What foods should you eat for good oral health?

Nobody wants their child to suffer from oral pain and gum problems. The most basic thing one could do is to make sure that the amount of vitamins and minerals is sufficient enough to fight off those attackers. Eating habits as well as the type of food which your child consumes, leaves a great impact on your children’s teeth.

Since acid is the worst enemy for your child’s teeth, the food that neutralizes the effect of acid are good. They should provide ample amount of nutrients to make teeth strong and repair enamel problems.

Types of food to add in your child’s diet:

What foods should you eat for good oral health?


  • Milk and yogurt

We all are aware of the benefits milks and yogurt offers. They are packed with highly rich calcium which gives strength to teeth, enamel, and bones. They also enhance good saliva production. Give milk to your kids before going to the bed. Try to avoid the use of flavored milk due to its high content of sugar. Yogurt must be severed in the morning with breakfast.

  • Cheese

Sounds weird, but cheese does have benefits. Including a piece of cheese into your child’s lunch could help him generate good level of saliva which will help fight cavities. Now, you don’t need to think anymore before adding cheese into their diet plan.

  • Sunflower, sesame, pumpkin seeds and nuts

We need layers and layers of clothes during winter season to protect us from the harsh cold. Likewise a coated layer above your kid’s teeth helps to protect them from harmful bacteria. The oil of nuts and seeds provide a coating of fat above the teeth and make it more resistant to harmful cavities and gum problems.

  • Apples, carrots, and celery

These raw vegetables and fruits are crunchy so your child will work hard on chewing them. It helps to gain strength of gums. The particles break down into smaller pieces and act as natural floss to the teeth. This helps remove food particles stuck in between the teeth.

  • Sugarless chewing gum

Sweets and sugar is the terrorist in the region of your child’s mouth. Chewing gum is best exercise for the mouth and facial parts of the body. It also helps in saliva production. Try to reduce the amount of sweetness in your child’s food as much as possible for toughened teeth.

  • High fiber fruits and vegetables

High fiber fruits and vegetables not only help protect teeth but also improve digestion and other health related problems. They are great for the kids. They intensify saliva production and scrub away all the impurities and cemented food above teeth.

  • Water

Talking about good health, you have to include water. Apart from the million benefits water offers to health, it scores the best point in improving saliva. It also washes off all the stuck and sugary food particles onto the mouth. It also neutralizes the effects of acids.

  • Teas, coffee and cocoa

Tea, coffee and cocoa consist of bacteria killing agents which cause plaque. They fight the cavity in best possible manner providing healthy teeth to the child. Thus, chocolates are beneficial if provided in limited amount. Also, check that the sugar content is low in them.

  • Eggs, fish, beef

They are the foods which provide high amount of vitamins and minerals. They are rich in Vitamins A, Vitamins C, Vitamins D, Calcium and phosphorus. Efficient quantity of minerals in diet plan makes the child’s health intact and teeth strong.

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