Best Pearl Jam Songs | Top 10 Pearl Jam Hits List

Best Pearl Jam Songs | Top 10 Pearl Jam Hits List

Love Pearl Jam band? Here you’ll find Best of Pearl Jam Songs. This Top 10 Pearl Jam Songs List will definitely help you to find and listen to some of your favorite songs and most popular songs by Pearl Jam Band.

With ten studio albums, eight live albums, thirty-two singles, three compilation albums and numerous bootlegs, Pearl Jam has carved out a niche for themselves in the rock world. So, its time to start our countdown….! (Please Click The Song Name to Watch)

Top 10 Pearl Jam Hits List

 10. Just Breathe – One Step At a Time

The softer side of Eddie Vedder is exposed in this track from the Backspacer album of 2009. An acoustic guitar is all Eddie has as company, and by far that’s all he needs.

The song is centered on the idea of living life as it is, taking it slowly and just breathing in. The melodious track is simply beautiful and it manages to strike just the right chord, evoking feelings of melancholy.

9. Corduroy – Of Vitalogy Fame

Vitalogy, the 1994 album saw the single Corduroy becoming immensely popular. The guitaring along with Eddie Vedder’s performance created a rock tune that is indefinitely one of the best Pearl Jam songs there is today.

The song is essentially one of the band’s gripe fests about the price of fame. The aggression and Vedder’s brilliant vocals make for an amazing track by these rock Gods.

8. Daughter – The One With Child Abuse

The album Vs was released in 1993 and it saw the likes of the track Daughter on it. This was the band’s second album and it tackled topics such as racism, how fame isn’t all that great and gun laws.

One of the most sensitive topics from that album was one of child abuse told by a troubled little girl. Daughter was a heavy handed song, but the acoustic guitar alongside Eddie Vedder’s vocals kept the song in check.

7. Yellow Ledbetter – The B-Side of Jeremy

Another great hit from the album Ten would be Yellow Led Better. The guitaring at the beginning is very Jimi Hendrix inspired. This song is one of the best live performed songs by the band.

It doesn’t come off so much as a tune, but more as a narration. The album Ten initially went by the name The B-Side of Jeremy.

6. State of Love and Trust – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack’ (1992)

This song showed up on the soundtrack of the story Singles which was produced by Eddie’s filmmaker friend Cameron Crowe. It was initially recorded during one of the band’s sessions and was recorded later once their new drummer came into the scene.

It is one of the band’s most successful hits and features the very best of Vedder’s vocals.


Top 5 Pearl Jam Hits List

5. Off He Goes – Like He’s Riding on a Motorbike in the Strongest Winds.

This bruised tentative folk rock single from the album No Code surrounds the idea of a troubled friend. The said friend happens to be Vedder himself and Off He Goes is essentially a take on his own life. The song is soft and the storytelling makes Eddie Vedder a legend to this day.

4. Better Man – Vitalogy

Pearl Jam’s singles catalogue has been quite a mess mainly because they were never actually released as singles, but still received tons of airplay. Better Man was a massive hit and was immensely popular as a radio hit at that time.

Despite the fact that it didn’t actually have a commercial release, the song went on to do wonders. The song centers around a woman in an abusive relationship who is most likely to be Eddie’s mom.

3. Black – Back to Ten

Yeah, we aren’t kidding when we say Ten was one of the best Pearl Jam albums of all time. The single Black is the epitome of PJ’s success and is essentially a power ballad.

It seemed to influence pretty much everyone and many bands have covered this great piece. It’s about six minutes long and gives you a taste of how powerful Eddie Vedder’s vocals really are.

2. Alive – Yeaahhh, I’m Still Alive!

The album Ten was the most definitive for Pearl Jam as it saw some of the band’s greatest hits. Alive happens to be a true story which involves Eddie’s step dad who he believed was his real dad.

The growl accompanied by the lyrics sealed the deal with the multitude of fans, they established over the years. The baggage that this track comes along with is cited to be Eddie’s best lyrical delivery to this day.

1. Jeremy – The Vices of Bullying

Jeremy was one of those songs for which the band actually released a video. One of the reasons why it gained the popularity it did, is because of the controversial video.

With Jeremy, the band’s popularity grew by a twofold. It’s based on a true story about a child who was abused in class, to the extent that he shot himself in front of his classmates. The band along with those incredible Eddie Vedder vocals, make this song a success

Ok, maybe it’s enough for now hope you guys enjoyed Pearl Jam’s Best songs. If you have something to say about the picks please leave your comments below and if you think that this list deserves some likes or share please do it now.

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