what you can understand.

Learn about Inheritance, Encapsulation, Data Abstraction and Polymorphism.

Once you know these concepts it will be easier to proceed further and moreover, these are basics, so you must invest time on learning.


Jump in to programming

I’m suggesting a radically different approach. Any programming book will introduce you to things like, what is a variable and various types the programming language support etc.

That will be too much of theory. By the time you understand that, you will be bored to death!

So simply jump in to the programming.

The question would be how?

This is where, the PDF that you downloaded will come handy. The directions given in using the online compiler will be really helpful. You can try programs without having to install a single thing.


Learn Programming Constructs

I suggested to jump in to the programming in the previous section, seeing is believing. Now that you try out some sample, even if that is not yours, it will help you understand how programs work.

Now is the time to really understand those programs.

You might have come across basic constructs – such as ‘if’ and ‘for’.

Spend time in understanding what it does.

Now, change those values and try it out.

Do you see, any different? Analyze how that difference occurred.

Done that? Great! You are on your way to become a programmer.

Complete your course


Complete your course

Now that you know the basics, complete your course. Take time to read through it.

Try More Examples

Once you have scratched the surface, it is up to you to build more on top of it. Keep trying new ones. Lookout for more programming puzzles. Try it out!

Programming sites out there can also help you. The more you try, the better you will become.


How long it takes?

If you already know some programming experience, you can learn the basics of a new language in a matter of a week. To go through an elaborate course, will depend. You should be able to do a small project in a matter of 4 weeks.

If you are totally new to programming, I would say, keep aside 4 weeks, of part-time effort. I would strongly stress on the part-time effort, as opposed to full time effort.

Learning in a bit and consistent way will help you not to burn out.

The reward of the effort that would invest will be definitely worth. Your resume value will skyrocket and at the least you will be able to brag among your friends.



Programming is fun and adds value to your resume. Beginners go through various struggle as there are many piece to put together. If you follow a process with discipline you should be able to make it without much struggle. This is a skill that will be counted as worth on your career now and beyond.


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