Tone your body with Meredith Shirk Workout Program

Tone your body with Meredith Shirk Workout Program

One and Done is a fitness program introduced by renowned fitness trainer Meredith Shirk. Over the course of the year, she is into fitness and has developed various programs that would not require any heavy gym equipment.

You just need to take a few hours from your busy schedule to keep your body fit with the help of this program. If you really want to tone your muscles and want to get healthy, then one and done workout by Meredith Shirk is designed for you.

You will get registered yourself in the gym and end up spending hours upon hours working out on machines without getting appropriate results. But this workout will help you in losing extra weight from your body and make your body fit and toned. It is important to add some necessary exercises to your schedule.

You can conduct these exercises by adding them in the form of several sports activities or regular gymming. But visiting a gym regularly is not a cup of tea for most fitness lovers. It eventually leads to the cancellation of registration at the gym.

Likely, with this workout solution, you can easily tone up your muscles, and is suitable for every kind of people. Its shortest duration will help to make you stand amongst various plans. This workout plan has come up with 7 minutes of getting fit motive. So, in this article, we are going to discuss a brief about this workout plan introduced by Meredith Shirk.

Introduction about One and done fitness plan

The one and done fitness plan consists of various exercises with 10 seconds break between each of them. This amazing workout plan will help to burn calories and boost metabolism, which will result in keeping your body fit.

If exercise is done properly as per the instructions given by the trainer, then you will experience that stored fats in your body are burning without any hassle of gymming. This work out mechanism is highly beneficial for those who are planning to stay fit and are ready to exercise daily.

This workout plan is designed for those with busy schedules and still urges to stay fit. The main focus of adding this workout plan is to develop an easy workout routine and awareness towards healthy foods. With the help of one and done workout routine, one can easily transform their total mindset to adapt to a healthy lifestyle rather than focusing only on shedding weight for a temporary time period.

So, you can opt for this workout if you need a healthy body.

Now, you have got the idea behind this workout plan. Let us focus on what you need for this workout?

What is the requirement of doing this workout, and how it works?

This workout plan is designed in such a way that it would not require anything or need any special condition to follow.    All you need to do this work out a solid floor with a steady object to hold on to. You can make the use of a chair or stool. This plan is simple to work out, and all exercises included in this plan would be done at home.

Its exercises are so indulging that it would be enjoyed while done in a group or alone as well. This plan lasts for 7 minutes only. Yes, this is the truth that you need to take only 7 minutes out of your busy schedule to do this one and done a workout plan. It has been suggested to do this work out in a well-planned manner and the right way so that it will target every part of your body effectively.

When you start doing this workout, then at the beginning of some days, your muscles start sore up, but with time the body adjusts with the workout as it starts showing visible better results. This amazing workout plan is based on 12 exercises, and it utilizes nothing but just your body weight so that the fat-reducing process initiates soon. To boost your metabolism, this workout plan requires a break of 10 seconds after the completion of one exercise.

The sequence of each exercise involved in this plan is planned out in such a manner that it would target each body muscle turn by turn. It has also taken care that each muscle will undergo the right rounds of stress that will prevent the torning of muscles. This workout plan includes various exercises that include cardio, side planks, push up, rotations, abdominal crunch, step on a chair, tricep dip, wall sits, and jumping jacks.

This would give better results to your body by targeting muscles so that your body will be toned up. To get effective and extra results, you need to push yourself and add extra efforts as to the normal intensity. After that, your body starts burning fat and tone your muscles.

Does this plan fit into your daily routine?

This workout plan is designed in such a way that it can easily fit in your daily routine. Though we all know that staying fit has never been easy, once the results of doing this workout plan start showing up, then there is no stop to the hard work. You can easily add this workout plan to your daily routine like you brush your teeth or watch shows. You can utilize some of these commercial breaks and easily utilize your time doing some workout.

With this plan, you can increase your metabolism by doing physical activities and will burn your body fat. It would also promote better muscle growth and helps to build your stamina. This core exercise plan will add more value to the other essential tasks and become part of your life if you practice daily.


In this article, we have given you a detailed view of the One and Done work out plan defined by Meredith Shirk. This amazing exercise plan comes out with the aim of making everyone fit. You just need to take a few minutes out of your daily routine to follow this plan. So, get ready to stay fit by following this plan.

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