Say Goodbye to Ink Pen Signs and Hello to E-Signatures

Say Goodbye to Ink Pen Signs and Hello to E-Signatures

Ever thought of how gruesome signing stacks of documents can be? Thanks to the transitioning digital era, the ink pen method could be a past idea as businesses embrace electronic signatures. Running a business means that you will be receiving, signing, scanning, printing, and resending several documents in a day.

It is even stressful when you have to incur the costs of shipping and stamps to get your documents to another signatory who could be miles away. Thanks to e-signs, business owners can legally sign documents in seconds and send them to several other signatories to keep track of the workflow.

What are the benefits of E-signatures?


With paper purchasing, your company will accrue millions after approximately 50years in purchasing, scanning, printing, delivering, and coping. However, when you digitize the process, you save yourself a significant amount of money. Research shows that companies that adopt digital signatures not only save on time but their money too.

In comparison, imagine yourself having 200 documents of four pages each. You have 800 pages to sign in calculation plus the cost of buying a toner and shipment charges. While the traditional signature will cost you, having an e-signature will simplify all your hurdles and enables you to send unlimited signed documents at a fixed price.


Another benefit of e-signature is, there is nothing to worry about security. Unlike paper, which is easily tampered with, signing your documents with an electronic signature protects your legal documents and private information from modification. With e-signature, no one can access your records and no one can copy it.

The technology system will alert you when a fraudster tries to hack the system or attempts to access your files without your permission. Some security firms’ cryptography and technological barriers eliminate fraud risks, improper access, and modification of their clients’ documents, making them only accessible to the legal owner.

Minimized Risks

Paper documents are susceptible to damage. Additionally, you can send an urgent and binding document, waiting for the recipient to give you feedback only to realize some pages were not signed. An electronic signature can save you from such unseen risks.

With a reliable e-signature tool, you are guaranteed maximum control of the workflow and allows you to track your documents for adjustments. The electronic signature will also minimize the financial impact of signatory mistakes that would slow down a process. While an e-signature will mitigate such risks and enable you to fix preventable problems, a traditional paper signature cannot.

Faster turnaround and convenient

With the business world being geographically dispersed, it is not unusual for a small and local business to deal with its customers and suppliers in distant cities. An e-signature allows remote authentication, making it a convenient solution compared to mailing or shipping.

Moreover, the digitized signature’s faster turnaround offers businesses a greater versatility in timely situations. In a scenario where you have to send a document to one person to read, sign, scan, print, and send to another person who will repeat the whole process, an electronic signature allows all the parties to sign off the same document in seconds.

Saves on space

Can you imagine the office space you will be saving if you got rid of all the hardware and paper storage boxes? Paper archiving will force you to keep stacks of paper in every corner of your office and retrieving the documents can be a daunting task.

With e-signs, you will no longer waste time looking manually for documents, thanks to the incorporated document management feature. After you rid yourself of the storage boxes, you could use the space for something better.

Increased productivity

The time you spend manually signing tons of documents could be used to focus on more demanding assignments you could be having. E-signs allow you to automate workflow and cancel repeated tasks.

For instance, if you often use a specific document, you could use the incorporated templates feature to create a single file that you save and use every time with minimum adjustments as your needs demand.

Faster decision making

Decision making in an organization is not easy, especially with the multiple numbers of documents that must be signed by various stakeholders. You will realize that the more time the involved parties take in signing and agreeing, the longer the time it will be for them to effect decisions. E-signs can come in handy in such scenarios to minimize the gap between execution and decision making and hasten the approval process formalities.


E-signs promote the notion of working anywhere, anytime. Having an electronic signature means you get to sign your documents anywhere, anytime, and on any device. With an increasing trend of people working from anywhere, e-signatures have given businesses the ability to thrive regardless of the time and location.

Relieve yourself from various risks associated with the traditional signature. Embrace e-signature and get your documents sent before you flip the second page of your paper documents. Call the signing experts today for more information.

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