Winning online strategies for your business in 2019

When we talk about marketing strategies, it would be better to divide them into two main groups:

  1. unicorns;
  2. donkeys.

Advertising platforms and companies should be interested in the magical creatures. No jerking, just remember how many of your ad campaigns were so successful to enter 3% of best marketing campaigns ever. Now you understand! The unicorns happen, but they are so rare to come and donkeys have to work hard to cover the gaps.

Winning online strategies for your business in 2019

Marketing unicorns are valuable not only because of their scarcity nature, but they one occasional work helps you to cover half of your marketing efforts in whole. We can say it is a Law of Marketing Unicorn power.

The first thing marketers and/or brand owners should do is to review their campaigns to find out those unicorns and see what makes them so superb and powerful. Obviously, next step is to clone it or adopt the feature to all the other marketing activities. The trick is that it can be a very simple thing that makes you outstanding in the row of competitors.

Now we are going to have a look at the most popular places where your unicorn may easily live. It is the time for him to show his nature and luck!


Advertising is powerful trick, but your website is the first place your clients will get into after clicking. It is the place where you create first impression about you, without an opportunity to do it once again.

Your website should encourage conversions and attract people’s attention. If you have big traffic, but high bounce rate – you should think what is wrong with your website.

If you can’t hire a professional, at least ask your friends or relatives to examine your playground and say, what makes them feel uncomfortable or why they wouldn’t purchase from you.

Search Engine Optimization

Perfect website means not so much, if nobody can find you.

Main benefit from SEO is that it is the only thing you can do for free. However, it is the type of the activity you have to do all the time.

Collection of keywords is just one part of business, but you will need to know the algorithms that are often changed.

Your main goal here is to take leading positions on the pages with search results. Entering top-3 edge with results is enough to have more clicks.

PPC ad campaigns

This model allows publishing your ads on the pages with search results according to the keywords you use. You might have guessed, it can do a lot in pair with SEO. In fact, the results from the campaign can be obtained even during first hours of launching.

One more reason to consider it is the fact that you pay for the clicked ads. It means that people will click the ads if they feel interested in our offer. You task is to compose the ads correctly.

Besides, PPC ads may work on your brand awareness as well. Advertisers sometimes launched campaigns when they are interested in displays, just to attract attention to their company or event. You get it for free.

Social medias

More than 80% of Americans have an account on social advertising platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others. Your main benefit here is the variety of filters to reach your target audience.

Marketers often consider this source as an option of cheap ads, but be careful that the focus here is different. You may influence the decision to buy or not, but by other means like communication with clients, getting their feedbacks, answering questions and so on to build friendly or collaborating relations.

Content marketing

There is nothing too much complicated here as all you should do is to offer interesting and useful content. Attractive and informative information will help people rely on you and even share the information with friends and relatives.

Just speak with your clients regularly, something like once in 2 days will suit to have 4 times more traffics in comparison with those who do it only once a month.

There are so many variants for reaching your audience like videos, articles, webinars, blogs and so on. Just be unique!

Email marketing

Advertising networks are unlikely to offer the same results that emails do. This method of communication allows people to interact with you when they have free time and suitable atmosphere.

Personalization and regular mailing is your responsibility. The information you hand out should respond to needs and interests of each group of clients you have. Luckily, there are a lot of tools to handle with this business by a click of mouse.

Still unconfident about your online strategy? Write us – Adsmediabrokers will have something at their disposal.

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