5 Tips to Buying Branded Items for Your Company

Branded items are used by businesses all over the world because they help in enhancing their exposure. Unlike other adverts that are displayed for seconds, branded products such as caps, T-shirts and pens among other things remind people about your services or products for many days. As a matter of fact, research shows that people forget about the stuff they buy with their hard earned money but remember what was gifted to them.

Buying Branded Items for Your Company

The other advantage of using promotional products like those that are available at customearthpromos.com is that they double as business cards. This is due to the fact that they tell people about the services or products that you sell and details on how you can be reached via email, telephone or fax.

On the other hand, giving gifts to your customer is not as easy as we are made to believe. This is because there are certain issues that you have to factor into. Below are tips that can guide you in buying branded items that your customers will want to have.

  1. Consider Customer Interests

Regardless of whether you want to gift loyal or potential customers, it’s recommended that you first do your homework before buying any promotional item. After all, you don’t want to invest in gifts that no one wants to take home. It’s therefore important you take some time to study the interests of your customers to avoid buying irrelevant gift items.

There are times when preferences differ depending on gender, occupation and level of income. You should focus on buying items that address all these concerns to avoid looking biased in one way or another. For instance, an umbrella would be an ideal gift for everyone. However, purses would only be picked by ladies because men use wallets for keeping money and credit cards.

  1. Check Supplier Options

Before you settle for any branded items supplier, it’s important you check they have everything that you might need for your campaign. This is because there are suppliers that specialize in certain products.

Instead of buying from different suppliers, you should keep looking until you find a supplier that offers a one-stop-shop for promotional products. Lest you forget, some of the items may not be readily available probably due to the fact that they are made when customers order for them.

  1. Stick to Theme and Objective

Sometimes seeing a wide collection of promotional products can be overwhelming. During such instances, you might be tempted to steer away from the main theme of your campaign. To avoid such mistakes, you should narrow down to products that have the logo of your company.

Remember, the gift is just another bait that you use to attract new customers. You should, therefore, select an item that sends the message home.

  1. Consider Price

It’s important to shop with a budget in mind. After all is said and done, you will need to account for the items just like you do with other expenses. A budget actually helps you tame your spending.

Although cheap stuff may be expensive in the long run, you should buy what you can afford without having to hurt your pockets. The good thing is that most merchants that trade in branded items are always willing to give you a discount when you buy in bulk.

  1. Choose Items Used Regularly

The more often people see your brand, the more they will remember about your products or services. If you opt for an item that’s rarely used, it may not help in spreading word about your brand. You should therefore opt for an item that is used at least twice in a week.

Although umbrellas are durable, they are only used during rainy seasons. Notebooks, mugs, pens or caps would be great promotional product ideas because they can be used everyday.


These were the top 5 tips to consider while buying branded items for your company. Ultimately who don’t want to save money while buying online. Make sure to follow these techniques to buy the quality with cost effective solution.

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