Top android app stores to download free apps

Google Play is the primary destination for Android users which satisfies all our needs for apps and games, there are applications for everything and anything available.

Google Play Store has a vast collection of apps, but it is possible that you might not find the app you are looking for. Some of the apps are restricted to a single region.

Also, your device may not have access to the play store or it may have compatibility issues. No worries, there are dozens of other Play Store alternatives that are safe to visit and download applications from.

Top android app stores to download free apps

Top 7 Best android app stores to download free apps

The secondary app marketplaces not only host a large number of apps, but they also offer paid apps for free, give a discount on premium apps, or provide other money-saving offers which are lucrative offers not given by Google Play app store.

1. Aptoide

Aptoide has been designed according to Google standards, and the experience is almost as good as what you get from the Play Store with a well-designed user interface which is appealing and attractive. Aptoide is an alternative marketplace for apps with more than 700,000 apps to choose from its collection and has over 3 billion downloads.

Since its launch in 2009, it has been used by more than 150 million users worldwide. Many versions of the Aptoide app available: Aptoide app for smartphones and tablets, Aptoide TV which is an edition for smart TVs.

Aptoide VR and Aptoide Kids are among the various versions. The process is simple, first download the APKs to your device and then install it. The files are safe and Aptiode is a great alternative for Google Play store.But make sure that you change your security setting before installing the APK.

2. APKmirror

ApkMirror hosts a large number of free apps only, paid apps are not accessible here. ApkMirror doesn’t have its own Android app, so users will have to visit their website for APK downloads. The apps available are malware free and safe to download. Apps on the homepage are arranged chronologically. Apps are available in one section in decreasing order of their popularity. The interface is very user-friendly and smooth.

3. Amazon app store

Amazon app store or commonly known as the Amazon underground. You can download the paid apps for free and it safe and virus free. The app has nearly 350K different varieties of apps, both free and paid. It features “free app of the day”. You can download a premium application from this store for free on this day only. Those who check daily can use popular apps for free.

Amazon app store offers various music, books, and movies at lower prices compared to Google. It is one of best alternatives to the Google play store and you don’t have to worry about the safety of your phone. Amazon app store provides virus free and decent applications only.

4. GetJar

GetJar is the store which is older than the Google Play store. It was founded in the year 2004. It has around a million varieties of mobile applications across all the mobile platforms.

The apps are organized into categories and sub-categories within the store that makes it easier to find what you want. The desktop interface resembles mobile interface and allows convenient browsing. You can select the applications from the store but most of them are not up to date. Therefore, GetJar is not as popular as other stores.

5. Appbrain

Appbrain is the destination to find premium apps for free. Appbrain offers more results as compared to the play store and it is much cleaner than the Google play store. Developers offer paid apps for free for a limited time on this website.

In return, AppBrain publicizes their app to generate more users. This App Store alternative allows you access to extensive details of apps that you will not find anywhere else. Generally, the applications are imported into the AppBrain from the Google play store. Appbrain has both an application and a working website for its users.

For authentication, you need to download AppBrain application. And then you have to create an AppBrain account. First time users will be redirected to the play store directly.

6. 9apps

9Apps application store has over 10 million applications. You can download and install the apps from their store. The simple design makes the store unique and popular. Updates are pushed faster compared to Google play store. You can install latest updates 3 or 4 days before Google play. check this out 

9Apps offers other services like FunZone, Product Comparison, Coupon Zone, etc. The size of the 9Apps application is just 3MB, which is very less compared to variety of services it offers. 9Apps is secure, trustable, and efficient app store, which takes very little space.

About 250 million users use 9apps. The USP of 9apps is the collection of APKs with minimum storage space requirement and easy to use interface which allows users to have a seamless experience during the downloads of applications for their devices.

7. F-Droid

The primary goal of the F-droid app store is to offer free and open source software (FOSS) Android apps only. The store has various apps and the design is unique. The store is well categorized and you can download the apps for free. The app store runs on the donations from the users and maintained by some volunteers. You can donate some amount for betterment of the store, if you like using it. Android developers like the F-droid because they can access the source code for free.

They can integrate their code with some running app and make their own application. These developers provide stability to the applications. If you want to develop something new in Android, then F-droid is heaven for you. It is necessary that the application is stable and store must have ratings and reviews.

These are the most famous alternatives available for Google Play store. Check them out and enjoy the alternatives and escape from the clutches of Google monopoly.

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