NAKIVO Backup and Replication #1 VM backup

NAKIVO Backup and Replication is an all-in-one solution designed to back up, replicate, and recover VMs and cloud instances. The solution is rated #1 by the industry experts after thorough research. The application is equipped with numerous features. Nowadays, almost every business which is online uses a virtual machine. Virtual machines are becoming popular because the cost of hardware resources is saved, the efficiency of the virtual machines is unmatchable, maintenance cost is saved, and due to the multipurpose nature of the VMs. Get more details on Windows server backup.

Nakivo Backup and Replication

These are some of the advantages of virtual machines. It becomes mandatory for businesses to manage and protect VMs. Creating a backup falls under the backup category. A simple backup in this modern time is not enough to protect your machine. So, companies like NAKIVO, who are the leaders in the backup and replication niche, are designing backup applications with cool features. Some of the features prominent to the NAKIVO Backup and Replication software are:Incremental Backup:

An incremental Backup captures only the changed data to the data backup center. So, after a single full backup, only the changed or updated values are backed up until the next full backup.This method saves time, resources, and disk space. Implementing a full backup can be time-consuming. Therefore, if you use an incremental backup method, the procedure becomes efficient and quick. Plus the daily backups become fun.

Application-aware Backup:

When you create a backup solution, you should include the data of the important applications. Now, you might think that including this application data is time-consuming and how do we decide what to include. The NAKIVO software can help you with your problem. This software includes Active Directory, SQL, SharePoint, and Oracle data comprehensively. Since a typical virtual machine has various applications running and it is logical to create a backup of this data also. At the time of backup, the Application-aware backup captures the state of the application data. The application-aware backup completes the pending task, flushes the memory, and creates the snapshot of application data.

Image-based Backup:

This backup process creates a copy of the running operating system and the data associated with it. The backup file is called an image. The entire virtual machine is captured in this method. It includes all disks, system states, configuration files, etc. The image is ready for recovery anytime you need.

Flexible Backups:

NAKIVO Backup and Replication enables you to create 1000 recovery points. You can select the backup from this recovery points and run it from that instant. This is possible with the help of retention policy and you can change the recovery points on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. You can use this flexible nature and recover the virtual machine whenever you like.


Whenever you are creating a backup for a virtual machine, space requirements are studied first. You have to calculate the average size of the backup files and accordingly the storage space. The application developed by the NAKIVO Backup and Replication compresses the data, implements the global data deduplication which removes the duplicate files, and deletes on-demand log files. Now, compression and data deduplication saves a lot amount of memory. In addition to this, the VM backup solution also contains in-built exchange and SQL log truncation feature. This helps in storage space optimization.

Performance booster:

When a backup is created and transferred to a third-party server, the local system and the network becomes congested. Whether you are using a LAN connection or LAN-free connection it doesn’t matter, the probability of congestion is high. So, improving the performance and making the system available for local tasks was the priority of the developers. The backup solution can boost your speed in the case of LAN-free data transfer mode. The network acceleration feature uses compression and traffic reduction techniques. These techniques increase speed two times and the network load is brought down to 50%. You can use the remaining bandwidth for your local tasks.


With artificial intelligence gaining popularity, how can the backup systems stay behind? The backup solution has a policy-based data protection functionality which performs the backups automatically. You don’t need to monitor the backups every time. You can create a policy which scans the virtual machines and implements the backup automatically. Policy rules can be based on the name of the virtual machine, tag, location, size, etc. Automation solutions are transforming the way industry works.


To ensure the safe recovery of the created backup, NAKIVO’s solution can perform an instant verification by booting up the backup, taking a screenshot of the OS, and send it on your mail. The process is completed when you are assured of backup recovery and safety. Verification is important in such cases to trust the product.

These are some cool features of the NAKIVO Backup and Replication software. You can deploy it on Windows, Linux, on VMware, on Amazon cloud, on NAS device, etc. You can also ask for a demo. The demo is scheduled by the top engineers of the company which displays full-features of the software. You can also download a trial version with full features and use it to understand the application. Some common spikes to look out for during the backup process are – Always keep one copy remotely saved, keep an eye on the resource monitor, to avoid the bottlenecks schedule backups when you are less likely to use the host machine, and perform the backups at the host level, not guest level.

NAKIVO Inc. provides excellent software for server backup and recovery. The support from the company is very good; the response time is less than 30 seconds. In addition to this, a special blog, online user guide, knowledge base, and a question-answer section is implemented on their official website. The pricing of the products is competitive and effective. The website displays the mapping of the price with the features.

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