Ichilov: The Leading Clinic in Israel

Ichilov: The Leading Clinic in Israel

Israeli clinics offer effective diagnosis and treatment of various diseases to patients from all over the world. Recently, one of the most famous clinics, the Ichilov Hospital, has launched the English version of its official website.

The Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv is the second largest state medical center in Israel. It has over 1,000 patient beds. The total area of the medical center amounts to about 200,000 square meters. It employs more than 6,000 professionals, including about 1,300 physicians and over 2,000 nurses.

The hospital is located in the very center of the city, not far from the main square and in just thirty minutes of walking from the Mediterranean Sea. Treatment is offered both to the Israeli people and to the citizens from various countries of the world, including Western European countries and the USA. The doctors from the Ichilov Medical Center successfully treat all existing diseases, including the most complicated and rare ones.

The History of the Clinic

The Clinic was founded even before the establishment of the State of Israel, in 1914. In 1961, the new 6-storey building of the clinic was put into operation.

It housed 2 departments of internal medicine, 3 surgical departments, departments of orthopedics, urology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, neurology, and cardiology. Later, there appeared the departments of neurosurgery and vascular surgery.

In 2001, the Ted Arison Tower was built. It is a modern building with a helicopter landing pad which has become the symbol of the Ichilov Hospital. In 2011, another building appeared in the medical center: the Sammy Ofer Heart Institute.

Subdivisions of the Ichilov Clinic

The Ichilov Medical Center has been steadily developing from the very moment of its foundation. State-of-the-art equipment and new subdivisions emerge there on a regular basis. At the moment, the Ichilov Medical Center comprises:

1. general hospital;

2. women’s hospital and maternity clinic;

3. children’s hospital;

4. rehabilitation center.

Overall, the medical center comprises 43 departments.

Surgical Department

The surgical department of the Ichilov Medical Center is one of the largest in Israel. It offers both elective and emergency surgery. The doctors of the department perform surgical interventions in all areas of medicine: urology, oncology, ophthalmology, abdominal surgery, thoracic surgery, etc.

The department is fitted with modern equipment. The doctors perform surgical procedures with the help of the newest Da Vinci Xi surgical robot. Only 2 Israeli medical centers are equipped with these robots.

Medical Imaging Department

The department offers ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, X-rays and other imaging studies, including PET/CT, the newest cancer test designed to detect all the metastases of a malignant tumor.

The department is equipped with the newest X-ray machines that minimize the radiation exposure and provide quality images of the whole body within only 25 seconds.


The medical center has 20 laboratories that perform a wide range of tests for diagnostic, therapeutic and research purposes. These tests include unique studies of the molecular and genetic tumor profile for more effective cancer treatment.

Specialized Clinics and Institutes
The Ichilov Medical Center comprises dozens of specialized clinics and institutes. They include:

the IVF department;
blood bank;
epilepsy clinic;
genetic testing department, etc.
Scientific and Academic Activity of the Doctors from the Ichilov Medical Center

The Ichilov Medical Center has the status of a university clinic: its doctors conduct collaborative research with the scientists from Tel Aviv University. The Ichilov Clinic employs the best graduates from this university and, on top of that, incorporates a nursing school. The doctors of the Ichilov Clinic teach at the school.

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