Various ways to fix Yahoo mail login problems

Mails play an important role in the life of professionals as well as other peoples. You can easily send emails to one another to start professional conversations. In order to have a mail id, you need to have a phone number and some contact details like name, DOB, etc.

You can easily create an email id with Gmail or yahoo mail. Once you enter your contact details like name, phone number, etc. and choose your desired mail id from the options given, then your email will be created. An email is considered to be the best alternative to phone calls.

With the number of email service providers present in the market, you can easily create your mails. If we talk about Yahoo, then it has its own search engine like Google and provides emailing options as well. This email service provided by Yahoo is served all over the world.

If you have created your Yahoo mail account and now you are not able to log in to your Yahoo mail id, then you are at the right place. We have a solution for you. In this article, we are going to discuss the various login problems people face while logging in their Yahoo mail. We will also mention the solutions to those problems. So, let us get started.

Various login problems of Yahoo mail and ways to fix them

There could be a number of reasons when you are not able to log in to your Yahoo mail account. They are related either with your device, or they are related to the passwords or usernames. Most common of them are the problems related to user id and passwords.

It happens most of the time that people forget their Yahoo mail user id or passwords, and they find difficulty in sign in. So, we are going to discuss these problems that exempt people from signing in their Yahoo mail accounts. Here is the list of problems discussed below with their solutions:

When you forgot your user id or passwords

It happens that due to a lot of work pressure or other problems, most of the people tend to forget their user id or passwords. In this case, when they enter the wrong credentials, then they are not able to sign in to their Yahoo mail accounts.

In this case, if this happens to you, you can write down the Yahoo mail password or id and save them in a proper place where you can recall them anytime. If you are not comfortable doing that or you would have some security concerns about writing them down, then you can take help from the sign-in helper present at the bottom of the login page.

When you forget your email id of Yahoo account, then the Sign-in helper will send a mail to an alternative email address. This is the address you have entered while creating your Yahoo mail account.

You can also opt for a number, and the Sign-in helper will send a link to your number. When you click a link, you will easily be able to sign in your account. In case you forget your Yahoo mail password, then don’t worry. You can easily reset your mail password by clicking on password recovery options available there.

When you cleared the browser history and cookies

The cache is considered to be the temporary information stored in the browser when you open any web page. This will help your web page open quickly with the stored information. This information will be recreated whenever you open your web page.

But sometimes, it may happen that you are not able to access the web page due to error occurred on that. The solutions to not accessing the web pages are mostly related to cache and cookies present in your browser. 

When you clear the cache and cookies of your browser and load the page again, then the browser may not be able to remember your credentials. In this case, you may find issue logging in your Yahoo mail account, if you have cleared the browser cache and cookies.

For this, you need to sign in your mail account again to overcome this issue. You enter your sign in mail id and password once again and voila, you will enter your email account easily.

So, these types of issues are very rare. If you are facing the problems due to cache and cookies of the browser then you can clear the history by going to browser settings. After that, when you enter your credentials to your Yahoo mail, and then you will be able to log in again without any hitch.

When your Yahoo account will be locked temporarily

If you are entering your wrong password or mail multiple times on your system or device, then your Yahoo mail account will be locked temporarily. This is believed to be the security system of Yahoo mail. But in this case, you don’t have to worry.

The account that has been locked temporarily will be unlocked after 12 hours. When your accounts get started or unlocked, then you need to enter correct credentials this time to enter in your email account. You can also take help from Yahoo sign-in helper.

When your yahoo account gets compromised

If your Yahoo account has been used by someone else or they have changed the password of your Yahoo mail, then you can immediately reset your account password. You can opt for any of the options discussed above to enter in your email account.

We will recommend you to increase your Yahoo mail account security by using two-factor authentications. In this case, when someone will try to log in to your Yahoo account, then a one-time password (OTP) will be generated and sent to your registered mobile number. When someone asks about OTP, then you can easily get an idea about which person is logging into your Yahoo account.


These are some logging problems related to the Yahoo mail account. It may also happen when you enter your email id or password, and then you don’t take care of caps lock key or Num lock key. So, make sure that you have not toggled these two keys before entering the password.

Also, if you forget your password many times, then let the browser remember them for you. You can easily make the use of the password and email id stored in the browser while entering your Yahoo mail account. If you find someone has changed your password, then reset immediately. We hope that these solutions mentioned in this article will work for you.