The Best Antivirus software of 2018: antivirus comparison and review

  • Antivirus is software that can be detected, prevents and remove viruses, worms and other malware from the computer. Most of the antivirus programs are includes the auto-update features that can permit the program to download the profiles of new viruses can enable the system to check for new threats.
  • This program can be essential utilities for any computer but the choice is very important. One of the AV programs might be able to have the certain virus it cannot be vice versa. Antivirus software is also called a vaccine.
  • Antivirus is used to run as a windows user. It can be always skeptical. The antivirus software can appear to make the difference in identifying network servers.
  • When the individual company workstations can be evaluated that has no significant and it is deducted across the products .the current users can satisfy the antivirus software.
  • The financial resources and the lack of management can commit to express the limitations to implement more pervasive security procedures to measure them within organizations.
  • Most of the organizations can wait until the suffer to attack to implement serious antivirus policies and install the virus scanning software.

Benefits of anti-virus

  • You can download the files from the internet so the download may be to form malware. The antivirus software is to protect the software for your computer. This software can be used to protect the viruses on the computer.
  • Viruses are the computer attackers and they can damage all the sorts. Once viruses attack the system it can slow down the process speeds and it can delete important files, images and it causes physical damages to your computer.
  • It can give the protection from the spyware and identify the theft. Spyware is a kind of software that is designed to infect your computer and spy on you.
  • It can also protect from the spam. It is incredible when you bombard with emails and ads.
  • So the antivirus software keeps the viruses at bay and installing the security software results in the drastic reduction of the spam.

Lists of recommended antivirus brands

The Best Antivirus software of 2018: antivirus comparison and review

  1. Panda Dome Antivirus

Our top choice. It has the platform that can take antivirus to a new level with the cloud-based scanner, which makes the software extremely lightweight. It runs on the local cache when the network is unavailable. It offers the most effective protection and impressive malware detection rates to combine with top-notch rootkit blocking. With more features like demand malware scans, on access malware scan.  It does not only provide protection. It can also protect against the online transaction. It has not had the positive side of the antivirus and it will have the auto quarantine files which it believes to be dangerous. It can also provide a protection advanced for detecting and taking care of ransomware, wifi connections, parental controls, PC clean-up, etc. this software is effortless to install. It is a real-time protection for files, images, messages etc. Panda Dome Premium includes an unlimited 256-bit encryption VPN and 20GB of secure cloud storage.


  1. Bit defender antivirus free edition

It has the platform of Windows XP, android free edition. It is one of the most unobtrusive antiviruses which are available on the internet today. It can provide for a real-time shield, active virus control, intrusion deduction. The new features of files which can be adapted to the software for the particular tasks like watching movies, playing Games to improve the user-friendliness when compared to the previous versions. If the paid bit defender antivirus has a password manager, browser hardening, which specialized ransomware protection? You can make a trial for 30days free trial.

  1. Avast free antivirus

It has the platform for Windows XP. It is known as the friendly interface and its performance is good and unique. It is sophisticated and set the features. It has only a friendly design and it is not sufficient for ranking higher in antivirus protection. The paid antivirus from the Avast comes with additional features such as ransomware shield, anti-spam; sandboxing etc. It comes with a 30-day free trial so no hard giving for extra security layers.

  1. AVG antivirus

It has the platform of Mac osx and it is one of the most popular best free antivirus software that needs reckoning. It is also one of the smallest antiviruses and provides website ratings which make it easier for the user to provide malware protection. The advertisement may prove to be irksome. It is improved well in the phishing protection. It is provided a better user interface, a cloud-based scanning system and the ability to block infected links it besides the usual deduction and eradication of viruses.

  1. Malware bytes

It has the platform of windows bytes. It is one of the most acclaims and highly appreciated malware deduction solution. It is so small and lightweight and it does not require signatures. It can shield java and it is effective software against zero-day attacks that have never seen before. The best feature of malware bytes is the behavior based deduction of the virus on the act as a complement to the antivirus program. It also has major features in the free version when compared to the premium version. It is one of the reliable products. And it comes to catch the newest, cutting-edge threats than the antivirus companies.

  1. Avira free antivirus

It has the platform of windows can be ranked as one of the best free antivirus software for exceptional deduction and blocking rates. Its small footprints make the deal for older PCs.It can offer fast scans it also boasts of anti-virus protection, antispyware protection as well. It can find the interface too cluttered and the installation of the execution process to be slow when compared to other free antivirus software.AV-TEST can test the company in websites from Germany. It offers the strongest protection against the widespread and zero-day malware. You may see the performance on your PC with an antivirus and the RAM is too less. It includes mobile portal and child safety settings. And it is the best choice for the family OC.

Conclusion: Everyone needs antivirus software. There is a wide range of brands to choose from, and many of them are good options. However, if you want effective protection that works noiseless in the background, that is easy to use and effort-less to install, we recommend Panda.

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