What Your Body Shape Reveals About Your Health

What Your Body Shape Reveals About Your Health

Are you an apple size? A pear body shape? Find the body shape is more than one of those bad online quizzes. By understanding your body shape you will come to know about the effective workout and some studies show it helps to improve the health.

Utilize the free online body shape calculator for female and male that readily determine your body shape as well as the waist-to-hip ratio of your body. There are many factors that affect our body shape like genetics, sex, lifestyle and age. There are some people who eat junk food daily but never gain weight while some people gain weight on hip or on the belly.

The perfect body shape can say a little about your health but it is only a factor. People with all body shapes and sizes can be healthy or at the risk of some fatal diseases like heart diseases or diabetes.

You should have to consult with your doctor regularly and test your blood pressure, cholesterol & different other health parameters daily. For ease, give an account to the body shape calculator that tells you the perfect body shape and waist-to-hip ratio by considering the size of chest, waist, hip and high hip size.

What Shape Are You?

You can determine your body shape all by yourself from your waist-to-hip ratio. To calculate waist-to-hip ratio, simply divide the size of waist to the hip. To measure the waist circumference, measure the smallest part of your waist while for hip measurement, measure the widest pert of your hip.

Then, divide the both measurements to get the waist-to-hip ratio or if you are afraid from the calculations of mathematics, then simply enter the values in the body shape calculator and the rest of the work will done by calculator.

Now, we have a detailed description about each body shape reveals about your health. Let’s have a look:


If the weight accumulates on the hips and abdomen, then you have apple-shaped body. You are wide on the top of body and small from the bottom. Sometimes you feel that your limbs belong to the more slender person. The apple body shape is developed with age and the men are more likely to be the apples have beer-belly.

In females & males, this shape of body represents the lifestyle is imbalance like high stress, very little physical activity and poor diet. Particularly in men, by consumption of alcohol the men are likely to develop the apple-shape figure.

If you are worrying about your increasing belly and wants to know the shape of your body, simply uses the online body shape calculator that will help you to determine the body shape so that you will be able to do the precautions according to the shape of your body.

The medical experts have recognized the correlation between fat and the increased health risks. The increased fat causes the build-up under the skin. The studies depicted that visceral fat accumulates deeper in the torso and causes for the breast cancer. The fat dissolves in the bloodstream and circulates in the whole body. This surplus of fat leads to an increase of blood pressure, cardio diseases and diabetes etc.

Research in 2016 observed the health of 200 diabetic women and men and revealed that the body having apple-shaped can better predict the condition that can cause the heart diseases. To remain your body in best shape and to protect from all the heart diseases, eat fresh fruits & vegetables that are rich in proteins.

If you are gaining weight and worry that your body might be in the category of apple-shaped, don’t fret the online body shape calculator helps you to tell the exact shape of your body. Further, the body type online calculator helps you to determine the waist-to-hip ratio of your body. Although all these are very sad but visceral fat responds well to exercise and a healthy diet.



People who have apple shaped body must have to an active lifestyle. Exercise and weight training are highly recommended to these people. Cycling, swimming, jogging or weight lifting helps to keep the body fat percentage in a healthy range. If you have the job of desk and can’t find the time to exercise, go for a brisk wall at lunch and always use stairs.


The people have apple shaped body should have to eat the diet which is rich I proteins and fibers and low in carbohydrates. This will help to control the amount of fat in the body. Eat fruits & veggies and avoid eating bread & pastries. Add spicy things in your diet such as garlic & chilly sauces that helps to improve the liver function.

Use online body shape calculator to determine the body shape and after getting the body shape you should have to consider these recommendations about your body shape.


The people having broad shoulders but have narrow waists and looks like athletes. This is a good shape to see. The triangular shape has high metabolism with the large weight to height ratio. People with triangular body shape don’t get extra pounds easily, and also they are very effective at weight loss.

However, if triangularly shaped people eat diet with fat, they are likely to be diagnosed with heart disease. Further, people whose shape of their body falls in this category have a great risk of osteoporosis. If you are going to check the shape of your body, simply use online body shape calculator that helps you to tell the body shape so that you will be able to take precautions according to your shape of body.



You should have to do exercise to build up your thighs and buttocks and increases your waist. The lower body and core can be strengthening by Stepping, lunging and squatting. Accumulation of cardio with these exercises will effectively eliminate the fat around your mid section. After this, utilize the free body type calculator that assists you to determine the shape of your body.


The people with triangular body shaped should have to consume the high amount of proteins like fish & poultry.


On the off chance that you are a pear type, you have a figure that is inverse from apple-formed individuals. Rather than being unbalanced, in case you’re pear-molded, your hip segment is probably going to be more extensive than your chest area, with the greater part of the fat saved around your thighs, hips and bottom district.

Fortunately weight hauled around your base and thighs is because of under skin fat as opposed to the more risky instinctive assortment. Pear-molded individuals are fundamentally more grounded than those with apple-formed bodies.

Fat saved on the hips is less inclined to go around the body, diminishing the danger of coronary illness. Further, the danger of stroke and diabetes isn’t raised by a pear-formed body. Anyway conveying additional load on the hips can prompt an expanded danger of osteoarthritis, and fat is bound to show up as cellulite. Account to the online body shape calculator that helps to determine the body shape with your waist-to-hip ratio.

Logical exploration has additionally indicated that pear body shapes may think that its more hard to shed pounds than those with an apple shape. This is on the grounds that the fat in the chest area, chest and mid-region is prepared by the body to consume more promptly than fat put away in the base, hips and thighs.

This implies that you may need to work more diligently to get thinner than your companion with an apple-molded body. Consequently, it is particularly significant that pear-formed individuals screen their fat admission intently and limit fat utilization.

Ladies are bound to amass weight around the lower half of their body than men are, and are probably going to have significant levels of estrogen, which can expand the danger of estrogen-prevailing conditions, for example, bosom disease. Along these lines it is vital for pear-formed ladies to check their bosoms month to month.


The ruler body shape, also known as rectangle body, banana or straight body shape. People with this body shape carry weight proportionately, but carry around their middle. They have higher metabolism and cannot gain weight as compared to other body shapes. The important point is that to keep an eye on the calories going in and going out.


Are you looking to build the more curves? Focus on the training of shoulders & lower body muscles like on thighs and buttocks. It is said for ladies that you will add some sexy shape to your straight and lean figure.

What Can You Do?

Now you can easily identified the shape of your body by considering the above mentioned detailed discussion. Further, with the assistance of online body shape calculator it becomes very easy to determine the body shape. You will be able to get an exact idea about the complete figure of your body.

Whether you have an apple, triangle or rectangular body shape, you should always have to focus on staying healthy.
Maintain a balanced-diet and take fruits, veggies, proteins and low fats & sugars. Perform at least 30minutes exercise regularly and prohibit smoking and alcohol drinking to prevent from dangerous belly fat.

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