How to Make Yahoo My Homepage or Default Browser

How to Make Yahoo My Homepage or Default Browser

How to Make Yahoo My Homepage or Default Browser

Benefits of having yahoo as home page by default in your browser


It is the biggest attribute of a yahoo email service in the world because you can open your email box via yahoo at any time with your login and password.

Access to other alternate email accounts

Yahoo has an option not offered by most other email providers. By adding them there, you can check all of Yahoo’s POP email accounts. Check in the same location as your job and your mail.

Access to your Different Yahoo emails

You should allocate to your mailbox more than one Yahoo e-mail address. You can also configure filters for sending emails to different folders or marking them in different colors to keep them organized.

Select your “from” address

Yahoo allows you to choose which e-mail address you want to use in the “from” area when answering, as you can get emails from more than one email account. The same version may be used or modified based on the user you submitted the email to.


To help you manage your email structure, you should create folders. You could have routed mail to go to a certain folder specifically, so you may transfer it yourself there.

Join large files

There are limits on the file size that you can send or accept from your account by some email providers. Yahoo provides a way to reduce the size of large files. This function helps you to transfer files up to 2 GB.

Unlimited space

The majority of online email accounts provide you with a specified stock. For most users, but not all, these storage caps are plenty. Yahoo provides unrestricted storage on your account for files and e-mails.

Mail tabs

They are tabs at the top of the inbox whenever you access files. It’s very easy to return to emails that you opened recently. Click on the related page.

Yahoo Mail Plus

Both the aforementioned features (much more) are free to use for Yahoo’s email account. But, when switching to Yahoo Mail Plus, which requires a nominal monthly charge, you may enter your Yahoo email through the POP email clients such as Outlook and send Yahoo mail to another email address.

You may switch to the Yahoo mail address. You would always be free of charge on your page to render the appearance even better. Another fantastic feature is downloadable emails. You can configure temporary email addresses that may be spam generators when you sign in to sites.

How to setup up Yahoo as a home page in Chrome

Here are the steps mentioned below:

  • The first step is that you have to go to the setting and open the chrome toolbar. This opens up the Chrome settings in a new window.
How to setup up Yahoo as a home page in Chrome
  • Now Check the box “Show Home” option In the “Appearance” section, you can notice this, it is On the left-hand side of the address bar.
  • Tap the button below the box “change.” You can configure the page you open by clicking on the home button.
  • Click on the “Please access this tab” and enter your Yahoo account.
  • In the “On startup” section, select “Open a certain page or set of pages.” This allows you to set Chrome to load Yahoo! when you first launch it.
In the "On startup" section, select "Open a certain page or set of pages." This allows you to set Chrome to load Yahoo! when you first launch it.
  • Tap on the button ‘Open directories.’ When Chrome begins, you can insert addresses to unlock. You continue every address in a separate window.
  • Enter the Yahoo! pages when Chrome begins, that you want to launch. Whenever Chrome starts, these pages will be loaded.

How to setup up Yahoo as a home page in Internet Explorer   

  • If you do not see the Tools screen, click Alt. If you are unable to display the Tools panel, please choose the “Internet option.”
How to setup up Yahoo as a home page in Internet Explorer
  • Enter the Yahoo! address you like to use in the section “Homepage.” At the top of the “General” tab, you should look at this. More addresses can be entered, each on its own. Separate tabs open additional addresses.
  • Make sure you select “Home Page Start.” The “Startup” segment of the “General” tab should bring you this. Whenever Internet Explorer starts, it will make your Yahoo! page(s) open.
  • To save your update, press “Okay.” Your current homepage is set up to load Yahoo! as soon as IE begins.

How to setup up Yahoo as a home page in Firefox

  • To select yahoo as your home or default page, press the Firefox menu (reflect). The new tab must access your Firefox settings.
  • Tap on “Home Page” and enter the Yahoo! account you like. By design, when you launch it, Firefox can load every address in the Home Page area.
  • Ensure you have chosen “View my homepage” from the toolbar, which loads the page you are connected on once Firefox opens when you press Home. Once Firefox begins when you click the Home.
  • The updates would be properly stored.

How to setup up Yahoo as a home page in Edge

  • To open the Preferences tab, click on the menu button, and choose “Settings.”
  • Select the ‘Open with’ button on ‘A particular page or sites.’ You should set up specific pages to launch at the start of Edge.
  • From the option that emerges click “Set” Click. It defaults to say “MSN.”
  • Type in the text field the Yahoo! address you want to place. The field is written by default “about the start.”
  • Search: • Yahoo!
  • After you type the URL, press the Save (disk) icon. It saves your current home page URL.

How to setup up Yahoo as a home page in Safari

  • To access the Safari Preferences panel, click on Safari or Edit Panel and pick Preferences.
  • To open the “Safari” screen, and select “Homepage,” you will load Safari when you start it.
  • To enter the site Yahoo! you wish, click on the “Homepage” field. Any time you start Safari, this website will open.
  • Search: • Yahoo!
  • Mail: • Yahoo! Mail:
  • To the toolbar add the Home button. The Safari button does not appear in the toolbar by chance. It takes you to the Homepage in Yahoo! fastly.
    • Click “Customize Toolbar” and press the “Open” button.
    • Via the Safari Toolbar, drag the Home page.
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