How to cancel ATT Uverse step by step that works only under these conditions

The ATT Uverse is an IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) service. When the television content is delivered through Internet Protocol (IP) networks, it is called IPTV. IPTV offers to stream the media continuously using the Internet.

The AT&T provides the set-up box device required for the Uverse. You just have to connect the box with the TV and enjoy the TV. You can use the same streaming box to watch online videos, listen to songs, and play games – all on your TV. The service starts from $49.99 per month and it can go as high as $130. You can sign-in with your Google account and personalize the whole experience.

How to cancel ATT Uverse step by step that works only under these conditions

Features of ATT Uverse:

  • Television Entertainment: AT&T offers the most robust and compelling packages with the most popular networks. Consumers will find content that fits their lifestyle, including movies, songs, language channels, ethnic networks, and more.
  • High Definition Programming: Uverse HD technology delivers rich and realistic video quality pictures.
  • Video-on-demand: Through the feature of video-on-demand, customers can browse the classic movies, live events, and sports.
  • Innovative Program guide: The interface is beautifully designed and constructed. The intuitive navigation, menu options, and information-rich guide enhance the user experience.
  • Parental Control: Through an easy guide, customers can alter the settings and are in charge of what their family watches.

Looking at these features it is less likely one can leave the ATT Uverse and the company takes every client seriously. Nevertheless, the details on how to cancel the ATT Uverse service are described below. There are some terms and conditions which have to be followed during the cancellation process:

  • If the connection you have taken is through promotional or discount offer and you wish to cancel it before the end of your service commitment, you may have to pay some penalties.
  • The cancellation requests posted on a holiday will be fulfilled on the next working day. Also, on the weekends are requests will be fulfilled as per the weekend schedule. The timings can vary according to the regions.
  • The email account of AT&T will be deleted after 30-60 days of the termination of the services. This is the case if you have the AT&T email account.

If a user wants to cancel online:

The user can cancel the residential DSL high-speed internet or traditional home phone online. The business accounts cannot cancel through this method.

If you wish to cancel the services and afterward change your mind then the company cannot restore the service or the phone number to your location.

If your service is part of a bundled package then the prices of the remaining services will revert to the then-existing plans. You have to login through your account and submit the online cancel request.

For DIRECTV Customers:

  • The DIRECTV customer services will guide you throughout the process, so don’t worry. The first thing to do is to contact the customer services and get the details of the contract.
  • If your account went deactivated and you want to cancel the services, there can be two cases:
  • Under the normal terms and conditions, the company will bill you for all the outstanding charges. The bill will be provided during the cancellation of DIRECTV.

Canceling ATT Uverse

AT&T doesn’t allow the customers to cancel the subscription online. You will have to call the AT&T customer representative and understand the step by step process.

  • Call the ATT cancel service number at 800-288-2020 to cancel the ATT Uverse services.
  • Before calling make sure you have the important account credentials handy. The account number can be seen on the top of your Uverse bill.
  • You will be asked about the additional services bundled with your Uverse, so keep all the required documents handy.
  • After the verification, the cancel order will be placed with the AT&T.
  • You will receive a letter after the completion of the cancellation process.
  • The content of the letter will ask you to return the Uverse equipment such as router and DVR.
  • It will contain the address, due date, and shipping details for the return of the equipment.
  • The equipment is rented with you whenever you incept the service, so the return is normal.

Canceling ATT Internet Services

The process of canceling the ATT Internet service is the same as the Uverse; you have to call the customer helpline number at 800-288-2020. The owner has to make the call. You need to provide your full name, the account number, the pin, and the name of the service which you are canceling.

You are also required to send a private message to @ATTCares to gather all the details of your account. You cannot cancel the service online or via mail. Your friend or relative can cancel the service for you; you have to provide all the mentioned details to them.

ATT Uverse Return Policy

 The customer has to return the pieces of equipment within 21 calendar days to the company. The condition of the device has to be good. The item has to be in the manufacturer’s original packaging. The device should not be damaged (physical or water).

The customer must send genuine components, manuals, batteries, and a copy of the invoice. If any of the conditions are violated, then the device will not be accepted by the company.

You may cancel your TV service for any reason within 14 days of the activation. There will be no Early Termination Fees (ETF). You will be responsible for all the charges incurred through cancellation and must return the equipment.

If you cancel after 14 days, then have to pay the charges subject to term commitment, other charges, and an ETF. The ETF is charged when the deactivation occurs after 14 days and you have term commitment. The ETF reduces as you near your commitment time.

For example: If the term is of one year and customer cancels within one month, the ETF to be paid is $180. And if the cancellation occurs in the last month, the ETF charged is $15.

Note: The Company will not let you cancel the Uverse subscription easily. The customer care representative will try and convince you otherwise. They will provide extra benefits, promotional coupons, and discounts. The representative can invite you to a new scheme for Uverse consumers. If you really want to cancel the service then you have to reject all these offers.


AT&T Uverse is one of the most promising IPTV technology services. The company is reputed and the Uverse services are one of a kind. The installation and the packages are easy and carefully designed for the consumers. As the installation is simple; the cancellation is simple too.

You have to call the customer service executive and verify the credentials required for the cancellation. The user can cancel the residential DSL high-speed internet or traditional home phone online. The equipment must be returned to the company within 21 days of the cancel order.

The return policy is strict, if any kind of damage (physical or water) found on the equipment then the charges must be borne by the consumer. The company will make you various different offers when you call for the cancellation. Stick to the cancel order and reject the offers.

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