Best Apps that Track Phone Usage for Android

Smartphones are one crucial part of human life. They entertain us, keep our secrets, and provide us various technological advantages. These devices consist of various applications for every purpose. Most people spend too much time using their smartphones.

They scroll down their screen or can use their phone for entertainment purposes. While you are traveling, the phones are the most significant devices that help you communicate with others, commute routes, and much more.

Sure these devices are convenient for you for many purposes, but do you think you are spending too much of your time with your phones? Internet addiction is a severe issue; those who continuously involve their time watching videos and using apps.

So, if you want to monitor the time you spent using your phone, then you are in the right place. We have decided to let you know about various applications through which you can easily track your phone usage.

With the number of applications available in the market, we have listed some best applications through which you can track your phone usage. With this tracking, you can curb your phone addiction and manage to increase your productivity after all the best app is your thinking that decides whether you want to spend your more time with the phone or not.

Top applications to stop your phone addiction

There are large numbers of applications available in the market, but we have listed the top of them. Through these applications, you can easily track your phone usage and save your valuable time. So, let us get started with these applications:

1. Social Fever App

1. Social Fever App

Social Fever is one of the best applications to track your phone usage. This smart app provides you the futuristic solution so that you can monitor the time you spent on each application. It also allows you to set goals so that you can limit the usage of your phone. If you use your device for more extended hours, then this app will send you notifications and alerts.

We all know that using a phone for a long time will have a negative impact on your eyes. Therefore, you can control your addiction to the phone with the help of this application. Go and download this fantastic app from the play store.

2. Save my time app

If you want to track your phone usage activities offline or online, then you can make the use of Save my time application. You need to set a reminder when to stop using your phone and voila this app works!

You will get a complete view of how much time you spent on your phone with detailed analytics. With the help of this amazing application, you can discover bad habits and set up your daily routines.

Just pick a date to check how you spent your day with the apps on your phone. You can easily download this time-saving app through the Google Play store.

3. Phone Usage Time

3. Phone Usage Time

Phone usage time application helps you keep a tab on your phone usage. This application helps you monitor your phone usage so that you can analyze it and save your time from using the phone.

Using a phone for longer times can damage your eyes. With this app, you will get a status bar of each app time for which it has been used. You can also see calendar mode that gives you information about the time you spend with each app.

4. Moment

4. Moment

The moment is another best application that can be used to make your life easier. The moment is an application that helps you track your phone activity. You can easily set daily limits if you have a habit of using your phone too much.

This application helps to control the usage of your phone so that you should be available for the people that matter the most. When your daily mobile usage limit gets over, then you can also get notified of this. With the help of this fantastic app, you can easily reimagine your relationship with your family and friends.

5. Offtime

5. Offtime

Offtime is one of the best applications that help you to track your phone usage. When you get distracted from your mobile, then you will have time to spend with your friends or family. This application helps you focus on the things besides getting digital.

You can monitor your smartphone usage in real-time and take dedicated timeouts. With the help of this phone usage track app, you can quickly improve your wellbeing and increase productivity. You can also improve your self-control by restricting yourself when your phone usage limit gets exceeded.

So, download this app on your mobile and see changes in yourself.

6. Quality Time

6. Quality Time

Quality time is an application that allows you to get a free analysis of the time with its total usage, screen unlocks, and time spent on individual app features. You can set your alerts that will help you to curb your phone using habits. Its actionable features like “alerts,” “take a break,” and much more allows you to control the usage of your phone when needed.

You can also create different profiles to know how you wish to unplug from your device. You can block the notifications and also reply to phone calls with autoreply text messages with the help of this fantastic app. This app is available free of cost, and you can download it on your Android phone.


In this article, we have discussed the top six applications that will help you to track your phone usage with ease. If you feel that you are spending much time on your phone, then you can easily download any of these best applications.

These applications will help you monitor your phone usage and will give you deeper insights into your phone. You can also block notifications, calls, and send autoreply messages with these apps.

When you use these phone monitoring applications, then you will quickly get an idea of how much time you are spending with your phone. If you save this time, you will get to invest it with your friends or family. So, go and download these apps to save quality time for your family.