Benefits and features of CodeLobster IDE ( Highly recommended)

The CodeLobster IDE is one of the popular tools for the coders. The CodeLobster IDE is the free portable editor that intended for editing HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, and others. IDE is an Integrated development environment. It is the portable PHP development software that comes with the additional support for the HTML, JavaScript, and others.

It has different versions such as costless edition, Lite version, and Pro version. Everyone has unique features. The costless edition provides you the fundamental code editing tool. The Lite version offers you to access the latest coding features. In the Pro version, the users can access more than 8 additional plug-ins and it helps to extend the functionalities of the software.

Today, most of the people are using the CodeLobster IDE due to the advanced features. It is simple to use and straightforward. The developer can benefit from the autocomplete feature of the application for several programming languages such as CSS, Javascript, PHP, and others. if you face any problems with the software, you can get help from the support team immediately or get a solution through the web form.

Benefits and features of CodeLobster IDE

Different versions of Codelobster

The Codelobster is available in different version such as Free and Professional. In the official portal of the Codelobster, you can download any version of the CodeLobster IDE. The free version of the Codelobster has everything the experienced developer would require. In the free version, the students are trying to learn everything about the Codelobster.

The Professional Version has the most valuable features. The Joomla plugin, WordPress, Drupal plugin, and another plugin that makes every installation of all platforms on the development machine simple procedure. The users will get these plug-ins for one month with the CodeLobster IDE free version.

The free version of CodeLobster IDE

  • PHP editor
  • HTML editor
  • PHP debugger
  • CSS editor
  • JavaScript editor
  • HTML code inspector

Professional version

  • Drupal plug-in
  • CakePHP plug-in
  • SQL manager
  • Facebook plug-in
  • JQuery plug-in
  • WordPress plug-in
  • CodeIgniter plug-in
  • Symfony plug-in
  • Smarty plug-in
  • Yii plug-in
  • Joomla plug-in

CodeLobster Supports in WordPress, Joomla, and Node.js

Are you looking to learn the Programming Language? Do you need to study the programming language to get a job? If yes then the CodeLobster IDE is the best choice. The PHP IDE is the best tool which you want to get started with the programming of PHP. There are more than hundreds of the IDEs on the web for both the paid and free use. You can choose the best one which suits your needs and budget.

The individuals who are new to CodeLobster IDE, The CodeLobster IDE is a contraction of the integrated development environment. It is simple software that the developers use to develop and edit web applications. CodeLobster has supported a huge range of plugins such as WordPress, Joomla, Node.js, Drupal and others.

  • WordPress

The WordPress allows you to focus the lower on the code. The WordPress is free that used more than thirty percent of the websites. The users can install the basic version of the WordPress. When coding the website the users will benefit from the feature of the autocomplete. It provides the pop-up function completion. It has inbuilt syntax that helps the users to clean the web for support. If anyone not building from the scratch, then the CodeLobster has the WordPress Theme and it helps the users to visualize the website as they are editing the web code.

  • Joomla

The Joomla is one of the popular CMS and it allows you to focus on the presentation when compared to the coding. It is an important thing for the developers that included in the plug-ins list of CodeLobster. The Joomla plug-in provides the builders complete Joomla type IDE. It allows for the local website creation with the help of the database support immediately. The WordPress is equipped with the widget, the Joomla has its elements that the CodeLobster IDE offers simple creation.

  • Drupal

Drupal is popular plugins that have the ability to develop the project installing the CMS Drupal automatically. It has the Autocomplete feature that helps for hooks of the module. The tooltips and Autocomplete are used for the function theme of Drupal. With the help of the Wizard, you can create the new modules. The Drupal search is used for the menu function and menu path.

  • js

The node.js is important for web developers. This plugin is efficient, simple and lightweight. The node.js ecosystem is best to open source libraries. It works well with the node.js that provides autocomplete for the methods, libraries, classes, and others. It is loaded with exclusive dynamic help which is context specific.

Benefits of CodeLobster IDE

The CodeLobster IDE is designed to deal with the scripting in JavaScript, PHP and others on the Windows systems. There is a huge range of the benefits of the CodeLobster IDE such as cost-effective, simple to use, multiple language support, Free Internal Debugger, dynamic help and much more.

Multi-Language Support – It support different language. It is mainly focused on the PHP. The CodeLobster IDE provides support for other popular languages such as CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and others. It allows the users to complete the task quickly.

Extensive Plug-Ins – It enables the users to improve the software functionalities with the framework plug-ins as well as CMS in the CodeLobster Pro version. It provides the developers with the capability to manage content, develop projects and others automatically.

Cost- effective – One of the main benefits of using the CodeLobster IDE is saving money. Huge ranges of the PHP developing tools are available at the lower price. The CodeLobster PHP reduces the barrier for the professionals and it provides the free version of the portable CodeLobster IDE. The paid versions of CodeLobster provide you access to add plug-ins and advanced tools that allow the users to conduct the complex tasks at the minimum price.

Free Internal Debugger – The CodeLobster has the PHP debugging UI and it is available to the free version. The free version also offers a variety of related tools. The users have the great option to identify the configurations before management the debugging tools.

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