{Updated} Top 19+ Best Coke And Popcorn Alternatives

What do you do sitting idle at home? Scanning through television sets looking for your favorite TV show or movies but none to avail?

Top 30+ Best Coke And Popcorn Alternatives To Stream Movies Online

Gone are the days where you had to wait for your favorite entertainment to be aired. Its all in your hands now!

Coke and Popcorn were one of those websites where you could stream high-quality movies as well as TV shows.

Due to some security reasons, the site was shut down by its administrators and since its users are looking for alternatives but not quite finding the reliable one.

Here is a series of websites found just like or even better than Coke And Popcorn!

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Coke And Popcorn shut down. Anxiously looking for other alternatives?

#1 Netflix: Best Coke And Popcorn Alternatives

#1. Netflix

The name is not so unknown amongst people today. One of the largest streaming platforms online to binge on your favorite TV series and movies including web originals and documentaries.

It is one of the most excellent and interesting streaming websites in the world.

You may enjoy a month of free streaming after which u have to pay a small subscription fee to continue using it.

The fee is worth considering as the site itself is mind-blowing.

You can also find movies and shows different languages here. Abiding by all legal laws this website does not support piracy of any sort which is why you can use it as much as you like.

#2. Yidio

#2. Yidio

A site just like Coke and Popcorn where you can view content from multiple subscription-based video streaming providers.

It is the premiere personalized TV and movie guide that helps users to view content from a single interface.

The home screen provides new movie releases and all aired television programmes. You can watch movies that are available or stream their Live show which has recently been added. You may also search other movie streaming websites on this platform.

It shows the movie and television programme description along with their ratings from Rotten Tomatoes. The premier cross-platform search engine also has its app for your phone, tablet or smart TV.

The TV show and movie guide run on popular android emulators. The app itself keeps track of the shows and episodes you have been watching.

#3. PopcornFlix

#3. PopcornFlix

It is a website offering free ad-supported streaming. You can view full-length movies, TV series, trailers and video clips for free. The site has an easy to navigate theme with a feature wherein all the movies are arranged according to their genre.

Having two different tabs for movies and TV shows which further subcategorizes into comedy, action, romance, sci-fi, and horror; making it user-friendly to find your interests. In addition to full-length movies, it also features original web-series and documentaries.

The website also has its app version for easy access across various mediums with no subscription fees! They offer an unlimited choice of films that can be viewed with new ones added daily.

These movies and TV shows showcase some of the best stars in the world including Robert Downey Jr. and Ben Affleck. Head over to stream seven hundred films instantly including hidden gems that you may have missed.

#4. SolarMovie

#4. SolarMovie

Stream your favorite TV shows that too in high quality. The collection of movies there is quite large. The homepage is designed to view the most popular on-going TV shows which are simple and well maintained.

The best part including its high quality is that the movies and TV shows can be watched without any commercial ads.

Plus they categorize their videos according to its year, genre and IMDb ratings suggesting you the best and trending movies and shows.

 #5. BigstarMovies

#5. BigstarMovies

Known to be one of the best alternative websites to Coke and Popcorn till date. Apart from your movies and TV shows Bigstar Movies also shows you viral videos that you may not find anywhere else.

Download their Android or iOS app which has a simple interface easy to use for a beginner as well.

All your favorite TV shows here listed according to their ratings. The videos here are diversified into different categories like award-winning independent movies, documentaries, foreign films, film festival winners and more.

You may start streaming for free or their full catalog can be accessed by the Premium service.

#6. Niter

#6. Niter

A website giving you access to watch videos online; by its design, it is more like Netflix than Coke and Popcorn. It is a relatively new website to watch movies and TV shows online.

Niter allows you to download as many movies as you can handle. The movies listed are in HD, 4k as well as 1080p formats, which is awesome considering they have minimal or no advertisements at all.

What makes Niter different from other websites is that it allows the visitors to publish their movies on the platform.

They charge nothing against this service.

In short, niter has an extensive range of movies for its visitors with search options from genre, year, as well as the quality.

#7. Tubi TV

#7. Tubi TV

Another wonderful website to watch movies and TV series. This site has a huge range of content for you to binge on. You may enjoy the services of this website without any subscription cost and watch unlimited videos.

Downloading the app helps travelers and people on the go to stay connected to their favorite TV shows and movies.

The app guarantees 100% legal unlimited streaming with absolutely no cost from their official website.

The app versions are supported on Android as well as iOS platforms.

#8. Hulu

#8. Hulu

Thousands of new releases, horror, drama, cult classics and originals you can find it all on Hulu.

The site provides you with a free trial with no hidden charges and a ‘cancel anytime’ policy.

Access their huge streaming library featuring current and past seasons of many popular shows.

The app is more personalized to create six different profiles for adjusting different tastes and choices. They also provide a limited or no commercial plan to choose from.

Hulu is also one of those rare websites where you can stream sports online and over fifty top live channels such as FOX, ABC, CNN, ESPN and so on.

#9. Movie Zion

#9. Movie Zion

Here is another free website from where you may watch and download movies absolutely free without any subscription cost.

For all the services this website provides, it is a great alternative for Coke and Popcorn.

The movies and show content are up to date so you don’t have to worry about finding the latest entertainment.

The site is actually a video sharing website and all your latest movie trailers are available as soon as they are published. you can also have a quick sneak at the movie trailers before choosing the movie you would like to watch.

The website also provides an option for its users to request for videos which are not currently available.

All that is required for you is to create a profile which is easy and does not ask for any credit card information.

#10. Crunchyroll

#10. Crunchyroll

The best website to stream anime movies. Here you can watch over twenty thousand episodes of anime series and much more. This site has the sweet tooth with collection intended for kids to adults.

You may watch all shows ad-free in HD.

Also having all its categories easily sorted making it a hassle-free website.

The site has an interesting feature for you to read about the news related to anime and more. Hence you can read these articles to know about the latest updates of your favorite anime movies. You may enjoy the site for free or even download its app.

A fourteen-day free trial is provided with the premium sign up on the website.

#11. Snag Films

#11. Snag Films

For all the classical movie buffs Snag films is the choice for you to stream old TV shows as well as all classic films.

Here you may find movies to watch which you cannot find anywhere else. This site has over ten thousand collection of movies which is a shocking number considering all of them are old.

Search movies by their categories, recently watched or latest added which is made easy by its search engine.

All you need to do is create an account and start browsing your favorite classics out of their vast and amazing collection.

#12. Putlocker

#12. Putlocker

This site came into existence in 2011 and gained mass traffic in millions every day.

You can watch full movies and TV series in full HD quality on this website.

You can start streaming online without registration and no download needed.

theputlockerhub.me is an online index which contains files and details of other websites.

#13. Top Documentary Films

#13. Top Documentary Films

Known as the world’s latest documentary library. Into the website now since 2017 you can find more than three thousand documentaries of your choice.

All the movies are arranged according to its categories and genre.

You may also subscribe into the site to get notifications about new uploads.

Login in now to view all the documentaries for free.

All in all, it is the best Coke and Popcorn alternative when it comes to subject matter.

#14. Vumoo

#14. Vumoo

The site where you can watch free movies and also download movies as well as TV series.

The latest releases shall be found on this website before you can get it on any other website.

You may read the summary of the movies which makes it easy to know the plot and the storyline. You can also find videos and TV shows in different languages.

You will also be able to get subtitles option in all the videos so you can watch them in any language. It also helps that the site provides you with a preview option to view the show/movie before screening it.

 #15. Primewire

#15. Primewire

Another popular and trending website to stream online is Primewire.

This website is also recommended for a music lover because unlike the other websites which provide similar functionality this website gives you a range of music to choose from.

They also have a forum for movies and series discussions which keep you entertained for long. You may use the Kodi.app or stream directly from your browser for entertainment.

#16. 123moviesweb.net

#16. 123moviesweb.net

This website hosts third-party content so technically they are not breaking any laws.

The site also has almost a hundred million visitors per month which makes it trending to watch movies from their array of categories and listings.

Their interface is quite stable so you do not experience lags even when there is high traffic. The original site was put down but you may still find many 123Moviesweb websites running with a lot of content.

The site allows you to watch movies and daily TV series without any cost or registration.

 #17. Sidereel

#17. Sidereel

With an ongoing traffic of one million per day, sidereel is a website for you to track, rate, review and watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

You may sign up and get a free account to start streaming instantly.

They also have their twitter and facebook pages where major discussions, latest updates and reviews are posted.

 #18. CartoonHD

#18. CartoonHD

Not going by its name, this website is not only for watching cartoons online but you can view all your movies and TV shows here.

The interface itself looks clean and very good while surfing media.

You can download the APK on your android devices to install the app and stream for free.

The site/app also has an option for you to save your movies in your playlist to watch them later. They also provide the summary and ratings of your movie or TV show along with free streaming.

 #19. FMovies

#19. FMovies

Another alternative for coke and popcorn especially for movie lovers.

The site hosts third-party content and is mostly safe for use.

Similar to 123movies this site also has a huge fan following with almost 1 million viewers visiting the site per month.

Thus giving you a great selection of movies and providing great content. 

Best Coke and Popcorn alternatives: conclusion

Coke and Popcorn were definitely one of the best free streaming websites.

Now that its shut down and left a void; here are the Top 19 websites for you to stream through your free time which are at par excellence with Coke and Popcorn.

So grab your favorite beverage and popcorn and enjoy these amazing entertainment services here to choose from!

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