Top 5 best Free Websites to Convert YouTube Video to MP3

Top 5 best Free Websites to Convert YouTube Video to MP3

YouTube is one of the largest video sharing platforms to be considered all over the world. You will find every type of video whether you want to see an informational video, spiritual video or video songs, every type is available on this amazing platform. With YouTube to MP3 Converter, you can easily convert YouTube videos to mp3 and download high-quality mp3 files with the help of online tools.

Many music lovers prefer to have their tunes stored in iPod, mp3 player or in their smartphones. You can check out the best mp3 downloader.

Most of them don’t need to visit YouTube again and again just to listen to songs. They want to convert those videos into youtube MP3 format so that they can listen wherever they want to.

No doubt, there are many ways, one can rip audio from videos and users prefer to utilize available web applications that help them to convert YouTube videos into MP3 format.

Therefore, there are many websites that you can follow to convert videos to MP3 format. The best thing is that many websites are available for free to convert those videos.

However, it may happen that if you make the use of an inferior tool then this may contain the virus and attack your device. So, it is best to make the use of websites instead of using any tool to change the format of YouTube videos.

With the list of too many converters, it is very difficult for the people to know about which MP3 converting website they should use. But you don’t need to worry about that. In this article, we are going to discuss the best websites that help to convert YouTube videos into MP3 format and that also for free.

Best websites you should make the use of to convert videos into MP3

Whether you like to listen to music online or offline, you turn on YouTube and click your favourite music channel to listen to your favourite song. If you want to download those videos into MP3 format then you need to make the use of some websites that may help you with that.

These websites contain the set of programs or features that work to convert your videos to MP3. These websites will convert videos to MP3 not only from YouTube but also from any other hosted music website. With excellent format options and other features, these websites are versatile and help you with converting.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with the list of free websites that will convert your YouTube videos into MP3 format.

1. Apowersoft website

1. Apowersoft website

Apowersoft video to MP3 converter is one of the best websites that will convert your videos into MP3 format. This comprehensive platform will convert the videos stored at different locations. If you want to convert YouTube videos into MP3 then you just copy the URL of that video and paste the URL in the paste bar available at the top of the website. Just click on convert button present here and voila your video gets converted.

If that video which you want to convert is present in the local folder of your desktop then you can select the second option present on its website that says convert Local videos and once you select this option, then you can easily browse the local video and select it and just click convert option. In this way, you can convert local video in MP3 format.

If you want to search any video then you can type related words to that video in the space given in the third option. Once you do this, just hit the search button and select the video to convert. This amazing and free video to MP3 converter is available for browsers like Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and many others. Also, you can convert videos into a different format. So, try this amazing free website for converting videos into another format.

2. Video Grabber

2. Video Grabber

This is another video to MP3 converter that has been used by millions of users. This amazing website allows you to convert videos from any of the websites including YouTube. Aside from downloading function, you can use Video Grabber for video editing as well.

Its advanced features will allow you to download and convert, edit videos without any extra efforts. In order to use this website to download the video into MP3 format, you just need to paste the URL of the YouTube video in the paste bar of this website and video grabber will detect that video from the URL. 

After pasting the URL, you just need to click the download button. Once done, you can easily save the video in the MP3 format. This amazing video converting platform works well with Windows and iOS operating systems.

3. YTMP3

3. YTMP3

YTMP3 is another website that will convert your YouTube videos for free. This amazing website works well for computer, desktop and mobile. The one who doesn’t have the knowledge of any tech-related tasks can use this website very easily.

You just need to copy the video URL from YouTube and paste it in the paste bar of the website. Once you click on the convert button, aside of paste bar, let the YTMP3, do its work. Also, it is important for you to know that this website can convert the YouTube video that has only 1 hour of length.

You can easily convert the videos up to 1 hour of length within a couple of minutes. As soon as the video gets converted, you just download the video and enjoy your song.

4. MP3 YouTube website

4. MP3 YouTube website

This simple and efficient website that helps you to convert YouTube videos into MP3 format works well for beginners. MP3 YouTube website offers a series of features like is simplicity, efficiency, fast performance, compatibility and many more will help you to convert YouTube videos in MP3 format.

Once you paste the URL and click the download button, it starts working and your video gets downloaded within seconds with its original quality. Therefore, this website is hitting the top list of websites that convert YouTube videos in MP3 format.

Another advantage is that you can also download the videos available on other websites like Facebook, Soundcloud, and Instagram etc. So, get help with this site and make your converting process easier.

5. 2conv

5. 2conv

Another easy to use website that can convert your videos into MP3 format is 2conv. This website is free to use and allows you to download the videos into MP3 or other formats. You just need to enter the copied URL from YouTube and just convert the website and listen to your favourite music for free.

This fast and reliable website also allows you to download your most lovable tracks and also you can download the software for your Windows desktop version. You can try it now just by pasting the URL and voila your videos will convert once you press the convert button. This is one of the most reliable website considered to download the MP3 format songs.

Other formats available at this website are MP4, MP4 HD, AVI, AVI HD. Also, this website does not require any registration process to download the converted videos. And the main advantage you get is that this website is available in different languages so that you don’t face any language issue when you use this website.

If you face any issue while using this website then you can contact its Support team with the option present in Menu of this website. They will help you to solve the issue. Don’t make the use of nonsense tools that promise you to convert the videos in other formats but end up with something else. Just give this website a try and you will be happier to test its reliability.


In this article, we have discussed various websites that help you to convert YouTube videos into MP3 format for free. These are reliable video converting websites that let you convert and save the video in MP3 format with just a single click. Some of the websites mentioned above also let you download its software for your desktop, iPad, mobiles or tablets.

This will make the process easy. You should not trust the fake converters that may also have spyware is hidden in them and that attack your device. With the list of websites mentioned above, you can easily download high-quality videos as these websites do not compromise your sound quality. These websites will fit in your needs and tweak the audio in your chosen format.

If you do not have any interest in technology or you are not a technology freak then you can also make the use of these sites. The converting process of these websites is so simple and efficient and we make sure that you don’t face any problem using them.

In most of the websites, you just need to copy the URL of your favorite song from YouTube and just paste it in the paste bar of these websites. Some of the websites also convert the local videos in MP3 format. So what are you waiting for? Go & try these amazing websites for the conversion of videos.

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