Gradzz: The Supermarket of US Online Education

When it comes to online education from United States, there aren’t many websites doing what Gradzz is doing. Gradzz is an educational portal which provides university information like programs, tuition fees, accreditation, admissions process, financial aid and careers prospect. If students require this information, usually, they’re required to visit the university website or browse through a digital or physical catalog.

This requires a lot of browsing through pages of the official university website, catalog and other viable sources. This can be very time consuming, tedious and confusing. So, this is done by the Gradzz content team in a way that all these extensive information is available to aspirants in a single webpage with different sections.

For example: Temple Online Tuition and Programs are available in a section. Accreditation college Admissions and Careers are available in a format with each section dedicated to a topic like.

Gradzz: The Supermarket of US Online Education

Gradzz is like a supermarket with different isles dedicated to various universities and college showing best colleges with the degrees they provide. One isles is dedicated to one university. Like if you are looking for a best human service colleges just search and the information regarding this university is available on the shelves of this isle.

Like a customer walks into a supermarket, US online education aspiring students visit the gradzz website and walk around the isles looking for a suitable online university just by searching for best degree or best colleges in place where they want to check for. Using the gradzz website is also as easy as shopping in a supermarket.

With various filters like search by degree, search by state and search by stream it makes this experience even easier as these helps narrow down the universities based on a decision the student has made.

For instance, if an aspirant has decided on the state in which they want to pursue their online education from then the search by state drop down is very useful. The same goes to search by degree and search by stream like Best human services degree, engineering degree, management degree, medical degree etc.

If a student has decided on the level of degree and stream meaning discipline of study, this helps the portal in giving better selective narrowed down results of universities or degrees offered by universities.

When searching by degree, Gradzz has a feature which upon selecting a certain degree level, displays degree like Bachelors program in a particular discipline, for example, Best human services degree, and it displays recommended universities to study this particular program.

In this case, the recommended universities are Colorado Technical University, Liberty University, Kaplan University etc. When searching by a stream, there is a drop down with various disciplines ranging from Health Science to Music. Once, you select a desired discipline, for example, Public Administration, Gradzz shows various programs under Best Online Public Administration degrees like Bachelor of Science in Public Administration.

It also displays recommended colleges like University of Phoenix, Point Park University, Nova Southeastern University, just to name a few options for Public Administration degree.

Without Gradzz making this decision we will require ample research on various websites searching data like best degree colleges or search based on best colleges in a place, course, fees, infrastructure and others which can be confusing and cause stress. Gradzz gives you good basic line of thought which helps in deciding on the University and Degree. This decision is supported by various information required to make a decision to enrol.

This various information includes tuition fees, program duration which is mostly self-paced when it comes to online but there may be limit on the number years it can be finished in, accreditation, scholarships, financial aid and other information.

Gradzz is a very helpful and informative website as it also provided the best colleges data. It is still in development, but it already has a good base website. It similar to another education portal GetMyUni with a significant difference of the latter’s niche in Indian Education whereas Gradzz specialises in US online education.

It also has a long way to go as a website because this is just the beginning of the road for them.

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