Top 9 Best sites to download free music legally

With the lot of things offered by internet, the music is one of them. If you are a music lover or you want to hear music every now and then, you can download your favourite tunes very easily.

There are number of websites that will allow you to download music for free. However, you need to take care of the websites you are choosing to download the music.

Although these free downloading methods are tempting so it is very important for you to take care of the websites you are using to download free music.

With the number of ways to download songs in the internet, you should always go for those which are legal.

There are many websites that offers free mp3 music but only few of them have rights or licenses for the songs they are allowing you to download. Some of these music streaming sites go down sometimes website down or just me helps you find whether site is down or not.

If you are also looking for sites that have legal rights to download the music then you are in the right place.

In this article, we will be listing those websites that will not only work as a reliable platform for music listening and downloading but also improves your listening experience.

So, whether you are a social media junky or love to listen and download songs online then these royalty-free websites will definitely help you to download songs.

Websites that allow you download music legally in 2020

If your free trial of Apple Music and free version of spotify application has been expired then you should go for the ones that offer free music download in a legal manner. Below is the lst of the websites that you can use to download free music legally. Just visit these links attached with each website we mention below and enjoy your time listening your favourite spooky songs.

1. SoundCloud

1. SoundCloud

One of the best music websites that allow you to download free music is SoundCloud. You can stream unlimited free music and download your favourite ones from this legal website. This platform is in fact considered to be the best alternative for Spotify in which you will get free music without paying.

Many artists and musicians upload various songs on this website so that you will get quality music for free. When you open this app then you will get tags of popular artists in the search bar and this platform is also listed as the best music streaming services.

If you love to hear Hindi rafi music then this platform has a small but enjoyable collection of remix Hindi songs. Just download the songs by hitting the free download button right below the soundtrack in this application. This application is available to download for android, iOS or Windows platforms.

2. Jamendo

2. Jamendo

If you love to hear indie songs or the songs sung by famous artists then you are in the right place. Jamendo app has a huge collection for all these songs that were sung by your favorite singers. This application offers both features as if you want to listen to songs online or want to download it then you can choose these options.

Stream as many songs as you want in this fantastic music application. You will also discover the upcoming talent with this best music application. Also, you will see a great collection of work uploaded by many music artists in this royalty-free platform. With just a single click you can download your favorite song.

In a survey of best music applications, a team of members has found that this application has over 600,000 songs available for download. This platform has been considered to be the largest music library embedded in it. You would surprise to get to know that this platform has over 6 languages which include English, French, Spanish, German, Polish and Italian. You can download this royalty-free song application for your android, iOS and Windows on PC and tablets.

3. ReverbNation

3. ReverbNation

Are you a great fan of bands like Alabama shakes, The Civil Wars or Imagine dragons? If so, then this app is perfect for you. ReverbNation is the only app where they get recognition by sharing their music for free. This is one of the best legal websites where you can stream your favurite indie songs made by famous artists.

If you love to hear POP, PARTY, or HIP HOP songs then you will definitely enjoy those in this legal music application. Around 4 million artists, caters and users are using this amazing music site. It offers a great music experience to all music lovers that join this website for free.

For those, who would like to discover more than their song choice then they can find that in the Discover section of this website. If you want to download free songs from the ReverbNation app then you must search your favorite song that you want to download then you need to refine your search with the artist’s name and yes, you are ready to go.

The free music related to your search will get listed on the right side of the website. When you click on the name of the song you want to download then you will be redirected to a new tab where you would see a download button for that song. Just click that button and once the song will get downloaded then you are good to go! In this way, you can download songs from this royalty-free music website.

4. Free Amazon Music store

Can you belive it? Amazon, the biggest retailing platfprm offers a wide range of music that you can stream for free. It has variety of products including digital products and games and now even songs. You can also buy your favourite songs from Amazon music store and if you don’t want to pay for them then it will also be okay.

You can download free songs from its website or mobile apps. This fantastic platform consists of 46000 songs available and this makes it one of the largest repositories for songs. It may happen that you won’t be able to see the latest songs but yes, you will find the great series of songs at this platform.

Songs available here have been categorized in various genres like Broadway, Alternative Rock, Blues and Vocalists etc. You will also see a range of children’s music, party songs, POP and miscellaneous.

5. PureVolume

5. PureVolume

PureVolume is the community of music lovers where you will get different songs categorized on the basis of top songs, top artists, albums, events etc. Various artists upload their music on the website by signing up here. The music lovers listen to their songs and provide those upvotes.

It consists of details of each artist along with their songs and photos. Artists enable the option to download their songs for people. In this platform, most of the artists have enabled this option so that audience here can download the songs for free.

The songs which don’t have download option can be streamed online. This simply means you can stream your favorite list of songs as many times as you want. Enjoy the free covers and remixes for the most popular songs here on this music platform. 

6. SoundClick

6. SoundClick

SoundClick is another platform where you can browse your favourite albums, songs for free. This platform allows you to download the music directly from artists website. There are several artists that offer you to listen their music for free.

This music platform also allows you to buy licensed songs or download them legally. All music lovers should visit this website to explore their favourite music categorized according to genres. Once you sign up this website, you can stream the songs here for free.

This website offers various features like custom radio stations, interacting with other listeners and many more. So, don’t just go with its uncluttered UI design, as it has a lot for you. You can even create personalized theme cards like birthday, anniversary etc. for anyone out there. Just write the custom text and embed those occasional songs as per the occasion. So, what are you waiting for? Explore more with SoundClick.

7. Audiomack

7. Audiomack

One of the best legal platforms for music lovers is Audiomack. This free website allows you to download music for free and search famous tracks, albums or your favourite artists.

With limitless music sharing, artists can upload the audio for their audiences so that you can discover amazing music. With the well-categorized section like Trending, Top Songs, Top albums and much more, you can download the songs of your choice. The hottest hip hop tracks in the trending sections are very popular amongst youngsters.

Artists who upload their tracks can enable the option for downloading the songs. This will help their listeners to listen songs for free. You can simply download this application for android or iOS for free or just listen your favourite list on its website. You can also create your own playlist in the Audiomack world. So, get ready to discover timeless songs for free with this fantastic application.

8. Internet Archive

8. Internet Archive

The Internet Archive has an audio section which serves as the best music downloading platform in this list. It not only offers you free music to stream and download but also brings audio books, podcasts, live music, and radio programs in one place.

With over 2 million free digital audio files, you can choose whatever music depends on your mood. Music lovers can sort the songs based on the year of publish, creators, language and other such features that make this platform unique.

So, don’t just go with its unfiltered look, just enjoy the music to its fullest. Even the artists all over the globe have uploaded their songs to this fantastic platform. Some of the famous artists that uploaded the songs here include ED Sheeran, John Mayer, Coldplay and many others. It also provides you the feature to download songs in mp2 or Ogg format. Enjoy your favorite songs on this platform.

9. NoiseTrade

9. NoiseTrade

You will get a series of songs sung by amazing artists in this music platform. For music lovers, NoiseTrade is a social platform that let artists to upload songs for free. Their fans will download the song or stream online. This platform provides you the feature to tip the artists with the few bucks if you really like their song. Isn’t it fantastic? With a single dime you can pay them. Just create a free fan account and download your favourite songs with just a single click.


So, now you will get an idea of how to listen or download songs for free. In this article, we have listed the top platforms that offer you a great set of music series including HIP HOP, Jazz, Sufi and many other songs that you can download for free.