How can you hide your Whatsapp number in the group?

How can you hide your Whatsapp number in the group?

Whatsapp messenger is a popular messaging application that has been used by a large group of people worldwide. Whatsapp requires your number verification to start using its service and sending messages to your loved ones.

You can easily add contacts on your Whatsapp list by just adding the number of that contact on your mobile. Feeding in phone numbers is a necessary process to continue using the service of Whatsapp. But this is not necessary for privacy lovers.

Those who have already started created their account on Whatsapp using their phone number will be visible on Whatsapp for a person on their contact list.

Using Whatsapp messenger is the most common thing; people do in their daily lives. One of the other common things using Whatsapp messenger is groups. Almost everyone using Whatsapp is included in some sort of Whatsapp group.

Added by unknown people in the Whatsapp group is an awkward issue. With plenty of benefits, users can get with Whatsapp, and some users want to hide their number in their Whatsapp group in which they are added.

Whatsapp requires a phone number to start their service, and it will be visible to your entire contact list member who is on Whatsapp. But, if you are thinking of hiding your Whatsapp number, then you are in the right place.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best method that you can follow to hide your Whatsapp number in the group. This trick will also help you to hide your number from your Whatsapp contacts. So, let us get started with this method. But before we get started, let us discuss the various features you will get while using Whatsapp.

Features provided by Whatsapp messenger

With the set of various features provided by Whatsapp, we have shared some common and best features you can use while having Whatsapp messenger on your phone. You can make the use of these features to chat with your friends and family in a reliable way:

  • Message your friends and family members in a simple and reliable way.
  • You can avoid SMS fees by making the use of the internet for sending messages.
  • Create and chat in groups to send a message to all people at a time.
  • You can also mute the chats, groups, and their notifications.
  • Get voice call, and video call features to connect with your friends and family with ease.

So, these are some common features people will get while having Whatsapp messenger installed in their device.

Now, we are going to discuss the steps that will help you hide your Whatsapp number from people in your Whatsapp group.

Steps to hide your Whatsapp number from the group

Some people are very concerned about their privacy.  This could be one of the reasons for hiding their number on Whatsapp. Here I will share with you two methods through which you can hide your Whatsapp number from your contacts. You need to follow step by step process of these methods. Let start with these two methods:

Method 1:

Step 1: In order to hide your Whatsapp number, you need to uninstall Whatsapp.

Step 2: Again, install the app from the play store and start the app. At the time of verification, we need to imply the method.

Step 3: While doing verification of your Whatsapp number, this service will be sent you an automated message or one-time password. This message will be sent automatically from the Whatsapp server. But this only happens when your number gets registered with their service. It automatically sends you a verification message that will be filled and verified on your number. You need to stop this verification. For this, you need to put your phone on flight mode. This will result in all network connections disable and block your message service as well.

Step 4: You need to choose the “verify through SMS” option. Enter your email and click on the send button. Without wasting any second, you need to click on cancel. This will terminate your authorization process.

Step 5: After your authorization process stops, you need to spoof that message. For this, you can download any spoof messaging app like spoof text.

Step 6: You need to go to your mail outbox, copy message details on your spoof app, and send it for spoof verification.

Step 7: Use details like from and to phone numbers along with mail id entered. Now, your message will be sent to a spoof mobile number, and in this way, people will not be able to see your original number but a spoofed number.

By following these steps, you will be able to hide your Whatsapp number. This is only one method to hide your Whatsapp number from groups. You can follow another trick as well to hide it from your group members.

Method 2:

Step 1: To hide your Whatsapp number from people in your Whatsapp group, you need to make the use of alternate phone numbers. Whatsapp has a feature that involves letting people know about your phone number.

Step 2: Once you get a new phone number, do not share it with other people.

Step 3: You need to uninstall Whatsapp from your phone. Remove your old SIM and place your new one in the SIM slot.

Step 4: You need to re-install the Whatsapp on your phone. Initiate the registration process with the old number. After that, you need to make the use of the old number and verify it on your Whatsapp.

Step 5: In this way, people will not be able to use your current new number, and your new number will be hidden from all your contacts.

So, these are two methods that serve to be useful for you to hide your Whatsapp number from Whatsapp group.


In this article, we have listed some features of Whatsapp along with the trick that will help you to hide your Whatsapp number from the group. We have listed two methods along with steps to hide your Whatsapp number from people in the Whatsapp group.

We hope that these steps will be served to be beneficial to you to hide your Whatsapp number. Though there will be no way provided by Whatsapp to hide Whatsapp number from groups, we can make the use of these types of alternatives that will help you to hide your number in the group.

When you choose to make the use of an alternate number and verify your Whatsapp account with the old one, then you will give freedom to people to message you on your old number.

This will also save your new private number from getting distributed among people. Above all, we suggest you make sure to share your contact details only with those whom you know well.

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