Guide to make credit card checker (CC live) using stripes

Guide to make credit card checker (CC live) using stripes

Credit cards are considered as redefined ways of spending money. Whether you want to shop online or in-store, you can easily make the use of credit cards to spent money. Over 30 million people are using credit cards all over India to shop for their favorite products. With the immense growth of banks, the deals on purchasing goods with credit cards have also been increased day by day.

But, most importantly, these credit cards provide you the ability to make a purchase at a moment’s notice when the required funds are not available to you. Most of the people do not have an idea about the validity of the credit card. For this, a CC checker is used.

If you are a credit card user and want to know the validity of the credit card, then we will help you. Here we are going to discuss the guide to create a credit card checker using stripes. This will not only help you in checking the validity of credit card but also gives you the idea, how much limit you have to spend with your credit card.

So, let us get started with the guide to creating CC live using stripes.

What is CC live checker, and what does it do?

CC live checker is a script that will tell about the validity of your credit card. Not only the validity, but it also gives you an idea about whether the credit card is live or not. This means whether your credit card is able to do transactions or not.

Most of the people fail to provide credit card bills. This mainly happens as they fail to remember about credit card bill payment dates or they are running out of financial expenses. This may result in having penalties for these reasons. If this happens on a regular basis, then it will affect your credit card score.

Sometimes, it may also happen that the person or the credit card holder may exceed their grip on spending using a credit card. As a result, they get the max out of their card, and at last, they do not have the means to pay bills. This could affect their credit card score and result in trust credibility issues.

Therefore, to avoid these reasons and maintain your credit card score, it is important to keep updated with the validity and usage of a credit card. If you are not gets updated with the credit card score, then at the time of purchasing the product, you may run out with its advantages.

Therefore, you can make the use of a credit card checker and stay updated with its validation. So, let us get started with the tutorial to create a credit card, live checker, with stripes.

How can you make the use of CC live with stripe?

Let’s start with the tutorial that you can make the use of stripe to create CC live.

  1. Visit https:// This site will be used for donation API.
  2. The second step will be similar to Braintree. You need to enter the details and inspect the element and get the header request.
  3. When you visit the Project Fava site, click on the donate now button. You will be redirected to the donate now page. Fill in the least amount to donate accepted by the site.
  4. Enter the details like name, email, etc. and click on the Next button. While selecting a site, please make sure that it does not have any captcha, or it won’t ask for a captcha for the first-time donation. Therefore, this site won’t give you any captcha to verify.
  5. Enter credit details and start processing. Once you get the donation site and requests, then you need to start working on API.
  6. You can change it according to your needs.

In this way, you can easily create a cc checker with stripes. Many people find this process a bit difficult and may ask for the use of public versions of checkers like ke1checker. But, this method is more convenient because of the Luhn algorithm. Let’s get a brief about this algorithm.

What is the Luhn algorithm, and how is it related to the credit card checker?

A Luhn algorithm is designed to validate social security numbers or credit card numbers. This algorithm is named as a Luhn formula or modulus 10. It is used to sum up, the digits in the card and check whether the sum is equal to what is expected or if there is an error in the sequence. If the total of modulus ten will be equal to 0, then the number is valid according to the luhn method.

When you purchase any credit card from the company, then it will require to save your financial and sensitive information about the cardholder. The volume of credit card transactions may complicate the process, and the company holders look for the limited resources to verify transactions. The luhn algorithm is only designed to check errors in the transactions, not to protect the security of the parties involved in it.

For instance, if the credit card holders type the wrong card number while paying online, then without getting into the entire verification process, the luhn algorithm only checks the wrong digits enter at the time of transaction. When it identifies the wrong typed digit, it will display an error message.

This makes the process much easier. In order to verify that the credit card number is valid, you need to check on the sum of all digits except check digit to find the unit digit. The check digit is defined as the difference between unit digit of the resulting sum and number ten. If the estimated check, as well as the actual digit, will be the same, then the credit card will get validated.


In this article, we have given a piece of brief information about the credit card checker and how you can create it using stripes. We have listed the steps to create a live credit card checker. You can follow these steps and easily create it.

All credit cards worked on the Luhn algorithm in which the estimated and actual value of the card is checked. If they turned to be the same, then the card gets validated. While purchasing from credit cards online or offline, make sure you are updated with its validity, usage, and limitations. It is essential to keep up with this kind of information to make your credit score in a good position.

Also, make sure while doing online or in-store payments with credit cards, enter a validated card number so that you do not receive any error. We hope that this article gives you enough information about the CC checker.

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