What is the Best Way to Recover Deleted Files from an SD Card?

If you’ve been in the technology market for long, you would know that tech has moved past floppy disks and CDs a long time ago. The variety of storage devices in the market is not limited to these two options. There are hard disk drives, TF cards, and USB Flash Drives, and yes, SD cards.

What is the Best Way to Recover Deleted Files from an SD Card?

SD Card 101

SD cards are a type of storage card which can store a high memory of data. It’s also the most cost-efficient storage device popular in the market to date. Since it’s highly portable with lower power consumption, it’s used in digital cameras, MP3 players, mobile phones, and game consoles. The backward compatible model makes it easier for users to transition using MMC cards. Here are some components of the read-write module:

  • sdconfig.h is a hardware configuration head file
  • sdcmd.h is the sdcmd.c head file
  • c is used for various commands that goes between host and SD card and is the command layer for this read-write module

There’s a write-protection function that comes with each SD card. The ‘read only state’ of an SD card allows users to read data from the storage device. However, it cannot be modified (add or delete) data inside an SD card.

Your Worst Nightmare

The problem crops up when you happen to place important files in your SD cards. This is often a glitch coming from the write protection function of your card. For users who weren’t able to turn off the write protection utility, this poses some problems.

The Flipside of the Downside

Fear not, there’s always a rainbow after the rain. And it’s also applicable to all your ‘deleted’ files.

One way to fix this is if you initialize or format the drive. However, be warned that this method may be harmful to the documents stored inside, hence move with caution and be fully prepared that the files could forever be deleted. It is best to have a backup storage when you’re taking this approach.

Free file recovery applications are available in the market. You can ask for a reference from ‘techie’ friends and relatives for a suitable tool. You need insight from previous users to know if what you’re using is ‘legit’ software. Look into reviews and see what others are saying about it. And lastly, make sure that the SD card is compatible with the application you choose to use.

There two reasons why opting for a free version to recover files from SD card is beneficial:

  • Data companies often charge higher prices if you want them to finish recovering every file from your SD card.
  • Staff from that company may be tempted to ask for some monetary returns to leak valuable information in those files.

With this in mind, a reliable and free file recovery application may be your best option against these unwanted circumstances.

Most of these tools are easy to use. They come with visual guides to show users how to ‘free’ their deleted data. If you follow the guidelines, you can get your SD card files out in no time.

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