Best video calling apps you can download today

In this article, you will get to know about some of the best and very useful video calling apps and websites. As you know that for all of us now operating from home and living in the house is most often, there has never been a moment that you need to call friends or colleagues. Instant contact and visual communication as well as several other apps can be seen in many excellent instances. Except for Apple’s Facetime, which is limited to Apple devices, many apps are available on multiple platforms.


Facebook worked extensively to improve Chat, Messenger which is now a different Facebook feature after many years. Many citizens and businesses connect with Messenger, so you can also do it without a Facebook page. You can communicate very easily in video or voice with the person or group in this app. Will you want to learn how to make video calls? Messenger Facebook: see if a picture is named. Chat has recently revealed Chat Rooms for a party of 50 individuals.


  • Messaging instantaneously.
  • Sharing pictures/videos.
  • Group chats – users can chat with friends and telephone book contacts on Facebook.
  • Capable of recording voice messages.
  • Photo Calls Live / Photo


WhatsApp may be second in North America to Messenger, but it’s massive worldwide. At the beginning of 2020, the software reached more than two billion customers around the country, a relatively remarkable scope for a pay-free device.

The strength of WhatsApp is that new chats are easy to make and messages searched in the past. You can also see when messages are received and read and the pictures are just great.

It can be used for calling with video and voice. You may initiate a call with one person and then quickly attach other participants. Group video calls now have a limit of eight.

Key features:

  • Click the ‘Call Attach’ button.
  • Pick the video caller you want to continue with when you tap the video icon.
  • To start an audio call, you can also choose the call icon.
  • When the call is connected to your WhatsApp video call, add 7 or fewer people.


There are no records known that how many FaceTime video users you have, but between Apple apps, it’s a big amount and you can switch between video and voice quickly.

Naturally, being Apple only is not shared by any other app but can be found on both iOS and macOS.

You can also render a Party FaceTimer as well as a single call – it’s mega-easy to figure out if you chat with others on an Apple computer.

Key features:

  • The application also enables users to make group video calls.
  • it has 12 users at a time.
  • FaceTime is the perfect choice for Apple lovers as it promises a smooth iPhone and MacBook combination.


Zoom is a video conference service based on the cloud, with which you can meet virtually with people-either via video or audio, or both-all during live chats. A Zoom Session is a multimedia gathering arranged by Zoom when a Zoom space is an actual equipment that can be placed by organizations in conference rooms. A tiled view is one of the best features so that you all can have it simultaneously even if you have a dozen participants. You are about half of the Fortune 500 businesses officially used zoom in 2019, so you like to ask so you’re a nice company by utilizing the zoom.

Key features:

  • Concentrate on your meeting-click on the record to keep the searchable automatic transcripts of the Zoom note.
  • Share and play videos without uploading the content by full audio and video transmission
  • Search for ready to meet and touch on virtual backgrounds


Although Google Duo (under) is more of a single solution, Google Meet is Google’s video calling tool and is sitting next to Google Talk. It has a different feature, although the users who use it are Google’s G Suite clients that are Gmail, Calendar, and Docs for companies. Gmail or Google Calendar can start meetings and enjoy video chat with individuals, lectures, or text-chat conversations. Google has made Google meetings for anyone with a Google account free on 4 May 2020, which is currently going to continue until the end of September 2020.

Key features:

  • Google Meet can host video calls with up to 150 people as per your plan.
  • The service includes valuable features such as the sharing of a screen, the recording, and telephone dialing options for your video conference.


Skype from Microsoft is one of the most all-around ways to create a video call and, as too many people use it, it is a nice choice. It also comes with iOS and Linux, of course, as well as Mac and PCs. And now you can use it from a web browser and immediately connect with people via Skype Connect Now who don’t have an account. The call function of the group is also very strong. Like Zoom, your Skype background can also be changed. Again, it fits perfectly with Office 365 and you learn Skype for Business because you use it for work.

Key features:

  • Screen-video with full-frame.
  • Immersive full-screen video allows you to concentrate on your work while attending a meeting or chatting casually.
  • The Talk invites.
  • Message invites.
  • Blur on the bottom.


Slack is a little different from the contest because it’s a platform more open. It functions as a central communication hub, which is used to make third-party apps work. It is intended for team communication-we use it here at Pocket Lint-and it is a good way to share files with Google Drive or Dropbox too. You need a paid subscription for calling a group (and that is expensive) because the free version only allows you to make calls single-to-one. It has also recently been updated to ease its use. Slack’s ability to scan whole discussions for those terms is another fantastic thing, and it is easy to figure out what has been discussed about them.

Key features:

  • Your team will work together remotely much as in-person with voice and video calls in Slack regardless of where everyone is.
  • Calls may start from any Slack conversation.
  • Only launch a channel call and anyone can participate.

Google duo

Very recently published by Google, Duo can be used freely and enables individual video and voice calling. In contrast to Apple’s FaceTime, it works across iOS and Android devices. It’s mainly an app for consumers rather than businesses – Google Hangouts is the calling solution for Google.

This is based on your number, allows you to reach people in the contacts list on your phone, offers to encrypt end-to-end, and has clever features such as Knock Knock, which allows you to view your caller’s live video before you reply.

Key feature:

  • Consider calls secure and effective
  • Capture moments special and daily
  • Take the video calls more people together
  • Let everybody realize that you care about them


Viber is Skype ‘s complete alternative. It was initially a calling service between computers, but it now has a WhatsApp chat and can be used to exchange data. Some of Viber ‘s big features is how frequently it can be downloaded on browsers like Google, iOS, Windows 7, BlackBerry, Windows 8, Pc, and more. This means that it should be straightforward and simple to call video on devices or chat with IM with emoticons. Moreover, all is safe.

Key features:

  • For a video call, you need to be started as an audio call and when a call is connected, users can pick a video option.
  • Users may submit text messages during a video call
  • You can move the call from the cell phone to a remote computer.
  • Use iOS: iPhone 4S or later must be eligible.


WeChat is praised as an answer to other networking systems from a single point. It means combining text, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram into one single application. WeChat helps you to post images and videos, such as the Facebook screen, directly with others, or through their profiles. An additional feature, called Shake, allows users to locally chat to other people nearby. WeChat also enables voice, group chat, and video chat. And you can run any of it online.

Key features:

  • WeChat has built a free chat video party, which enables users to chat with 9 other users on the device simultaneously.
  • To Android and iOS devices, WeChat introduced community video calling function and community update.


These above-mentioned video calling apps/websites are considered one of the best apps/websites in 2020. These video calling apps will surely help you for work meetings remotely, interacting with your family and friends, etc. So get fruitful benefits by using these video calling apps/websites. 

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