WhatsApp – Latest News 2018 about Sad DP Images

Whatsapp is considered as most popular messenger app, which is highly liked by the people. When we have to chat with friends, family or beloved ones, then firstly we prefer the whatsapp app. When you chat with any one on whatsapp, then you are able to see his or her whatsapp DP and whatsapp status. What is whatsapp DP? What is whatsapp status? Thus, DP stands for the “Display Picture”, it means one can put his or her picture or any other wallpaper in the DP and on the other hand, the whatsapp status shows the mood, emotion and condition of a person. It is an easy way to express the mood and emotion to everyone instead of saying to every person.

WhatsApp - Latest News 2018 about Sad DP Images

How and when one can Change the DP?

It’s completely a person call that when he or she wants to change the DP. If you like to change your DP on daily basis, then you can change it daily without any obstacle. DP says a lot that words can’t describe. Some people like to put his or her DP only or family members picture in the DP but most of the people don’t like to showcase their pictures in the DP. Thus, for them the wallpaper would be the best option.

If you want to change your DP and facing trouble in that, then no need to worry. For changing the DP, you just have to open the Whatsapp, click on the Settings option, then you can see an image space, by clicking on that you will get an option of selecting the picture from gallery, and whatever image you want to apply on your DP, you can select it. In this manner, one can upload the new DP.

What DP Shows?

DP actually shows the feeling of a person such as if you are sad, then set the sad DP, etc. It means, one can show the feelings of love, laughter, sadness, attitude, care, sorrow and romance by the Whatsapp DP. There are different categories of whatsapp DP that includes:

  • Sad DP
  • Love DP
  • Attitude DP
  • Romantic DP
  • Friendship DP

It is very obvious that sometimes a person feels sad or heartbroken, at that moment one has to show his or her feelings to other, but unable to express it everyone via the words or text.

In that case, what one can do? If you are also facing the same condition, then for you the best option is WhatsApp Sad DP images. It is an ideal way to express the feelings to everyone who is in your contact list; you can change your DP whenever you want.

For example, if you feel lonely, then you can choose image which shows that you are alone and not feeling well, if you have a broken heart, then you can choose the broken heart DP image, if you are sad due to any reason, then you can select sad DP image and so on.

When something goes wrong in your life and you are not able to express anything, and then use whatsapp sad DP images. So the people who are in your contact will come to know about your condition and try to communicate with you, which will help you to feel better.

Whatsapp Sad DP Images

A person will be confused that what DP will be suitable for them as well as it is very important for a person to choose the correct image for the DP as per the situation because it is reflects your mood, feelings and emotions.

From where one can get the sad DP images? Which would reflect the feelings in the correct manner? If you are looking for the sad DP images, then you can check it on the internet, you will get a number of images which you can put on your DP.

2018 Sad DP Images

There are many images which are renowned among the people, and it is liked by the people because they feel that the DP images are showing his or her actual feelings, so they will get attracted towards it. Some of the DP images possess the quotes, such as:

  • No DP Hereafter, because I am Really Sad
  • Why is it that when everyone else is happy, I’m not
  • No DP because I am Sad
  • The wicked cry alone
  • I lost the one person; I never thought I could lose
  • Sometimes it’s better to be alone, nobody can hurt you
  • You broke me
  • People leaves, but life goes on
  • What was my fault?

These are the some quotes which are usually like by the people because it represents their feelings. There are many other images are available on the internet, so one can find an appropriate image as per the mood, situation or the feeling, once he or she choose one image then he or she can put it in the DP. Even one can change DP after a few hours or after a day. It depends on a person that how long one wants to keep the same DP.


Sad DP images are the easy and simple way to express the feelings to your friends and family. So if you are in the sad mood, then you can upload the DP in your whatsapp profile and show your feelings to your friends.

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