Why Students Drop Out of High School and What Can Be Done About It

Why many students drop out of their school, there are two basic reasons that come to our mind. One the child feels bored in the class and number two he does not want to study. These might be true but, to some extent. There is the number of other reasons that are the cause of this case, but we usually ignore them.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), though the percentage has comparatively fallen since 1990 still there are numerous problems that students are facing today. Therefore, first of all, let us review a few reasons what provoke the students to do so and what can be done about it:

Why Students Drop Out of High School and What Can Be Done About It

When they are failing too many classes

More than 27 percent reported that they bucked because they were failing too many classes. In short, the students left because they were sick of falling behind again and again. They were heartbroken, therefore they gave up.

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How to avoid this situation

If you are a parent then, of course, you want your child to be successful. But in order to do so, it’s important to pay all your necessary attention at the time of his need. Help him with his assignments and projects if necessary and ask him to practice. A time will come when your child develops an inspiration rather a fear of falling behind all the time. In that scenario, he will need some help from a private tutor trained in teaching secondary school students. He will be determined enough to face anything that comes his way.

But if you are a teacher then you should prefer your student instead of any worldly desire like “increased salary”. Most of the time, teachers forget their students in the time of their need since they want to make more and more money.

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For this purpose, they pressurize their students by giving loads of work, which diminishes the space for students eventually leading them to failure.

Needing to make money to support their family

This only happens when parents put their children on roads for earning rather than paying attention to their studies. Such a case comes under the heading of “Child Labor”, it is common in most parts of the world. Researchers have found that such case puts children to worry about the things like shelter, food, health or safety etc. As a result, they can’t focus enough on their studies and give up by skipping the school.

You should let your child study rather than asking him to earn

If you are economically poor than don’t impose it on your child. Just encourage him to study no-matter-what. At first, this might be hard for you to do but a time will come when your struggle can bring you a lot of prosperity i.e. you’ll feel proud and happy when your child will achieve successes and put you on the throne.

Joining Gangs

This occurs generally when the child reaches the age of 15 or more. Very often, college students from groups or join gangs when they don’t get enough satisfaction or importance. They try to capture everything ruthlessly and forget about the severity of being punished.

Watch over him from the beginning

Either you are the teacher or a parent, keep a guiding eye over the kid. Encourage him to study but don’t push him too hard that he starts crossing the limits. For example, you can motivate him by telling him stories having different morals and telling him your way of achieving success. Also, be polite with the kid so he will listen and obey you intently.

Using Drugs

Today most children try to escape from their elders especially those who think that their parents are against them. Although, it could never happen. They hide from their parents and teachers and try to fulfill what they want and when caught red handed they try to hide their anger and fear by using drugs. But when they realize the importance of what their elders asking them to do they become sad.

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Studies have also shown, some children take drugs to hide their loneliness. They use drugs as an ointment to escape from reality.

Drug addiction is very injurious to health. It can cause a wide range of diseases leaving nothing but death for a person, for example, ones who are addicted to smoking suffer from lungs cancer, strokes and various heart diseases, similarly, ones who addicted to drinking caffeine suffer from various nervous system problems like emotional instability plus muscle twitching and insomnia.

Although, sometimes these drugs are useful in some ways, for example, using caffeine can remove eye bags, brandy can relief you from an earache etc. But their disadvantages are more than their advantages and none of us wants to risk our lives for nothing.

What can you do to prevent a child from using drugs

Scare the child by telling him about various deadly advantages that result from drug addiction and force him to get rid of this habit as soon as possible if he doesn’t want to suffer.

It would be difficult at first for him as well as for you but eventually, the child will get rid of it. For example, if the child is smoking then give him a cinnamon stick to chew instead of it. Resultantly, he’ll forget and start hating cigarettes.

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