Top 5 best FLAC players for Windows 10/8/7

Top 5 best FLAC players for Windows 10/8/7

Do you know about FLAC formats? If no, then we will provide you with complete information about the FLAC players. FLAC means Free Lossless Audio Codec which is considered to be the format of audio coding.

This is an open-source format that has the ability to compress audio files. These players will help you to shrink your file size to half of its original size. They function similar to WinZip and take care of your website audio domain.

We all know that Windows 10 is the best operating system for Windows PC and it is available for desktop, computers and laptop. If you love to hear music, then you must cross with FLAC format files.

The FLAC format files are those having FLAC extension. These types of files are not supported by the media player on your computer. It may happen sometimes that you need to install a powerful and multitasking media player that also supports FLAC format.

The FLAC format becomes popular when those MP3 formats are causing trouble lossy formats. That means some part of the music gets cut off to decrease the size of the audio file.

The FLAC file is larger in size than MP3. These players are in half the size of a CD and have the capability to boost the audio to original quality. When you use FLAC files then there would be no loss of audio quality from those audio files but if you make the use of MP3 player the compressed file will lose quality.

The FLAC player supports all types of audio formats as well as it has many independent implementations. These players are quicker and compatible with all devices like mobile, desktop, laptop, Hi-Fi components and music players.

So, if you want to download FLAC players for your Windows then we have created a list below of top FLAC players you must use in 2020.

Top FLAC Players for Windows you can use in 2020

The FLAC Players will get updated with the new improvements every now and then. Furthermore, it does not compromise the quality of audio and this would be the reason that these players are downloaded by most of the users. Its audio compression is better than any ZIP file in that domain.

These open-source software stream media contains audio and video files. They are super user-friendly and provide a stylish and clear interface so that you will not compromise with your audio quality. So, in this guide, we have created a list of various FLAC players that you must download in your Windows 10/8/7 to get better music. Let’s get started with the list below:

1. VLC Media Player

1. VLC Media Player

VLC is one of the best open sources cross-platform FLAC player that plays all types of multimedia including videos, audios, DVD, CD and other streaming protocols. This simple and fast media player plays codec with no codec packs like MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and H.264 etc.

This completely free software has no spyware or ads and therefore it is completely safe to download for your PC. This open-source FLAC player is available to download for Windows 7/8/10, Mac, Linux, iOS as well as Android. With its ability to play video files along with audio files, this software is the choice of millions of users. Its flexibility to run every file format easily makes it the king in the multi-players list.

This player is robust and offers a wide variety of features like it plays Files, Discs, webcams and streams and it does not have any ads, spyware or user tracking in it.

You can easily do fast hardware decoding on most of the platforms with this amazing media player. With its advanced control features like Subtitle synchronization, audio and video filters you can easily use this multiplayer on your computer. So, what are you waiting for? Download this smart multi-featured media player for free on your Windows PC.

2. GOM Media Player

2. GOM Media Player

The next FLAC player is GOM media player that is believed to be one of the best in the list of FLAC players. With the use of GOM player, you can easily play FLAC media files along with the other file formats. It offers advanced features to run your media files and therefore is downloaded by millions of users.

Its interactive GUI offers a series of customization options to make your sound experience more effective. With this amazing software, you can easily play different files in HD formats. You can effectively convert any file to audio format with the help of its text-to-speech output functionality.

If you want to listen to your audio files in the continuous loop then this player offers you the facility to play your FLAC files continuously with its A-B repeat functionality.

You can easily play damaged or locked files in the GOM player without any difficulty. You can also get an advantage to stream media from the internet in the GOM player. This will maximize your media experience.

With its advance level of features for customization like subtitles in multiple languages with 3d audio effects, you can enjoy your media to the fullest. Go and download this amazing player that is available for Windows for free.

3. Foobar 2000

3. Foobar 2000

One of the best FLAC players available for Windows is Foobar2000. This freeware is admired by its users who want more customizations in the file formats. You can do customizations in an unimaginable way.

Users love its interface as this player is operated with minimum efforts. You can also change the layout with its advanced set of features. If you want to change its interface and want to customize its look then you can easily change it as per your requirements. In this player, you will get an option of advanced tagging as well.

Also, this amazing software comes with a list of keyboard shortcuts that will save your time and efforts. The Foobar2000 also supports other media formats apart from FLAC formats and offers you a provision to create folders and handle media library.

This will help you to organize your things better. People who love to listen music frequently and have a large playlist then they can use this software as it can easily handle large content at a time. This will prove to be the great benefit in this software.

Along with Replay gain feature, you will also find Gapless playback feature. The Replay gain feature is responsible to adjust the volumes automatically, without changing the song. This smooth FLAC player will easily be suitable to beginners as well.

4. Winamp

4. Winamp

This oldest media player has rocked the list of top FLAC players you can use for your Windows PC. Winamp has released various versions with the addition of updated features. This player is known to be the most popular in earlier days but like things have changed and it does not excite people anymore.

But, its continuous improvements may not make you far from using it. The latest version of Winamp may spark the fire among its users. This amazing FLAC player will make you nostalgic and feel if the time travelled to golden old days. One drawback of this FLAC Player is that it consumes a lot of space for your song library.

But, with the use of this amazing software, users can manage the playlist with ease. If you love some song and want to give a review or ratings to that then you can do this very easily with this software. The people who make the use of Winamp FLAC player may find all the information related to album or track they listen to. In short, people can take care of their favorite song library with the help of Winamp.

If you are using a device like iPods or any other then this software provides you with the facility to sync the songs with that device. Importing the playlist in Winamp is also an easy procedure. Want to surf online? Then you don’t need to worry, you can easily do this with this amazing software.

This FLAC player has an online browsing provision available in it. To navigate easily, add up your favorite playlist, Listen to songs simultaneously with the help of this FLAC player. Also, you can customize some settings in the interface and choose the length of information in the browser. So, explore its features and download this amazing FLAC player for your Windows.

5. 5K player

5. 5K player

This is another top-notch media player available for Windows operating system. This media player allows you to play videos in High Definition so that you can enjoy the video to its fullest. It supports all type of formats including FLAC and due to its easy to use interface many people prefers to use this software.

This amazing media player allows you to change the colour and time of the videos and provide various customization features that enhance your experience. This player also allows you to convert your music videos into MP3 format. This is the great functionality of this media player.

If you want to download media files directly from YouTube then this software facilitates you with this. And last, not the least, this player allows you to directly connect with your television and let you play media files without any hitches.


Everyone wants a better experience while watching a video or listening to their favorite song. These things not only relax your mind but also serve as a great source of entertainment. So, to enhance your experience we have made a list of several FLAC players that will give you immense audio and video experience.

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