Top 8 Best Weight and Mass Gainer Supplements in 2020

Top 8 Best Weight and Mass Gainer Supplements

In this era of lockdown, we all urge to become fit. Many of us are idealized by some of our favourite stars and bodybuilders. So, are you just fed up of going gym and not able to gain proper weight? You have tried a lot of exercises and still, end up leaving your body skinny?

Then its time for you to give a try to weight supplements. The weight gainers make your body not only look fit but also make you feel muscular. Gaining more calories than you burn is considered to be the most critical component of gaining weight. 

Those who find it difficult to get the proper weight even after joining the gym then weight supplements work best for them. These mass gainer supplements have a huge amount of calories intake that will make your body look healthy and fit.

These supplements are rich in amino acids and proteins that will help you in muscle improvement. Here, in this article we have discussed the various supplements that will help you to gain weight. But before digging into the supplements that help you to gain weight, let us discuss how weight gainers are different from mass gainers! 

Difference between weight gainers and mass gainers

Most of the people get confused between weight gainers and mass gainers and they ended by no desired results. So, you need to get a clear picture of both of them. Let’s get started before using them:

Mass gainers are the substances that are used to increase the mass of your muscles. They contain proteins, fats and carbohydrates that are considered to be the essential nutrients for your muscles. Being a good source of fibres, these mass gainers need heavy training to get mass on your muscles. If we talk about weight gainers, then the main work of weight gainers is to increase your body weight.

The only difference between both of them is that the weight gainers don’t contain high proteins than mass gainers. They are mainly rich in carbohydrates. But they are considered to be the better calorie source than mass gainers. As they are known as hard trainers and less in fibre therefore they need mild training to easily absorb in your body.

With the help of the above-mentioned difference, you can easily get an idea of weight gainers are better than mass gainers. So, here below we have created a list of best weight gaining supplements that will not only help you with weight gain but also improves your personality. So, let’s have a look at this list:

1. Universal Nutrition weight gainer

This company has been producing weight gaining supplements for years. These weight gainers are lower in calories and can deliver over 50gms of proteins per serving. It is advisable for you to take not more than 600 gm of serving per day.

If you take one serving i.e. 155 grams of this weight gaining supplement then it will contain 87 grams of carbs and 52 grams of proteins. And most of the people knew that proteins are the vital nutrients that are needed for the body to gain proper weight. After taking weight gaining supplements you need to keep a track on your diet intake. 

2. Muscle Blaze Weight Gainer

Another supplement in this supplement list that will help you to gain weight is muscle blaze. This is considered to be the best supplement brand that manufactures muscle gainers. This supplement brand is popular among various fitness enthusiasts and helps in developing muscles weight in the body.

It’s per serving consists of 387 calories that prove to prevent muscle loss effectively. It is very necessary to absorb essential nutrients in your body therefore, this brand contains supplements that are fortified with DigeZyme. So, take this supplement with milk or water and nourish your body health and wellness.

3. Endura Mass

Every Indian has heard the name of this famous branded weight gaining product. It has been packed with the goodness of high proteins (mainly soy proteins), carbohydrates, minerals and various essential vitamins that will effectively develop your muscle strength and weight.

If your trainer has suggested you to increase the intake of vitamins B, A, C, E and phosphorous then you should take this weight gaining supplement as it contains all these vitamins. If you uplift heavyweight machines then your muscles weaken down easily.

So, to maintain the proper strength of muscles, you need to intake these weight gaining supplements. Endura mass will not only help you gain the right weight for your body but also give power and strength to them that has been vanished due to heavy weight lifting.

4. My Protein supplement

This supplement is a very popular weight gainer and has a well-known name in health supplement brands. It is innovation and commitment towards helping your body getting good weight, makes it unique and different from other health supplement brands.

It will energize your body with its rich blend of carbohydrates and proteins. It’s every serving contains 360 calories with 49g of carbs and 30g of proteins that will serve as a great supplement for those having high-intensity workouts.

5. Big Muscle Nutrition

If you are urging to gain high energy after a workout then Big Muscle supplement will act as a good weight and energy gainer. It is considered to be a trusted brand for various gym and fitness enthusiasts. Serving from 2009, it helped many fitness freaks to gain proper body weight throughout.

It not only improves your overall fitness but also reduces muscle breakdown during workouts. This weight gaining supplement has a high quantity of proteins, dextrin, malt, carbohydrates and starch which helps to improve your body immunity that drains out during long training sessions.

6. Amaze Amino mass weight gainer

In this list of best weight supplements, this weight gainer is a vegetarian option for those who don’t want to eat non-veg and want to gain weight. This weight gainer has been introduced by an amazing brand and helps in building muscles during your heavy training routine.

This weight gainer is the best source to get amino in your body. With its chocolaty taste, you cannot resist having a spoon of this in your glass. It provides you with a high level of energy even after your long session of gym training.

7. Evlution Nutrition weight gainer

As most of the weight gainers contain different types of proteins like Whey and Casein but this nutrition weight gainer is stacked only with whey proteins. These type of proteins are considered to be the best digesting proteins. They digest faster than any other proteins. Its each 328 grams servings consist of 50 grams of proteins and 1250 grams of calories that will surely help to gain muscles and weight in your body.

This powerhouse of proteins lets hard gainers to stack over the mass. Its rich flavour makes your taste buds awake and accelerates your muscle recovery. You should try its double rich chocolate flavour and make your body healthy and fine.

8. Six Star Pro Nutrition 

This creatine enriched weight gainer is used to build your muscle four times stronger and healthier. If you take this weight gaining supplement daily then it will be a high chance of getting 18.6% more strength in 10 to 15 days.

With its premium weight gaining formula, you can boost your muscle performance and get high energy in your gym training sessions. Its less amount of carbs and sugars make it clinically proven best product throughout. So, complete your depleted levels of carbohydrates that you diminish after a workout with this pro nutrition gaining pack.


In this era of getting fit, everyone should intake these weight gaining supplements. These supplements will not only boost your energy but also gives strength to your muscles and body which you lose during high-intensity workouts. When you start taking these weight gaining supplements then you could feel a difference in the energy levels of your body.

Their awesome ingredients like proteins, calories and carbohydrates make your body healthier and recover your muscles very easily. In this article, we have made a list of these best supplement brands that would help you to gain your muscles and provides your body with the right weight it deserves. With the adequate amount of exercise and these weight gainers, you are ready to go fit.

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