How Healthy Eating Can Help You to Lose Weight

Green vegetable

A healthy diet varies from person to person; you have to balance the number of calories you consume based on your lifestyle. It’s about balance; don’t consume more than you use. You gain weight if you eat more than you need. Although you don’t have to count your calories, your total calorie consumption is fundamental for weight control and overall health.

Did you know that eating certain foods can aid in weight loss? Some make you feel full longer and beat your cravings. Sticking to a diet can be challenging, however, you can follow these useful eating habits to lose weight.

Breakfast Is Crucial

Healthy breakfast

You’ve heard it before – it is the most important meal of the day! Healthy eating for weight loss includes breakfast. Many people debate whether they should eat or skip breakfast; it is crucial to eat a healthy meal rather than eating bacon, sausages, and other fatty foods. You can’t have an unhealthy breakfast and expect to lose weight. Healthy eating breakfast habits include less fat and calories.

Breakfast helps to control appetite; if you skip it, your blood sugar levels drop triggering your hunger hormones. This causes hunger before or by lunchtime, and it’s hard to choose healthy options when you are starving. You are likely to eat more calories and fat which does not help to slim down. Eating breakfast gives you the energy to start your day; this way you won’t need to refuel.

Rice for Healthy Eating

Did you know that you can include rice in your healthy eating list to lose weight? Most people avoid rice completely in their weight loss journey; however, rice is not fattening or unhealthy. It is a good source of fiber and carbs. Rice is digested quickly which increases your blood sugar levels. You also feel hungry quickly which might cause you to eat more calories.

There are advantages and disadvantages of eating rice; however, if you want to lose weight you must consider the type of rice and portion size. Your healthy eating plan should include research on different types of rice. Although all types have similar calories, hand-pounded rice, brown rice, red rice, and unpolished rice have more fiber because they are not processed.

They maintain the outer layer which is rich in fiber. These types are also more filling than white rice. The good thing about rice is that it allows you to eat healthily on a budget and you can read reviews of the best rice cookers on if you want to get this gadget for convenience and a better cooking experience.

Leafy Greens

Leafy veggies

Still wondering how to start eating healthy on a budget? One of the easiest ways is by incorporating green leafy vegetables in your diet. Leafy green vegetables are significant for your healthy eating habits. They are not only low in calories but also rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

Healthy eating like this has many benefits like lowering the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity. This is also a great way to increase your meals without increasing fat and calories. These include simple but nutrient-dense veggies like kale, which has many antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Others include spinach, collard greens, microgreens, cabbage, etc.

Whole Eggs

Eggs are not known as the nutritional powerhouse for anything; they are an excellent protein source and the best for muscle gain and weight loss. They also have healthy fat, minerals, and vitamins. The simplest way to shed pounds quickly is to consume fewer calories. The benefits of healthy eating by including low-calorie foods like eggs is that they help you to lose weight fast.

One egg contains 78 calories only but the yolk is rich in nutrients. You can include eggs in your healthy eating recipes like egg burritos, oat scrambled eggs, baked Western omelet, egg salad, egg drop soup, etc. Fried eggs have more calories because of butter or cooking oil.

Eggs are full of protein which is very filling. One of the best healthy eating tips is to eat eggs with veggies; this gives you a complete meal with fewer calories and more nutrients. High protein foods are filling; this reduces appetite and calorie intake. Eggs increase metabolism; your body utilizes the protein in eggs to metabolize food, this helps to burn calories.


Sliced salmon

Salmon is not only ideal for weight loss but it’s also excellent healthy eating for picky eaters. Salmon has omega 3 fats and high protein content. These oils present in fatty fish help your body to burn unhealthy fat. You can add salmon into your diet by making and sticking to a grocery list for healthy eating.

You can eat it with salads, veggies, or whole grains. You’ll see better results if you pair it with other healthy foods rather than bagels and sugar-laden meals. Although you can choose frozen salmon, try to go for wild-caught or fresh salmon which is the best.

Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is an excellent source of lean protein; this makes it ideal to include in your healthy eating plan for weight loss. Chicken promotes satiety; this suppresses your appetite preventing you from overeating or reaching for snacks.

Although chicken breast is healthy, it contains calories; eat with moderation. The preparation method also matters – deep frying adds calories to your meal. Try to improve the flavor by using herbs and spices instead of bread crumbs, butter, and sweet marinades.

Lean Beef

Did you know that healthy eating for weight loss does not involve giving up what you love? You can still eat red meat but with caution. You can still be eating healthy and lose weight; lean beef is healthier and it can help you to burn fat. You can choose sirloin tip side steak; this is a leaner cut with less saturated fat but full of protein to keep you satisfied longer.

Lean meat has a thermogenic effect; meaning some of the calories in the meat are burnt during digestion. Another example of lean beef is top round steak which is tender and tastes better than some steaks. This meat has less fat and it helps to lower your blood pressure. If you choose beef that needs marinating, choose healthy fats like olive oil and improve flavors with vinegar or lemon juice.



Beans are great for shedding extra pounds because they are rich in fiber and protein. High fiber foods make you chew longer; this reduces the amount of food you consume. Slowing down how you eat sends signals to your brain that your stomach is full. Eating slowly means you’re not going to overeat.

Beans have soluble fibers; they help food to stay longer in the stomach before it enters the small intestines. This helps you to feel fuller longer and prevents you from snacking. They also have enough protein to trigger the production of glucagon-like peptide 1 and cholecystokinin which make you feel full. Beans are also considered a low glycemic index food. They help to control blood sugar levels. When your blood sugar levels are stable, you don’t have cravings; this means you are less likely to binge or snack.

Cottage Cheese

Dairy products are rich in protein. Cottage cheese is packed with protein, less fat, and a few calories. One of the best healthy eating tips for weight loss is to eat more protein and a few calories. Cottage cheese is an excellent protein source and it also keeps you full longer. Sodium-free or low sodium cottage cheese is ideal for weight loss. High sodium intake can increase your blood pressure which is not good for your heart.

Cottage cheese is high in calcium; this makes it easier to lose and maintain weight. Calcium is not only good for your bones but it also inhibits the production of calcitriol. This helps to break down more fat cells making them trimmer.


Tuna is ideal for weight loss because it is packed with proteins but low in calories. Tuna lovers are familiar with the taste of tuna. There are different varieties of tuna found all over the world. This fish is rich in essential nutrients like magnesium, potassium, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin A, B 6, and B 12, iron, etc. Serve tuna with low-fat and low-carb dishes to maximize its benefits.

Apart from providing amino acids that are useful for building muscles, tuna has high-protein content which aids in weight loss. It has a high thermic effect; this means that your body requires more energy indigestion.

Protein is not easy to digest and its thermic effect which is very high means your body will burn more calories during this process. Although tuna can help in weight loss, not every dish is healthy. Choose healthy meals with fewer calories and fats to eat with tuna.



Including nuts in your healthy eating diet can help you to reach your weight goals. They are not only healthy but also packed with antioxidants and nutrients. Many people avoid nuts because they have a high-fat and calorie content.

They are healthy because they contain unsaturated fat that protects against various diseases including heart disease. Unlike what most people think, regular consumption of nuts does not lead to weight gain.


Weight loss is a sensitive topic, especially for people who have struggled over many years to shed extra pounds. Sometimes, it can be difficult to comprehend how eating can help you lose weight; however, it depends on what and how much you eat.

Which foods have helped you to shed extra pounds? Please leave a comment.

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