{Updated} How To Download Hotstar Videos from Pc and Mobile

Hotstar is one of the best android apps for watching live streams, TV serials and your favorite movie, shows. So, In this article I will let you know how to dowload Hotstar videos from Pc or Mobile.

This is launched by Star India for cricket fans but later it spreads into shows, movies, TV serials. Most of the people love streaming videos in hotstar because it’s quality was awesome and it loads faster without buffering.

Before hotstar doesn’t allow users to download video’s directly, so I am going to tell you simple methods on how to download hotstar videos from PC as well as from mobile. The plus point is, You can easily download movies on your phone via this trick.

How To Download Hotstar Videos from Pc and Mobile

Different Ways To Download Hotstar Videos:-

Now, no more going forward with more details about this but, the perfect method to download, let me share you two ways so you don’t mess up. I also recommned you to use a VPN, you can simply download this Google extension and use unlimited free VPN.

How To Download Hotstar Videos From PC:-

By using this method you can download hotstar videos, shows, movies on Windows 7,8,8.1,10. For this trick, you need only Hotstar Video Downloader software and command prompt.

  • Download the software from here.
  • After downloading the software you will get the RAR file, just extract that file and open Hotstarlivestreamer from the folder you had extracted.
  • Now you can see a command prompt pops up opened.
  • Then you have to paste the link of the selected videos, shows, movies you want to download and after that just click on enter.
  • Then just write the quality of the videos you want to download.
  • Now type d then click on enter to start the download.
  • This video you will find in the videos section of the extracted folder.

This is a very good method to download hotstar videos from PC. If you are getting any problem in this method let us know in the comment section. This method will work only on PC. Now look below method for more.

How to download hotstar videos from mobile

This is the official method to download hotstar videos, movies or shows. Before downloading anything you have to keep in mind that by this way you can download the movies, shows & videos which are allowed to download by hotstar. You can’t download any videos of which Hotstar hasn’t provided links to download.

  • Download the hot star app on your mobile from here.
  • Now launch the app and search any shows, movies you want to download.
  • Then open the video and see if there is Download link is available or not. If the download link is available then just click on download.
  • After that choose the quality of your videos you want to download.
  • Then your videos will be downloaded instantly.

Method-3 to download hotstar videos

By using this app you can download any shows/videos/movies not only from Hotstar but also from websites like
Voot,Youtube,Dailymotion,Vimeo,9Gag,FunnyorDie,VK,Vid.me,Ted many more.

So just follow below steps to download videos from Hotstar.

#1: – First download videoder all from here.

#2: – Then go to Hotstar website and open your desired video which you want to download.

#3: – Then copy the link of your desired video from your browser.

#4: – Now open the videoder app and paste your copied link in ” Search or Enter URL” box as shown in below image.

#5: – Then it will open Hotstar website in that app itself.

#6: – Then click on download option ( Red color icon at bottom left corner )

#7: – Then it will generate links.Choose your desired resolution and then click on that.

#8: – Now click on start download.

That’s it! your videos will be downloaded within few minutes depending on your internet speed.


Above mentioned methods are great to download hotstar videos from PC. But this method is best then other two because you don’t have to do any work. I know you are bit worried now because you are thinking that this is a software. Am I right??

Ok, let me tell the truth that this, not a software this is a website. Are you excited to visit the website?? Sounds Good, Let’s start


1. First, you have to visit hotstar website.Then you have to search for your desired movies, shows or videos. When you found your desired videos, movies or shows just open that video and copy its URL from the address bar.

2. Now visit the website by going to below link.

3.Now paste the copied link in the given text box .

4.Then you have to choose your desired quality of the video and hit on Generate download link button.

5.After doing above process this website will generate download links within a seconds.

6.Now you can download that video from the download link provided by that website.

This is the easiest method to download hotstar videos rather than other two methods.

The positive point of using this website is you don’t have to download any software to your PC.

How To Download Hotstar Videos Using IDM:-

I got many requests on Facebook for this trick. So here is the trick. This method will be useful for those who are using IDM downloader on his/her pc.

1. First, open your IDM software.

2. Then go to “Options” and then go to “File Types” and then add “TS” then press ok.

3. Now open Hotstar website and open your desired videos to download.

4.Then you will see a “Download this video” icon probably in the right corner.

5. Then click on that icon.

6. After that, you can choose your desired video size to download.

7. Then it will start downloading.

So this is the method to download Hotstar Videos Using IDM.

You can use these method to download hotstar videos from mobile too and another good point of this website is you can download videos not only from Hotstar but also from the website like Facebook, Dailymotion, Youtube etc.
After reading this guide I am sure you don’t have to search for ” How to Download Hotstar Videos” anywhere. This is the same method as in downloading the Spotify Premium Apk for music and songs.

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