Best Ways to avoid gassy stomach after swimming

Best Ways to avoid gassy stomach after swimming

Do you love swimming? But are you suffering from post-swimming problems like gastric stomach? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place. If you are a beginner or intermediate swimmer then there are many issues like bloating, bleching, and other stomach related problems that you can most probably face. Your swim coach from singapore will teach you all about these basic problems in your first swimming lesson.

These problems mainly occur due to aerophagia which wills also known as the act of ingesting air while swimming. The main reason for this problem includes the eating habits, pre-meals and swimming techniques that will lead to gastric stomachs.

So, if you are experiencing pain in your stomach, farting, bloating and other stomach problems, then you are not only one. Another reason for aerophagia is based on the fact that if your body sustains in the water for a longer time then it can become bloated.

If you swim in saltwater pools then it will strengthen your joints and muscles. To cure your bloated stomach, you can take ginger tea that will be serving as an effective home remedy. Here in this article, we have come up with new ways of 2020 that will help you to cure gastric summer fast. Let’s get started:

Get yourself aside from flatulence causing food 

If you are facing gastric stomach problems after swimming then, it is advisable to keep yourself aside from flatulence causing foods. These types of foods may include carbonated drinks, chewing gums and other foods that are difficult to digest.

These foods result in too much gas in your stomach and also let other healthy foods (that you eat) to create gas in your gut. If you are already eaten flatulence causing foods, then you must avoid hitting in the swimming pool. Other foods that you must avoid include the one containing lactose like milk and milk products. The starchy foods that include pasta, potatoes and other foods may also cause gas after swimming.

Fibre-rich foods like broccoli, beans, white or white flour may be serving as an offender. Processed foods like chocolates, artificial sweeteners or caffeinated drinks may also result in bloating increased reflux and discomfort to your body. So, in conclusion, avoid these foods or try to swim two hours after eating food. This will surely help you to some extent.

Eat small proportions of light food 

It is not important to swim an empty stomach as you need some fuel to do swimming. However, it is very important to keep a watch on what you are eating. It is always advisable to keep your food light and healthy before getting into the swimming pool.

If you try to shift your body from vertical position to horizontal one then it may cause the air to get trap in the fluids of the stomach which will eventually result in this problem. It will also cause the air to propel in the small intestines that may harm your stomach. So, instead of eating heavy meals, it is advisable to have small and frequent proportions of light food before and after swimming. It will create fewer chances for your stomach to get a gastric attack. 

Chew your food properly

Besides eating the right food, it is also advisable for you to chew your food properly. When you take small food bites and chew them properly then it will create fewer chances of indigestion.

If you eat your food like a hungry monster with big bites and just swallow it then it makes cause flatulence and too much air inside your stomach. In short, the food you eat and the way you use to eat your food will result in the gastric stomach. 

Avoid using straw

Yes, you have heard it right. You should avoid using a straw while drinking. This is because each sip you take will cause the air bubble to suck inside your body which eventually increases the risk of bloating and other stomach problems. 

Don’t take larger glumps while swimming

It is advisable to keep your mind calm and relaxed while you head towards swimming. This is because when you swim in the tension or you are not calm then it may be a high chance that you will take high glumps of air than normal.

This will automatically increase the amount of air you ingest while you swim. You can try various calming exercises like yoga, or stretching or you just take slow deep breaths. These exercises will help you to calm down in the swimming pool. 

Use right swimming techniques

Besides taking care of your pre-workout meals and taking other measures, it will be advisable for you to use the right swimming techniques. A swimmer needs to know when you should breathe deep and slow or take frequent breaths.

No matter how vigorously you swim, but you should take care of the breaths you inhale and exhale. When you increase your breathing rate then it would result in the more air inhalation that would vastly affect the stomach. 

Therefore, when you perform the crawling in swimming then you must switch to smaller breaths with every stroke. Also, it would be great if you could take breathing techniques from your swimming coach. 

Make use of nose for Breathing

Most of the people make the use of mouth while breathing. But breathing through nose will be considered as a good way to control the flow of air and prevent it from getting into your stomach vigorously.

Also, you must always exhale when you are underwater and always inhale while you put your head above water. While you breathe putting your head over the water then it must be advisable for you to make the use of nose while breathing. This will lessen the chances of swallowing air in your body.

Therefore, you should start with the slow speed and better techniques and keep your face above the water. This will also help to release slow bubbles from your nostrils. These ways will surely help you to avoid gassy stomach after swimming practice.


In this article, we have discussed the various ways that will allow you to swim properly without any hassle. These ways are proven to be the best as they lessen the chance to increase gas in your stomach. It is always advisable for you to start at the slow speed and make use of best-swimming strokes and techniques that will not allow filling the air in your stomach. Besides all those swimming techniques you should always take care of your meals that you eat every day before swimming.

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