Public VS Private Domain Info in the WHOIS Database


Which One Is Better: Public or Private Domain?

The easiest way to determine which one is better is to explain what each one means. A public domain is accessible by anyone. A public domain is something that is shared by multiple people. It is the cheapest option of the two. However, the only downside is that others have access to the information you divulge.

When you register your information online that information can be seen by anyone who does a domain search. All someone needs to do is do a “who is it” search within the domain registry and they can find you.

Why is that bad?

Spammers can get hold of your information at a very fast pace. A lot of scammers spend their days doing that. That makes you very vulnerable, unfortunately. What is also unfortunate is that the internet has very few regulations to slow it down. There have been many loopholes created to help scammers get your information through your domain. In other words, exercise caution because they will not.

What can be done?

You can set up some kind of private domain. No one can see your information when your domain is set to private. A private domain is something you pay money for. It is in your name and your name only. It might cost more, but it might be worth it for the protection.


Your account is going to be canceled if there is any chance of bad business. In other words, a private account is not an excuse for scammers to hide and do their dirty work.

The Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Investing In a Private Account versus a Public Domain

  • You can prevent unwanted solicitations. A public account gives everyone the right to bombard you with unwanted junk. A private domain allows you to control the settings on whom you do business with.
  • You are more in control with a private domain. Your profile is out of the “WHOIS” database. That means you can control what information you release and when. You control who sees what and where. That is great when you are doing business with someone. You can provide safe and comfortable content to your clients without worrying about distasteful information getting through.
  • Your email should be changed every ten days. When you register with a private domain you can keep your anonymity a lot longer than others can. You can filter the spam out and have the rest sent to a private account.
  • Your business expenses do add up. It is hard to say whether or not you can always get a bargain with the private domain, but your money will be well-spent. Sometimes paying more for the security is worth more than being cheap.

Protection is Always a Good Option

The internet grows in number every day and so does the WHOIS database download. The scammers do too. You need to protect yourself.

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