Uses of a VPN and Why you need VPN in 2020?

VPN stands for a virtual private network that will take care of your online privacy. In the era of the internet, everyone is using the online platforms that make then easy for hackers to hack their online platform.

So, people need to protect their website and server from anonymous attackers. It’s not just that you can use a VPN for privacy, but also you can use it for other things as well. For example, if you want to block the geoblocks to access the streaming service then you can make the use of a virtual private network.

Uses of a VPN and Why you need VPN in 2020?

Now, with the above information, you can an idea of what the VPN is but you need to know more on it with its uses. So, besides protection what are the various uses of VPN? Let’s find out.

How does VPN helps you or what are its uses?

In simple terms, VPN will help you to connect your mobile device or computer with another server that is placed somewhere on the internet. This will allow you to browse the website you want to browse using your internet connection. 

This will be of main use when you want to access another country website and those websites that you cannot access normally can be accessed through VPNs. Here are the main uses for VPN discussed below, have a look at them:

  • You can make the use of VPN to hide your true locations so that you can access another location’s website. 
  • If you like to do torrenting then you can make the use of VPN so that you can protect yourself from logging in while using torrents. 
  • The best use of using a VPN is that you can access videos and audios without any geographic restrictions. 
  • And yes, you can watch your favourite tv shows while making the use of a virtual private network. 

Most of the people nowadays make use of VPN to stream their favourite shows or just listening audios and streaming videos. This can be done by bypassing their geographical restrictions and hiding locations of their country.

So, the question here arises that what does VPN have that make your location change. Yes, it protects your network and is easy to use. But, the point here is what the process of working VPN is? 

Let’s get started! 

How does VPN work?

When you make the use of a computer or any other device such as your mobile or tablets for the connection with VPN then the computer act as like it is on the same local network.

Due to its privacy protection features, all the traffic sent by your network comes under the roof of a secure connection
By making the use of a VPN, it is easy to access local resources like the computer act as it’s already on the local network. This makes an advantage for you to access all resources whether you are sitting on the other corner of the world. 

With the use of the internet, it seems like you are available on the VPN locations. This will serve as the benefit for you to access the public wifi or geographically blocked websites. 

VPN makes all this happen through its secure connection. Whenever your computer’s internet you are using come contact with the geo-blocked websites then your VPN makes the use of its secure connection so that you can easily make the use of those websites. 

If you are a NETFLIX lover, then you can make the use of USA based VPN and access your favourite shows.  

Other main uses of Virtual private network are:

  • VPNs are very useful for those who travel a lot regarding their business. It just makes the allow to make the use of those resources which they thought will be difficult to access.
  • Also, the connection gets secure as your computer will not directly access the resources. So, all business travellers would now access those resources easily with a virtual private network. 
  • It is great news for those who want to stay connected with their home network. This can be done through creating your own VPN to access their window remote desktop over the internet.
  • With this, you can share files or play games using the same local area network. 
  • Did you know that when you use public wifi, then your browsing activities will be visible to non HTTPS websites? So, to hide your browsing activities and add some privacy in browsing then you can make the use of VPN.
  • As discussed before also that VPN will secure your internet connection as the searches or activities you make over the internet will get browsed over the VPN only. So, there are fewer chances for another party i.e. the third party to access your private information. 
  • Downloading files from torrent gets easy with the use of VPN. Most of the people who download files from torrent make the use of Virtual private network.
  • If you find it difficult to download files with your ISP then VPN will help you to some extent. As they will make the speed of downloading faster than local server, which makes it simple for you to download movies or shows at the given time. 

With these uses, now you get an idea of how useful the VPNs are. But do you think they are legal?

The answer to this question is yes. The virtual private network is considered to be the legal network in many countries but there are exceptions too. Some countries restrict the use of VPN as they think that these networks will make their internet connection prone to hackers.

The countries that restrict the use of virtual private networks are China and Iraq and now the VPN providers that make the use of anti-privacy VPN services will be considered as approved VPN providers in that company. 

And the VPN service providers that are non-compliant to VPN rules and regulations will be considered as blocked providers. This usually means that you are unable to download the apps using their websites. 

Steps to get started with any VPN

Step1: Choose any of the VPN service providers that suit you and are suitable for your needs. You can choose them according to their affordability and performance.

Step 2: You can install VPN apps on your phone as they are easy to install. Also, many VPNs come with an extensive guide that will not guide you through each and every process. 

Step 3: After installation of VPN on your device like mobile or tablet, browse the internet as normal and you are secure and protected.


So, if you want to protect yourself from being hacked then you can make the use of a virtual private network. The VPN or virtual private network allows you to securely access the websites that you are restricted to.

In this article, we have made a discussion about the use of virtual private networks and how they make your connection secure. Make sure to keep in mind that the VPN you use should be affordable and provide high performance and provides the best security. Mainly 256-bit connection VPN is most suitable and provides the highest level of encryption. This will serve as a safeguard to protect the information.

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