MovieBox PRO: Install now to watch Movies and TV Shows

MovieBox PRO: Install now to watch Movies and TV Shows

Movie streaming applications are becoming very popular nowadays. Before going any further we need to know the history of the streaming and different platforms. First, the websites were simple pages with texts.

Then came the images and now anyone with a good internet connection can stream high-definition movies. This technology is called streaming. Streaming is defined as the continuous transfer of video/audio files from a server to a client.

The media file is stored remotely and is transmitted to the client a few seconds at a time over the internet. If a video is streamed, it is not stored or copied on the device.

The audio/video file is broken into the data packets and sent over the internet. Each packet contains a small chunk of the file. The communication is improved using small chunks and buffer time is reduced.

The most popular streaming apps are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and more. These platforms have a subscription-based model and not everyone can afford the plans offered. This is when applications like MovieBox PRO come into the picture. MovieBox PRO contains a variety of content, excellent quality of service, high downloading speed, and other cool features.

MovieBox PRO features:

  • The Big Library: MovieBox PRO is equipped with a variety of content. If you watch a movie or a TV show episode daily, then also the library will last 40+ years. This excludes the constant influx of new movies and TV shows. You can choose from a list of genre and it has at least 20 genres library.
  • Regular Curation: The content is regularly curated. If you have to watch the new episode of any recent TV show then it isn’t a problem. The platform updates the list within minutes of the official release of the show. The digital premiere of new movies can be seen on the platform.
  • No restrictions: There is no regional restriction of the content on the application. The application by-passes any type of restriction placed by anyone. You can stream your favorite movie in any region with good quality.
  • Subtitles and HD content: The movies and TV shows are available in SD and HD qualities. The HD quality stream makes the movie worth watching. The app uses H265 encoding to make the content HD and compact in size. Also, you can get multi-lingual subtitles available for most of the movies. You can adjust the speed and synchronization of the subtitles.
  • Custom List: The platform allows you to create custom lists of movies and TV shows you would like to watch. You can share the list with your friends and family members.
  • Intuitive and beautiful UI: The user interface is well built and beautiful. You can easily navigate through the application with intuitive prompts guiding you. The application is simple and user-friendly.

The application is available in two versions. One of them is free and the other is paid version. The free mode has some negative points like the content will be streamed in 360p and there will be advertisements to disturb your stream.

The VIP (paid) mode has no advertisements and pop-ups. The streaming quality is enhanced substantially; you can stream the videos in high definition. The downloading and streaming speed is increased in VIP mode. The payment should be made through the PayPal application only.

The application is available for both Android and iOS device owners. You do not need to jailbreak or root the phone for downloading the app. The application is certified and available for streaming for all. You can stream the movies and TV shows on the android TV also. The synchronization process for streaming the app on the TV is simple. You can download the free version for Windows and MACs.

MovieBox PRO invite code

The code is automatically generated to activate the application when you download it on your device. You can activate the application with your Gmail account. If you do not have the invite code (registration code) then follow these steps to get the code:

  • Open your email account and a send message to the MovieBox PRO support team. Email:
  • You have to wait till you receive the code in your inbox. This may take a few hours because of the huge demand for installation.
  • When you receive the invite code, tap it, and follow code to access your account.

When you receive the code, do not share it with other users on the internet. This code can be used by your family members and on multiple devices within a family. One email account will generate a single invite code only. If you are not getting the code, you have to delete the application and reinstall it using the direct download link. You can stream the application and use it with third-party applications with flexibility.

MovieBox PRO support

The engineers at the backend are working tirelessly to make the experience rich. If you face any problems you can contact the customer support team at email address. All of your queries related to installation, app usage, and uninstalling will be answered. The support is available 24*7 at your service.


Streaming is a process in which video loads a little at a time instead of loading the whole file. Also, the information that browser loads is not stored locally. MovieBox PRO is the most perfect and safe application for streaming movies for free. The features make the application more likable and worthy. If you want the HD content and decide to go VIP, there are a bunch of features waiting for you.

The application is compatible with almost everything; the entertainment is going to be of great quality. With ShowBox gone, the Smartphone users shift to the MovieBox, and now towards MovieBox PRO. MovieBox PRO is since then dominating the market for free streaming applications. You will be getting a ton of benefits from this application. So, what are you waiting for? Download the application now.

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