PC Optimization: Top 6 Best PC Cleaner Softwares of 2020

PC Optimization: Top Best PC Cleaner Softwares of 2020

Are you getting slow speed issues in your PC? Does your computer not working swiftly or can crash any time?

To boost the performance of your computer, it is very important for you to install PC optimization software.

These software provide a new tune to your PC with their utility functions. They will help you in repairing the registry or help you in downloading software drivers and make other essential improvements in your computer that will make it run fast.

PC optimization software will help PC to work smoothly and prevents bugs, malware and virus to attack it. This will eventually result in an increase in productivity. Also, optimizing your desktop involves removing unwanted images, videos or audio files from your PC. 

With the number of PC optimization software’s available in the market, it is very essential for you to choose the best. People tend to become confused about which one they would choose. Don’t worry, in this article we have created a list of various PC Optimization software that will not only help to improve the performance of your PC but also help to increase its productivity.

But, before getting into the names of best PC optimization softwares, we will first discuss the benefits of installing these softwares in your desktop.

Benefits of installing PC optimization Software

With the much use of computers, they are clustered with duplicate files, images, unnecessary programs and other components that may fill up the disk of computer. It is very important to optimize your PC so that you can reduce the extra filled up space in the disk.

So, in order to remove extra space, it is very essential for you to install PC optimization software. These software will help to remove unessential files from your disk, resulting in the fast speed of your PC.

Here are the different advantages of using PC optimization software in your computer.

Cleaning of Computer Registry

Windows registry is the component that contains the data of computer like information about hardware, installed programs, setting functionality, the password used in computer, and basically everything that has been stored in it.

The important keys in the Windows registry will help you to store data and if you are about to clean this component of the computer then you need to be very aware. If you delete the wrong data by mistake, then it will create a complete mess for your computer. Therefore, these software will help you to automatically clean up those files that are not necessary.

Help to delete unused programs

We all know that unused programs and unused files add up mass in the computer and occupy much space. In order to remove them from your PC, you need to make the use of PC optimization software that automatically scans the PC and help you remove that unnecessary stuff.

Remember, if you do it manually, then it may result in spending more time and not all files get deleted. With the use of PC optimization software, you can choose which files you want to keep and which you want to delete.

Help in fixing system errors

Every computer has one or more error which is not able to encounter manually. If you use PC optimization software, then this will help you to some extent. These software will help you to encounter those errors and find a suitable solution for them.

Malware Removal

Malware is a great threat to your computers. They tend to harm your computer and considered to be a great threat to that. They are the main reasons for the slow performance of computers. In order to remove malware and other viruses from your PC, you need to make the use of PC optimization software. This PC optimization software will detect the malware and viruses and able to remove them and restore your corrupted files.

Helps to control startup programs

These PC optimization software will control the processes of each program running on the computer. They can also control the activity of each program and detect which program you use the most and which program you use the least. They will boost up the speed of your computer by disabling startup programs that you never use.

These are some benefits of using PC optimization softwares. With many set of features these program will boost the performance of your system. Now, let’s discuss the best PC optimization softwares that you can use in 2020.

Top 6 Best PC optimization software that you can use in 2020

1. Advance System Optimizer

1. Advance System Optimizer

The most powerful PC clean up software is Advance System Optimizer. Embedded with various features like system cleaner and optimizer, Malware protection, Driver updater utility, this PC optimization software is the best solution for your PC optimization needs.

With its advance features in toolkit like system cleaner, Disk tools, Disk optimizer and many more, you can easily optimize the space in your disk and speed up your computer. This software will also help you to detect malware in your system with its system protection shield so that all viruses, malware, Trojans are kept at the bay.

This software has a tool known as a secure encrypter that will allow you to protect your files with a password so that the unknown cannot access them. Its advanced features include Recovering of undeleted files, Backup of your data, restoration of any files, RAM cleaner and Window optimizer will help you to use your PC at your best. You can easily download this PC optimization software for Windows.

2. CCleaner

2. CCleaner

CCleaner is another best PC optimization software that has been trending since 2017. It’s well designed list of elements make it a good choice for optimizing your PC. This PC optimization software is considered to be the best cleaner for Windows 10.

It scans your computer and deeply cleans the elements that are filling your computer space. This optimization software has come with two versions- Free and Paid. The free version allows you to free you extra space on the computer and manages your machine so that it could run faster.

If we talk about the paid version of this software then you will get features like privacy protection, complete PC cleaning and health check detects and removes internet trackers, and of course priority customer support and many more. It is considered as the best PC optimization software to download and is the first choice of customers when it comes to improving PC performance.


AVG Tune Up software will make your PC run faster than before. Its revamped sleep mode technology will boost the performance of your computer and free extra space. Its advanced set of features will fix and maintains your PC automatically so that you can enjoy fast speed of your computer. It will help you too clean your registry automatically so that you do not face any errors, crashes or bugs in your system.

Its automatic cleaner will clean browser traces along with cache files that are lowering your system performance. You can also optimize your PC in the sleep mode and remove all bloat ware and junk programs present in your system. So, liberate your storage and speed up your PC with this amazing PC optimizing software.

4. Nortan Utilities

4. Nortan Utilities

One of the best PC optimizer is Nortan software that not only helps you to optimize your system but also maintains your digital privacy. If you love to stream videos, or a gamer then this tool is best for you as this will allow you to optimize your system hard drive and free up the extra occupied space.

Its advanced tools and features help you to remove old redundant files that will eventually speed up your system. The main advantage of using this PC optimizer is that you can recover your deleted files. Also, this simple application will find out the duplicating files in your system that are occupying the extra space and delete them without hurting any important file. This PC optimizing software is best for your computer and can be installed in Windows 7,8,10 and XP.

5. Clean My Mac

5. Clean My Mac

If you are using MacBook and facing performance-related issues then you can download Clean My Mac software that will help to improve the performance of your system. This amazing software will clutter your PC and automatically cleans all the junk present in your system. With the help of this software, you can keep your system running like you have bought a new one. So, what are you waiting for? Just boost your system speed with this PC optimization software.

6. Ashampoo WinOptimizer

6. Ashampoo WinOptimizer

This ultimate PC optimizer will boost up your PC performance by gradually scanning your PC and cleaning up cache files that are causing trouble. This amazing software will boost your PC performance by help you to get rid of unnecessary services and processes.

Being embedded with several amazing set of features, it is one of the best PC optimization software considered in the market. You don’t have to worry about the cache and obsolete files in your system, this PC optimizer will do it for you.

It determines the system speed and cleans up the disk space so that you don’t have to face this problem of slow speed again. Its free powerful set of modules will protect your system from any viruses and malware attacks thus keeping your system secure. Go, and install this amazing PC optimization software.


Slow speed of your computer will create more and more problems in productivity. Therefore, it is very important for you to optimize the speed of your computer. By doing this manually, you will end up wasting your more time and the process becomes more hectic.

So, stop wasting your time manually cleaning your PC, instead go with these sets of PC optimization software mentioned in this article. This set of software not only helps you to increase your performance but also provides security to your system so that no virus and malware will attack your system.

We have also mentioned the benefits of using these PC optimizing software so that you can get the idea that how useful they are. Go and install them!

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